Irusu Play VR Plus Honest Review (2018) – Is it The Best Budget VR Headset in India?

Irusu Play VR Plus Honest Review (2018) - Is it Best Budget VR Headset in India?
With the dawn of virtual concepts and technologies, we see different kinds of gadgets. The first big breakthrough came in the form of Google cardboard virtual reality. Since then hundreds of companies started to manufacture the virtual world gadgets. Two famous technologies are augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Companies like Google, Shinecon, Sony, Samsung, Xiaomi, BoboVR, Irusu etc are manufacturing virtual reality headsets. In this article, we will concentrate on the company Irusu and its latest virtual reality headset named as Irusu play VR plus. The review includes detailed research on different factors affecting the quality of the product. Let’s begin the journey.

What’s Inside the Box?

Irusu Play VR Plus Honest Review (2018) - Is it Best Budget VR Headset in India? 1

Generally, we do not get too many accessories with virtual reality headset. The Irusu play VR plus comes with box and an info cover layer around the box. You can check all the information about the product on the cover. The box contains user manual, Irusu card, cleaning cloth and Virtual reality headset wrapped in a bubble wrapper. The headphone of the virtual reality is attached to the virtual reality gadget. You can buy the gadget on Amazon, eBay, Flipkart and Irusu official website (22% discount using our coupon code).

Build Quality and Look

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The Irusu play VR plus comes with a plastic matte finish casing and the device looks sturdy and decent. The weight is not of a concern as it is very light. The headband is made of strong elastic material and it has a multi coating on it with padding and proper stitching. Headphones also look good and strong. The gadget has foam on the headphone as well as on the face area. The front panel also looks strong. The buttons on the gadget are of plastic and they are fixed perfectly. The lenses are aligned in the socket and they are hard in nature.

Compartment and Control Options

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The virtual reality gadget comes with three compartments. One compartment is for the mobile phone, second is lens compartment and third is front panel compartment. Along with these, there is a small compartment for the 3.5mm headphone jack. It also has enough space for inserting joystick, headphone, controllers and other gaming consoles. There are many different control options, buttons or gears on the gadget. First one is touched screen button to operate your phone. But you cannot navigate in it, it is only to select the spot. It comes with mic and media buttons. You can control the volume of the phone using these volume buttons. You can even receive calls using middle button, which allows to receive calls. There is horizontal eyepiece or lens adjustment button to focus the objects properly. If you have Myopia, then you can use lens distance adjustments on the top of the headset. You can remove the front panel easily. Because of this feature, you will not face heating issue, but still phone heats up depending on your usage.


Irusu Play VR Plus Honest Review (2018) - Is it Best Budget VR Headset in India? 4

It has cushion, foam, nose socket and headband. So obviously, the comfort level is high. You can adjust the headband, this allows any head size to perfectly fit inside the elastic.

Headphone Quality

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Surprisingly, the headphone quality was decent. I did not expect better quality because of type of gadget. However, the sound from the headphone made feel good. If you do not like the inbuilt headphone, then you can use your own headphone.


Irusu Play VR Plus Honest Review (2018) - Is it Best Budget VR Headset in India? 6

It does not matter what you have if the lens quality of the headset is not good. The Irusu play VR plus comes with a 40mm HD resin lens. The lens looks aspheric in nature. They are made up of eight-layer coating. As the lens is of good quality optics, you will not face issues like deformity, glare, and reflection. There is one little concern though, the lens looks very hard, so they are prone to scratches. The focusing was good and output quality from the device was clear. You can have good quality experience with this virtual reality headset.


Irusu Play VR Plus Honest Review (2018) - Is it Best Budget VR Headset in India? 7

If you have a mobile phone with screen size varying from 4.7 inches to 6 inches then you can use the gadget. But to experience the virtual reality you need gyroscope sensor in it. For better viewing pair your gadget by scanning code provided by the Irusu. They also have their VR app named VR Apps Zone. You can enjoy different 360-degree videos, 3D videos, 3D games, HSB, SSB, DSB and other virtual reality contents.

Price and Coupon Code

Irusu Play VR Plus is available at Rs. 2199 on Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay and Irusu official website. You can get it at only Rs. 1715 (22% discount) by using our coupon code on their official website. The coupon code is “TECHNOXYZ“. Apply it on checkout page of their official website to get 22% discount. Thanks to Irusu team that made it possible for our users.


Irusu play VR plus virtual reality headset has good features and good quality lenses for better experience. However it does not come with Bluetooth remote. You can get it at Rs. 1715 by using our coupon code. Overall, decent quality VR headset considering the price.

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