Every day, the “Adobe torrent” request is becoming more and more popular. Read more to know everything about Adobe torrent usage and everything you will face after pressing “download Adobe torrent” button.  

  • You Will Have Problems with the Court

More and more people, who think of downloading Adobe Lightroom torrent or similar programs from illegal sites, get to know about possible consequences and feel somehow frightened of obvious risks. They don’t want to have problems with 5 largest American providers (Time Warner, Verizon, Cablevision, AT & T, and Comcast), who were very strict about copyright infringement and established a number of penalties imposed on users, who work in the illegal Adobe program.

Everything starts pretty harmlessly. A person gets e-mail warnings (the first two letters) that his/her torrent Adobe download is an illegal action. The next two messages contain a detailed description of fines, while the last letter informs the lawbreaker that his/her channel will be either narrowed or completely deactivated.

If none of the messages had effect, there will be filed a lawsuit. So, the perpetrator will be obliged to pay a fine starting from $1000. The final sum can be several times bigger.

  • Your Software Will Have Lots of Bugs

Downloading Adobe Photoshop torrent, people are happy that they get a powerful image editing program at no cost, but they don’t think that this software may be a laggy one.

Why? The reason is simple. When hackers break into a program, they change the original code, so the integrity is damaged. It is similar to the house, whose bearing wall was broken down and it becomes impossible to live in the building.

The hacked software is like a house, and the knocked down bearing wall is the rewritten code.  So, chances are high that users, who got Adobe torrent, start regretting this decision when the software or even a PC lags.

  • No Chances to Get a Technical Support

Those users, who search for possible ways of how to get Adobe Illustrator for free or other apps from Adobe family, should understand that illegal downloading and use of any software wipe out all the chances to contact company’s client support in case some problems.

Though, very few people really use this service, it is really pleasant to know that there are specialists, who will quickly answer any of your questions and guide on how to tackle the problem. Pirate users should forget about such an advantage.

  • Forget about Updates

It may seem rather unimportant, but later you will get irritated about all those freezes and bugs that become an integral part of the image or video editing process. When the software is upgraded, not only new features and tools are added, but also various bugs are corrected. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

The Worst Problem…

  • Your Computer Will Be Full of Viruses

In addition to the broken source code, irresponsible hackers may integrate inconspicuous files smaller than 100KB together with your Photoshop or Lightroom torrent. This file is a malicious virus, which may work as an obsessive advertisement, and then, block access to your PC.

So, a few bucks you save on buying a license version will later turn into hundreds of dollars that you spend on repairing your computer or laptop.

How to Get Adobe Softwares without Breaking the Law?

Actually, it is possible. The thing is that people, who are looking for possible ways of downloading Adobe torrents, aren’t serious about photography or design and simply need an image editor to enhance their home shots.

But what makes them opt for Adobe products? In fact, this company is a reference one, and many novice users simply do not know about its alternatives. There are three ways to use Adobe software for free.

Method 1: Use Free Trial

You may not know, but any Adobe product that is part of the Creative Cloud family can be tested for free. This family includes such popular products as Adobe Photoshop CC, Lightroom Classic, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Stock, and others.

What is most interesting is that this method is absolutely legal and by paying nothing for the product, you get full access to the software from 7 to 30 days, depending on the product you choose. So, Adobe Creative Cloud free trial is a cool way to get these powerful programs.

Adobe trial

How To Use Adobe Via Trail?

Step 1. Log in or create an Adobe ID account.

Step 2. Visit the “Creative & Design” section – “View All Products”.

Step 3. Select the software you need and click on the “Free Trial” button.

Step 4. Enter necessary info for further payment.

Step 5. Download and install the software. Ready!

Method 2. Use Adobe Free Apps

dobe Free Apps

If you do not want to pay for the software at all, you can always use its mobile version. You can download the following mobile apps: Lightroom CC, Photoshop Express, Premiere Clip, Adobe Acrobat and others.

You should understand that the mobile versions of the software, regardless of the app you chose, are significantly simplified for the user. The interface and management are redesigned for your smartphones/tablets, the tools will be limited, which makes them user-friendly even for beginners.

Method 3. Use Online Versions

Online Adobe Version

Instead of downloading Photoshop torrent and have negative consequences, you can use a web version. In terms of simplicity, it practically does not differ from the mobile app, but the capabilities and functionality are more powerful.

In Photoshop Express (web), you can perform basic photo retouching, apply a filter or effect, add text, etc. As for the shortcomings, I would like to note that the image editor does not support RAW files editing.

To start working, you need a browser with Flash support and nothing more.

Download and Test Free Adobe Alternatives

There are many equally nice programs for photo and video editing on the market. Moreover, these alternatives can be cheaper than Adobe products and even free.

If you like Photoshop and need professional image retouching tools, I recommend testing GIMP. This is a completely free, open source software; the best variant for Linux and Windows – if your budget is limited.

If you are ready to pay once for a license product, which in terms of functionality and capabilities will not be inferior to Adobe Creative Cloud apps, check out the products from ACDSee.

If you’re looking for a great free Lightroom replacement, you may like Polarr. This image editor offers both web and desktop versions, each one with a premium subscription. However, the functionality of a free program will be quite enough.

If you can spend some money, take a look at Capture One Pro – this is a kind of hybrid between Photoshop CC, Lightroom Classic and Adobe Illustrator. You can get the photo editor by one-time payment or a monthly plan.

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