Domo nHance VR7 Honest Review – Budget Virtual Reality Headset in India (2018)

Domo nHance VR7 Virtual Reality Headset Honest Review (2018)
Virtual reality has changed the way one can enjoy videos, games, tours, and movies. Now, we see the use of virtual reality in different places. People use virtual reality in real estates, movie theaters, museum, games, 3D development etc as it has no end to its application. But to enjoy the world in virtual state, you need a pair of good lenses with a box and adjustments. We initially saw cardboard do it yourself kind of virtual reality devices. Now, many companies are manufacturing virtual reality headset with a plastic box with cushion and compartments. One such example is Domo nHance VR7 virtual reality headset. In this article, we will review this virtual reality headset in a detailed manner.

What is in the Box?

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Domo nHance VR7 3D virtual reality headset comes in a hard cardboard box and it includes four items in it. Cardboard is hard, so the shipping will not have any kind of negative effect on it. It includes Domo VR7 headset, user manual, Bluetooth remote, and patches for the phone support. Along with these four items, you have fiber cloth or cleaning cloth for lenses.

Build Quality

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Modern virtual reality headset uses plastic as the main material. The headset has strong plastic with a good finish and matte black shade. Some of the devices do not include straps but, Domo VR7 virtual reality headset has over the head straps. The strap has elastic material, which covers any head shape and the size. The strap also includes extra padding for better stability and you can even adjust the strap size with the strap adjusting patch. The headset also includes foam and cushion in face position area so your face will not feel discomfort while using virtual reality headset. The lenses are placed and have better fixing.

Adjustments, Controls and the Gears

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There are two adjustable buttons or gears. One is at the center on the top of the headset to adjust the alignment of the eye lenses. And the second gear present on the side of headset helps in adjusting the placement. People with different eye disorder can adjust it according to their comfort. Go focus is very important in VR headset, these combinations will help you to have different focus points. The strap provided for mounting on your head also looks good and it is easily adjustable. You can even detach lenses, which is a good thing. When it comes to the control, you can pair your phone with remote to access different things through Bluetooth. The Bluetooth control is a basic model and it does not have cursor or mouse option in it. You can buy gaming Bluetooth control with cursor for a better experience.

Phone Compartment and Compatible Phones

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The headset comes with a self-tension or adjustable phone placement compartment. Any phone with the size varying from 3.5 inches to 6 inches fits perfectly in the headset. But some phones have 18:9 display. The border of the phone may have some issues because of adjustable compartment clips but it is not a big problem. When it comes to compatible phone, you need not worry about it. If the phone has gyroscope sensor in it, then you can use it.

Spacing in the Compartment

The phone needs to fit properly with proper space for headphones, joystick, charger etc. This virtual reality headset has compartment with Spacing for all these things. The biggest advantage in the headset is the cooling option. As the phone will be in a tight space with gyroscope and 3D services, your phone will heat up in minutes. To avoid that they have included detachable front panel so you can play or use your phone for too long as heat liberation is possible.


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The device is lightweight and it has five adjustment options in it. When you wear the headset for the first time, you may feel little uncomfortable. But with some adjustments, the Domo VR7 virtual reality headset gives comfortable experience. The foam around the face area gives smoother experience. As all virtual headset, the Domo VR7 headset too has nose placement. But, when you use the headset for 15 minutes or more, your face area starts to sweat. The free air flow is not available as most of the headset has the same problem.

Lenses in the Headset

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Domo nHance VR7 virtual reality 3D device has 33.5mm aspherical lenses. Apart from this, there is not much info on the lens technology, refractive index, and focus value. The lenses look clear and detachable although the total viewing angle of the virtual reality headset is 98 degrees. This is decent but for good experience, I recommend 108-degree viewing angle for better view. You may get satisfying quality virtual reality experience in this headset. The lenses focus the objects well, but immersive experience was average. You can view 3D movies, SSB videos, and other immersive content.


Domo virtual reality is priced at Rs. 990. Good thing is, it includes strap, detachable front panel for heat liberation, Bluetooth remote and adjustment options. But device needs improvement in viewing angle, immersion, look and it is slightly overpriced. Overall, I can say that the product is placed at good value.

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