10 Best 10000mAh Power Banks in India Under Rs. 1000

Hello guys,
I am sure that everyone knows this situation – you are waiting for a very important message. You have only 1% of your battery juice and boom. It’s dead. Well that is where portable mobile power banks come into play, power banks are also known as battery banks.

So, what is a power bank in general?

It is a device that allows you to charge your phone (actually you can charge almost all of you mobile devices, even some laptops) on the go, without connecting it to the wall. There are different form-factors, capacities, and prices ranging for the “magic” box. Today we are going to prove that almost everyone should put it in his “MUST HAVE” list.

What power bank to choose? And why are there so many risky variants that we want to talk you off?

10 Best 10000mAh Power Banks in India Under Rs. 1000
Some power banks have the support for Quick Charge (maybe we’ll have the article for it later), others have such features, as included LED-indicators of remaining juice, Micro-SD card slot (with the help of it you can add extra memory on your phone). There are also power banks with built-in memory up to 128 gigabytes. For extreme users, sportsmen or just people who want to take their gadgets to the forest or swim with them under water, companies produce power banks with dust- and water-protection with different levels of IPS standards. Do you want to know more about IPS standards? Leave your comment below and we’ll catch you in one of our next meetings.

But all of these features mean nothing, if the portable power bank cannot perform its main function – be capable of giving your phone at least one (or even more) re-charging cycle. That is where we get another problem. The thing is that honesty of some manufactures looks more like just words to earn more money, to attract more customers to their products.

Now you’re asking yourself “How can they lie to us?” – we have the answer.

Every power bank has its announced capacity (that manufacturer claims). It is measured in Milliamps Hours (mAh) that in theory show us how many times we can charge our device. So, let’s say that our battery bank has the capacity of 3500 mAh and our smartphone – of 3300 mAh. In theory we can charge it one full time and even more. But if the manufacturer is not being honest, your phone barely gets charged for 100% from it.

Using simple math we can find out what is the real capacity of our battery bank. Well, let’s think that our manufacturer is honest (at least we’ve checked its product in the beginning) – it’s almost the same capacity as it must be. But it doesn’t mean that the battery bank has the best quality. With time Lithium-Ion batteries tend to lose their capacities. Especially if their manufactures use cheap materials. I’m sure you’re tired of these scientific words and finally want to find the best power bank that somehow found the golden mean.

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Our redaction has found 10 solutions for the best portable mobile power banks on the Indian market. Let’s take a look on them from 10 to 1.

10. Lapguard LG516 Power Bank 10400 mAh

It’s a good quality power bank with the capacity of 10400 mAh. As we have already learned, we must expect about 90% of its capacity (and it is really good). Lapguard will multiply your smartphone’s capacity up to 3 times. It is manufactured in white & blue color and has two USB-hubs with 4 LED-indicators. A very good solution for your budget.

Price: ₹849

Buy Now on Amazon: Blue White

9. Xuperb XU-M2 Power Bank 10000 mAh

Also a very good power bank in white-black finish that costs even less than its predecessor – 699.00 rupees. The power bank has power output of 5V. This product has 6 months warranty and also dual USB port. It is great for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money, but still would like to prolong daily life of their gadgets. Check it out now, if you want to save your money.

Price: ₹699

Buy Now on Amazon: White

8. Xtra Premium Mobile Power Bank – 10000mAh

This power bank has its advantages, compared to the previous ones. It features Fast Charging technology. The product has a weight of 278 gm and is known as a very portable decision. It has 4 LED indicators that notify you about its charge. The manufacturer claims that it is fully compatible with Apple products and will provide you the long life of more than 500 re-charging cycles of the power bank itself.

Price: ₹699

Buy Now on Amazon: Black White

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7. Karbonn Polymer 10 Rubber 10000mAh Power Bank

One of the pros of this power bank is that it has a flashlight (you never know when you’re gonna need it). It is made in black & white finish and will serve you many years. You will receive the product in a brown package with a USB cable inside. The power bank has two USB ports with USB DC power output of 5V. The product weights 215 grams. It costs 896 rupees and also has 6 months warranty.

Price: ₹896

Buy Now on Amazon: Black White

6. Intex IT-PB11KN 11000 mAh Power Bank

This light-colored power bank features the capacity of 11000 mAh and has a weight of 322 grams. Nevertheless, it is very portable and easy to carry. Instead of 2 USB ports, this one has 3. Plus you can buy it for 999 rupees whenever you want, as far as it is power bank’s regular price.

Price: ₹799

Buy Now on Amazon: White

5. Xuperb (STONE-104) 10400 mAh Power Bank

It is made in grey & dark grey finish that gives a much more premium look than the previous models. With the capacity of 10400 mAh, it has a weight of 240 grams (pretty light-weight, uh?). It has dual USB port with the outputs of 1A and 2A for each and four LED indicators. The manufacturer claims 6 months warranty and has proven itself as a high quality power bank.

Price: ₹899

Buy Now on Amazon: Grey Dark Grey

4. Lenovo PA10400 10400mAh Power Bank

This branded power bank has two colors – white and black. Unlike the other manufacturers, Lenovo is known throughout the world for its high-quality products and that is why gives its customers 1-year warranty. It also has support for simultaneos charging of two devices. As almost all of our power banks, the battery bank has 2 USB ports for charging, and one input port. It costs 899 Indian rupees.

Price: ₹899

Buy Now on Amazon: Black White

And finally, top 3 best portable power banks in India Under Rs. 1000:

3. Ambrane Power Bank P-1033 11000 mAh

This power bank is sold in two variants – in black and blue finish. It claims to give your iPhone 7 up to 4 charges. With a weight of 272 grams it is considered as one of the most portable battery banks. It’s dimensions are 14.1 x 2.2 x 6.3 cm and it can easily fit even in the most compact bag.

Price: ₹849

Buy Now on Amazon: Blue Black

2. PNY AK10K 10000mAh Power Bank

This power bank has got the second place in our list not just for a good look (though, even here it’s great). It gives you a solid feel when hold it in your hands, gives your phone new live more than 3 times and has 1-year warranty. We highly recommend buying this product.

Price: ₹749

Buy Now on Amazon: White

1. Intex IT-PB11K 11000mAH Power Bank

And in the very end we have our winner. This power bank has proved its stability and very high quality. It has three output USB ports of 5V 1A and 5V 2A. The battery bank has one year warranty with the capacity of 11000 mAh. In the complect you have a USB cable and a manual. It is made in two colors – black and white, and only for a small period of time you can buy it for 999 Indian rupees.

Price: ₹999

Buy Now on Amazon: Black White

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Well, I was very happy to talk you again. Do you have any other thoughts about the best power banks for you? Leave them in the comments below and have a good day.

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