Why Mobile Apps Are Necessary for Success of E-Commerce?

Why Mobile Apps Are Necessary for Success of E-Commerce?
Currently, we are witnessing a quick growth of e-commerce companies and this trend shows the changes in consumer behavior patterns due to the development of new technology. Understanding the trends in modern consumer shopping habits is the key for the success of e-commerce companies.

Mobile apps are re-shaping the e-commerce industry and major retail companies report exceptional growth of sales via mobile apps. Now, mobile accounts for over 40 percent of all ecommerce sales worldwide. Intuitive mobile platforms are becoming the preferred means of purchase and consumers look for end-to-end mobile solutions that make the purchase process easy no matter where they are.

The rising number of smartphones makes e-commerce mobile apps a necessity for businesses and major companies invest in mobile capabilities that allow smartphone purchases. Many retailers turn to mobile application development companies to streamline the implementation of e-commerce apps in order to reduce cost and complexity.

  • Currently, the global mobile commerce market is worth $298 billion.
  • The US mobile commerce market size is currently estimated at $71.16 billion.
  • Smartphones have taken over computers as the top e-commerce traffic source and are estimated to account for 60% of traffic for e-commerce websites.

The Advantages of Developing a Mobile App for an E-Commerce Store

The custom mobile apps are a necessity for e-commerce companies to stay relevant and competitive for a number of reasons.

  • According to statistics, consumers spend more time in mobile apps and are more engaged.
  • Customers who download e-commerce mobile apps are more likely to sign in, provide information about their payment credentials and take part in loyalty programs.
  • E-commerce businesses can track their behavior and offer them more personalized services.

Shoppers prefer mobile apps to mobile browsers

According to the studies, 78% of users claimed they would rather use a mobile app to access a store than a mobile browser. E-commerce apps are more convenient for consumers, ensure better security and speed, and there is no need to remember an URL and login.

Mobile e-commerce apps increase customer loyalty

Research reveals that mobile app users are twice more likely to return to your store within 30 days than shoppers, using a mobile browser. E-commerce businesses can use push notifications for deals, contests, and alerts to increase customer loyalty and client retention. Statistics show that most push notifications have a 40% CTR.

Mobile apps enhance UX

Mobile e-commerce apps are easy to navigate so users can easily find what they want and make purchases faster. Having a more satisfying customer experience, shoppers are more likely to return.

Mobile e-commerce apps increase conversion rates

E-commerce app conversion rates are 3 times higher than for mobile websites and 1.5 times higher than for desktop sites. Mobile apps have a 130% higher average order value than desktop sites and 140 higher than mobile sites.

As e-commerce and mobile apps are a perfect match, more and more e-commerce companies take advantage of mobile applications to increase sales, grow a successful business, and stay ahead of their competitors. Contact mobile application development companies, if you want to enhance your e-commerce store with a mobile app.

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