Edifier H230P Review: Best Budget Super Bass Wired In-Ear Earphones with Mic

Edifier H230P Review Best Budget Super Bass Wired In-Ear Earphones
Most often, then not we do not consider a brand great if we do not hear its name regularly. One such name is Edifier. I am a big fan of Edifier sound devices. It is not because I like just one or two points in their systems. It is because of overall output, quality, design, and value for money. I recently bought two edifier earphones. One is edifier p180 and second edifier H230P. Both have their own price point and features. In this article, we are reviewing edifier h230p. Let us get to the main point, that is nutshell review. This might be one of the best in-ear earphone under 1500 rs.

Why I Chose Edifier H230P Stereo HIFI Earphones?

First, when I thought of buying earphones, I decided to go for a brand, which is easily available in my area or on online. My initial search landed me on some Sony, Sennheiser, Xiaomi, Skullcandy and Boat earphones. I liked the sound quality of my edifier p180. I knew that Sennheiser CX180 too have better sound. However, it does not have microphone and call button. This made me back out from Sennheiser CX180. Then I thought of Boat, but as they have too much of bass, I decided to give a try to other edifier earphones. If you want, you can buy Boat earphones too, they too have nice build and audio output. First, I checked all the available budget edifier earphones. The look of Edifier H230P impressed me, the specs also looked very good. It has a microphone with call button too, this can be used for music control. Next step is a review of Edifier H230P. However, before that let us look at its specifications.


Before you get confused, both edifier p230 and edifier H230P are the same models. There is no difference.

The sensitivity factor of the earphone is 102 dB (Sound pressure level)
Vocalism principle is hybrid technology
Connector – 3.5 mm
Omnidirectional earphone mic with crisp voice
Separate volume and music control button – No
Wireless – No
Hi-Fi earphone – Yes
Ergonomic design – Yes
Impedance – 24 ohm
Voice coil – Copper-clad aluminium voice coil
Magnet – NdFeB permanent magnet sound unit
Frequency Response is 20Hz to 20KHz

Where to buy?

You can easily buy it from the Edifier website or Amazon. However, I bought it on Aliexpress as the model was not available at that time. It took around 25 days to reach my destination. There was no shipping charge or customs duty on the product.


Edifier H230P Review Best Budget Super Bass Wired In-Ear Earphones 8

The earphone is very well packed in a compact plastic box with user manual, earphone and two extra pairs of buds. These buds are Small, Medium and large. They are smooth and comfortable to wear.

Available colours

The earphone is available in two colours. Both have the same head with blackish silver or grey touch to it. The wire has two option of red and black.


Edifier H230P Review Best Budget Super Bass Wired In-Ear Earphones 7

Initially, I was a little bit disappointed because of the material. It looked like metal earphone but it was plastic. However, after three to four days of use, I thought they did the right thing by using plastic. The wire looks very thin and fragile. Yes, it is very thin but not fragile, I was surprised to see that it is tangle free. It is round in shape, the ergonomic design is best to date. The bullet shape at the end gives comfort. Hands down, this is the best design I’ve seen so far. Most impressive part apart from design is wire. The plug is gold plated. Therefore, you will get clear vocals and instrument sound. Other earphones will not offer gold-plated plugs and mic button at this price point.


Edifier H230P Review Best Budget Super Bass Wired In-Ear Earphones 4

The wire is of length 1.3 meters. Therefore, you can use it while jogging and running. Even during exercise, they will not fall off because of the design. Still, sometimes, they come off. If they were of metals, it would have been difficult to run or workout with them.

Sound quality

Edifier H230P Review Best Budget Super Bass Wired In-Ear Earphones 1

With perfect noise cancellation capability with the multipoint connection. This earphone is a beast. My edifier p180 was excellent but it did not have deep bass. However, this one has very good bass, rather an excellent bass. The vocals were very clear. However, I liked vocals in my p180, it may be because I have a different 3.5mm jack. You can check the difference between OMTP and CTIA. Treble was better than expected. I used it on Xiaomi and Huawei Honor devices and I liked the output. I noticed some instruments in the song, which I did not with my Xiaomi fresh earphones. Overall, they are beast with excellent performance.

The output is True HD deep bass with a better frequency range. I did listen to little bit of distortion at the higher output but it was for the brief period. It plays high frequency very well, when it comes to low frequency, it is better than many high-class earphones. The acoustics were on high-end side with low to no breakout during play. I did not have or faced any problem with mic until now. The voice quality is really amazing. If you want to change tracks then press the call button thrice for the previous song and twice for next. What else do you need? Work flawlessly on every phone. The output quality on Redmi note 4 and Honor 6X was exceptional.


Yes, they have a one-year brand warranty but the problem is service centers. They are available in few major cities only. Same is the case with Sennheiser and Boat, even Skullcandy.

Availability and Price

I got the earphone for just $10 during the sale, I had some coupons as well. However, they are worth $13 to $18. If they launch proper stores with a lower price range of $10, then edifier will beat many of earphone and sound device brands. Review of Edifier H230P includes other things like total playtime, wear and tear, and mobile device compatibility. You need no worry, as they are good in all of these factors.

Final verdict

I have spent a lot of money on different earphones but Edifier and Sennheiser stand out for me. Edifier H230P review will help you to decide between different brands and versions. I will definitely recommend edifier H230P over any other earphone in this price range. It is a HIFI earphone with mic, call button, excellent design, noise cancelling feature and ergonomic tangle free in the ear earphone.

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