What is Augmented Reality? How it Works? Uses & Future of AR (2018)

Last Updated: April 28, 2018

What is Augmented Reality? Uses & Future of AR (2018)

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality is the live view of the real world physical environment in the elements which are perceptional augmented computer-generated information. It is all ideal across the modalities of multiple sensory. It includes the haptic, olfactory, visual, somatosensory & auditory sensory. The information being delivered to the sensory modalities could either be destructive or constructive. When it is destructive, it masks natural environment while when it is constructive, it is a natural environment additive. Spatially, the information overlaid to the sensory modalities is registered by physical world making it be an aspect of immersive perception of the real environment. Through this, the Augmented Reality manages to alter the current world real environment perception that someone has. It actually involves the replacement of the real environment with the virtual reality. Computer reality and the mixed reality are the two synonymic terms that are greatly related to Augmented Reality.

Uses of Augmented Reality (AR)

The value of Augmented Reality is primarily to bring the digital world components to the real-world perception of a person. But this is not done as simply the data display, it occurs via immersive sensational integration leading to the perception that is the natural environments parts. Initial when the first Augmented reality has begun it was mainly used for the gaming & entertainment businesses majorly. Currently, things are quite different because even other industries have also shown an interest in the same e.g. the information flood management, educating, distant meetings organization and sharing of knowledge. It can additionally be seen that the Augmented Reality is transforming the education world i.e. the access to content is through the view of images or simply scanning it using a mobile device. Also, the Augmented Reality is used to make the construction helmet for workers on a site making it possible for the site information to be displayed. Pokemon Go was the biggest hit that used AR for gaming. Besides that, there are many phenomenal AR apps like Giphy World, Carrot Weather, Euclidean Lands, Ikea Place, Housecraft (Apps Source), those are simply amazing.

Future of Augmented Reality (AR)

The Augmented Reality use is the natural situations and environment enhancement offering the enriched perceptual experience. The help of technology in advanced Augmented Reality the real world surrounding us environment information is been made to be manipulable digitally & very interactive. The information concerning the environment & the objects in overlaid on the real world. The information overlaid could be virtual or real for example when you see the information measured or sensed like the overlaying of electromagnetic radio waves in alignments which are exact to where they are actually found in the space. You also find Augmented Reality having the sharing & gathering of knowledge to a great extent. In the future Augmented Reality biggest advantage of bridging the gap between real & digital world will lead to even very much enhanced business product marketing and promotion.

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