WebCare360 Review 2018 – An Anonymous Offshore Web Hosting Hub

Webcare360 Review 2018 - An Anonymous Offshore Web Hosting Hub
As we all have to host our website we need a web hoster to host our website. A hoster which can prevent our website from DMCA content,hosting of copyrighted contents, hacking of websites etc. To get rid of these problems we need to host our website on an offshore web hosting to follow (or don’t have to follow) with local or international laws (most of the countries has introduced strict rules in place where to host customer data.).

For theabove features for a web hosting I recommend WEBCARE360TM which is privacy-driven hosting company registered in an offshore zone of St.Kitts & Nevis. WEBCARE360TM provides following of the offshore hosting services:

1. Offshore Shared Hosting
2. Offshore VPS Hosting
3. Offshore Dedicated Servers
4. Offshore Streaming Servers
5. DDoS Protected Hosting

You can choose any of above hosting package according to your need as: if you have to work with multiple users you can use Shared Hosting, if you use Dedicated Server Hosting you have full control over server, VPS Hosting provides you multiple user and full control on server i.e. this is combo of Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting, and if you are trying to host copyright content and always get banned by your web hosting provider then you should take look into DMCA Ignored Hosting services.

Not only the above of services WEBCARE360TM also provides ANTI DDoS which is a protection to our business against all known type of layer-4 and layer-7 complex DDoS attacks.

They own private racks at best datacenters for a totally redundant network. Nobody else
can offer us better latencies and transfer.

WEBCARE360TM have one of the world class state-of-the art support system that I cannot stop praising about. The Support is super-fast and very concerned about our issues and assisted right throughout to solve the issue completely and for having praiseworthy uptime.

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