Top 8 Books That You Should Refer For CompTIA A+ 220-901 Exam

When you talk about IT certifications, then it will be very difficult to end the topic without mentioning CompTIA. This association is known for offering some of the most popular IT credentials in the world. There are many people out there who were introduced to the IT sphere by CompTIA certification exams. You need to know that these tests are not super easy, instead, you have to work very hard if you want to pass them at your first attempt. One of the most popular CompTIA exams is a 220-901 exam which leads to. While preparing for 220-901 you will learn a lot of new things, and that’s why it is very important to choose the reliable sources for your study.

The Best Books

You should prepare the materials beforehand because you don’t want to find out that you have learned some wrong material. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find the best books for CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam. CompTIA is a popular name in the IT community, this is why there are many experts who have written a ton of books about its exams and certifications. If you just go on the Internet and type in “CompTIA books”, then you will be amazed by the sheer volume of materials and tutorials that you can find. However, not all of these books are useful, and here we will narrow down that list to just 8 of the most helpful books. .

1.CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902 Exam Cram

The first book that we have is CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902 Exam Cram. This book has been written by David L. Prowse who is a renowned technical trainer, author, and computer network specialist. The author has over 20 years of experience in the field and he has put his knowledge to good use by writing this book. Here you will find information related to all exam topics and practice questions. Having all the material in just one place makes this book very useful.

2. CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Ninth Edition (Exams 220-901 & 220-902)

CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide has been written by Mike Meyers. As the title suggests, this is a comprehensive guide that covers all of the topics included in 220-901. Using this book to prepare for the test will be fruitful and it will make it easy for you to acquaint yourself with all the necessary information.

3. CompTIA A+ Complete Review Guide

CompTIA A+ Complete Review Guide: Exams 220-901 and 220-902 is the third book on this list. It has been written by Troy McMillan and it provides the reader with extra information regarding the exam topics. The book covers two tests and that is why it has been divided into two sections. These sections are further classified into different domains which makes it easier for the reader to find a particular topic.

4. CompTIA A+ Complete Deluxe Study Guide

This is another bookthat you can use to prepare yourself for CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam. An that has been written collectively by three authors (Toby Skandier, Emmett Dulaney, and Quentin Docter) is one of the top books you can use to educate yourself about the exam pattern. As a result, you won’t get any surprises during the test.

5. CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 200-902 Cert Guide

There are many people on the Internet who recommend this cert guide. The book is written by Mark Edward Soper. If you wish to build your career as an IT expert, then you need to successfully pass the 220-901 exam. You can achieve that goal if you use the right books, and the certification guide by Soper is definitely one of them.

6. CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide

Mike Meyers is a popular personality in the IT world as he has written some of the best books on computer science. This particular book by Meyers quickly became the best-seller just because it is well-written and contains quality information. It is perfect for preparing yourself for 220-901 exam.

7. CompTIA A+ Guide to Managing & Troubleshooting PCs by Mike Meyers

This book covers all the important details that you should know about CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam. Here you can find detailed chapter reviews along with key terms and practice questions. The book also may come with a disc that contains the training material that you can use to learn more things before the test. By the way, you can also find some useful practice questions on this resource: ExamSnap CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test Part 4 220-901 Exam Questions.

8. CompTIA A+ Guide to Managing and Troubleshooting Pcs Lab Manual by Mike Meyers

If you have bought the Mike Meyers’s A+ Guide to Managing & Troubleshooting PCs book, then it is the best if you purchase the lab manual as well. It will be difficult for you to pass this exam without the right amount of hands-on experience. This lab manual contains over 130 practical problems that you can solve to practice for the test.


These were some of the most useful books that you can find related to CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam. Keep in mind that most of these books are required you to buy a copy, however, you can still find free books as well. But it is recommended that you stick to the paid options because free books can lack quality and the information containing in them is less reliable. To pass this test, you need to be sure about the sources that you are using and this is only possible if you purchase the right books.


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