Educational Apps To Help College Students

Modern students like to use technology and educational applications because they help a lot in finding necessary information, organize the study process, and meet the tightest deadlines. Whether you are a college student or a self-study enthusiast, using the following educational apps is an essential way to keep your grades high and pass even the most challenging exams.

Higher education requires a lot of time and effort. Students spend hours in the library, but the results are not always the best. These apps will help you make the process of education, fun and efficient.

Forget about boring study! Every day the world of digital technology continues to grow and improve. Nowadays, students can get access to a lot of educational apps to help make studying more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Every student has a big choice now. For example, if you ask yourself what the best way to write my coursework, you can use online writing services or do it yourself using available online tools. New educational apps make it easy to access your college notes across various platforms any time you need them.

We are going to discuss such apps as Evernote, Quizlet Go, Todoist, and many others to help college students focus, streamline, and boost productivity.

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Popular educational apps every student should try:



College students know that notes are everything. Students use them to prepare for the final exams. Evernote app helps you keep everything well-organized and streamlined in one place. The app enables you to enhance various college notes with checklists, attachments, audio recordings, links, etc.

You can use the free version for syncing notes across multiple devices, searching for particular text inside images, clipping web pages, and so on.


The app is available on iOS, Mac, Android, Windows devices. It is efficient for tracking schedules, grades, and assignments in one place. If you forgot when your History homework is due or when your Spanish exam is, you just need to check your iStudiez application.

You just have to input the dates, and the app will do the rest for you. You will never fail a vital college assignment or crucial class. The app enables you to integrate the app’s calendar to Google Calendar.


In the 90s, the paper flashcards were on the top of popularity. They are back in the 21st century thanks to Quizlet Go! The app allows you to create your flashcards or use other people’s study sets. The study set topics are endless. Use this information while preparing for your next exam. You can get both a free and a paid version.


It’s not surprising that more than ten students use Todoist. It will help you organize your college life. Using the following application, you can organize everything literally, starting from your shopping lists and upcoming work assignments to movies, you would like to watch and more, there’s a spot for everything with Todoist!


The app is free. You can use it for organizing your classes, assignments, or exams. The app offers a lot of great features, but the best one is the ability to sync all your study data in the cloud. You can access it from any device. Besides, you can work offline, in case your internet connection is not stable all the time.


This app is considered to be the best in brainstorming and mind mapping software. We encourage every creative student to try this app for capturing ideas, clarifying your way of thinking, and managing complex content. You will get access to a lot of stunning organizational diagrams and charts, which aim to boost our study efficiency.

This is the best app to get into a new mindset. You will see how easy it is to focus your energy and thoughts. Besides, it is possible to export newly created mind maps to Evernote.


Some students really miss the feel of real paper and pen. If you are tired of living in the digital era, this is the application for you. Using MyScript Calculator, students can solve a lot of mathematical equations by hand using their tablets or smartphones.

It has nothing to compare with a traditional calculator. Once you start performing various comparisons by hand, you will learn and memorize all the formulas more quickly. The app can deal both with the simplest and the most complex equations. The app can recognize your handwriting. It is a new level to learn math in an exciting way!


The app allows you to turn your iPhone/ iPad into a powerful portable scanner. You can forget about stressful times when you had to run to the college library to scan textbook pages to prepare for the next exam.

You can scan everything in high-quality using your smartphone and then uploading them to any cloud storage server.


We are happy to share these apps with all the students. This rating is based on our own experience and the information we collect among students. You should try them all to make your college life more exciting, enjoyable, and full of new challenges, which will help you to grow as a personality, specialist, and an adult.

Your college years are the best. You should use all the opportunities and tools to achieve better results. Do not be afraid to try new tools to increase your productivity. Good Luck!

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