How Prince2 Takes Project Management to the Next Level

Last Updated: February 1, 2018

Prince2 is an excellent internationally recognized certification course that will help to jumpstart your career in project management. The certifying body is based in the UK, which increases the credibility of the course. The course is mainly divided into two levels, PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner, so you can take the course at the right level for your current knowledge and career level. Here are some more specific details about this exciting professional course.
How Prince2 Takes Project Management to the Next Level

Features of the Course

Prince2 basically stands for Projects In Controlled Environments and is a widely respected certification in project management in several countries. Taking this course helps professionals develop a greater understanding of all project related issues, including the technical and business side issues of any project. The Prince2 Certification also develops a product-centric approach that helps project managers expand their analysis beyond technical issues and understand the business implications of their activities. Planning methods are also part of the course that helps managers organize more efficient project teams and ensure that the teams get access to all the resources they need from other parts of the organization.

Career Benefits

As stated above, Prince2.html is a course designed for project management professionals. If you are interested in shifting to a career in project management or want to take your current project management role up by several notches in the career ladder, then this course will benefit you greatly.

The Prince2 course will help you develop more specialized and high-level skills in project management, thereby qualifying you to assume leadership for more strategic and challenging projects in your organization. As a certified project manager, you will experience greater opportunities to find more high-level and higher paying jobs within your industry. After passing the Prince2 Exam, you can easily land up a highly desirable position such as that or a project manager or director in any company.

Are Organizations Interested?

Yes, they are. Many organizations are realizing the importance of investing in a strong project management team that can coordinate projects across the organization. They do not want to take risks of project failure by assigning high-value projects to uncertified or non-professional project managers. Hence, the Prince2 Certification is critical in helping you shape a consistent approach to project management for your organization. In addition, you can also develop effective and relevant monitoring metrics and tools for your organization, which they can use to track the progress of various projects.

Levels of Certification

Prince2 Certification is offered at two levels.

PRINCE2 Foundation is for professionals with little to no experience of project management and offers an introduction to the basic concepts, terms, and methods employed in the Prince2 approach.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification is ideal for professionals who work in organizations that already follow the Prince2 approach.

Professionals can also enroll in both courses simultaneously for fast-paced certification.

After passing the Prince2 Exam, all professionals are required to apply for re-registration after 3 years. In addition, there is another course called Prince2 Agile that blends agile techniques with the Prince2 methodology.


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