VeePN Review : Worth every penny

In today’s era of global Internet expansion, privacy is a rising concern amongst Internet users worldwide. Now and then we come across some privacy scam or blunder in which the data of millions of Internet users get compromised. And if you’re someone who needs extra emphasis given on privacy and security while you’re on the Internet, a strong VPN becomes the need of the hour. For those of you who do not know much about VPN, let me sum it up for you in lay terms – A VPN or a Virtual Private Network serves like a digital tunnel which is a secure online connection between multiple devices. With VPN, users can safely surf the Internet most privately, not having to worry about any restrictions or external tracking.

Given how popular VPNs are getting due to the rising faults in online privacy, there are so many VPN companies out there selling top-notch VPNs. And today we’re going to review one of these –

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So let us take an overall look at VeePN:

Now VeePN has lately been getting popular amongst VPN users given its range of services, and it’s affordable subscription plans. Of course, as a VPN network, it offers the essential secure connections and privacy features that you would expect any VPN to have. However, in this price range, there are still a few features that make VeePN stand out from its competitors. For example, there’s the Kill Switch, which disables the Internet connection instantly if the VPN drops, so that your IP address not exposed for even a second. Then there’s also their No log policy, under which none of your device’s metadata, your primary IP, your browsing history, etc. will be logged by VeePN. It’s not as if these services are not available in other VPN brands, but you won’t get them as affordable there as you do on VeePN.

VeePN’s Subscription Plans

VPN is a mid-range, easily affordable VPN service given its a wide array of functionalities.  Their monthly subscription plan is priced at $10.99 and a 5-year plan comes for $99.99. There are more details about the programs and what you get on their pricing page. But to ensure yourself that the services are worth your money, we’d advise you take the 7-day free trial first. If all is well, you can get whichever plan you like. And if you’re still prone to having second thoughts later, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee.

Pros & Cons

So let’s talk about all the right things and bad things (if any) that there are about VeePN. Without further ado, here are the Pros:

  1. Server locations

VeePN offers more than 48 places around the world, including the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, etc.

  1. Crypto payment

VeePN accepts Cryptocurrency payment options via CoinPayments like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.

  1. 24/7 support

Though using a VPN is pretty straightforward, especially since they have an extensive knowledge base, you can contact them anytime and ask for assistance.

  1. Multiple Connections

You can safely connect as many as 10 devices at the same time on your VeePN network. Most VPN service providers usually offer connections upto five devices or less in the same price range. However, in domestic relationships, you wouldn’t even need more than five devices, but anyway, it’s nice to have the option in case you ever need it for commercial use.

  1. Easy to use apps

VeePN’s Windows and Android client apps have been tried and tested by our research team, and they did not disappoint. They’re quick to install and easy to monitor. There are the excellent interface and lots of ease of access, and you can turn your VPN on/off or change locations with a simple click.

  1. Unmetered bandwidth

VeePN does not limit your usage, and neither does it track the bandwidth that you’re using. They provide a safe Bank level 256-bit encryption.

  1. Supported Devices

As of now, VeePN offers its services support all kinds of a device like iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Router, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

  1. Supported protocols

With VeePN you can quickly change through the VPN protocol that you are using from the client apps (Settings page). They currently support OpenVPN, IKEv2, Smart TCP and Smart UDP. Which is more than you need anyway.


So this brings us to the end of this review of the VeePN services. All in all, it’s safe to say that VeePN is a reliable and trustworthy VPN service provider. Almost all the reviews it has received from its users, and tech reviewers have been positive so far.

The services are good, the features work efficiently, the customer support is always there to help, and it doesn’t leave a big dent in your pocket despite all of that. It provides safety while browsing the Internet that you want, with a highly encrypted secure connection, so that no third party can ever interfere in your online activities. So, all in all, it’s a great deal! If there’s anything else that you would like to know about VeePN, it’s features or plans, you can visit their website directly, or you can drop a comment below, and we’ll be happy to help!

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