5 Best Hidden Phone Tracker Apps to Protect Your Family Online

Are you fed up with using those useless parental control features? There are a lot of parents like you. The default parental control feature is not enough to protect your family online. You need a more reliable solution that can help you monitor your loved one’s activities remotely. However, trusting a third-party application for your kid’s safety sounds like a risky thing.

That is why we have found five hidden phone trackers that are safe to use and provide complete protection online. You can install them on any device and monitor its activities remotely. These applications do not require root or jailbreak, making it a perfect pick for the family members.

This article will learn about these five best hidden phone trackers that can be installed without any professional help.

Is Remote Phone Monitoring Convenient For Beginners? 

The traditional phone monitoring techniques required a lot of effort and time. They used to crack the passwords of different applications to get access. However, modern phone monitoring is so simple and does not require any technical background for that.

You just need to know how to install an application in someone’s device, and you are good to go. Additionally, all these applications have an easy-to-follow installation guide that walks you through the steps to set up phone monitoring. Check more on tracking a cell phone location here.

Let’s begin with the most effective platform to help you track any smartphone you want.


5 Best Hidden Phone Tracker Apps to Protect Your Family Online 1

Minspy is the best phone monitoring application that you can find on the internet. With its advanced features, you can keep an eye on your loved ones even when they are not around. Additionally, it works by connecting their device to your online account. It means that you do not need to install any application on your device to monitor them.

This application is popular because it has a lot of features to offer to its customers. Unlike other platforms, it does not require a rooted android phone to work. Instead, you can install it on any targeted device and start using its services instantly. Professionals prefer this application, as it is the most secure application in the phone monitoring industry.

With over a million satisfied customers, Minspy sounds like an excellent choice to track any smartphone. You can follow someone’s call logs, messages, social apps, and everything else with just a single tap.

Hence, if you want to use a trusted application, you can click Minspy site without giving it a second thought.



Here is another excellent application to monitor someone’s android or iPhone device. Spyier was designed to help parents like you to track children’s activities. Additionally, it has many advanced features like a keylogger that allows you to check their deleted messages and passwords.

You can also trust it with your kid’s data as no one other than you can access this data. However, it would help if you used a strong password to maintain the privacy of your account. 

Refer to its installation guide to set up your free account within a few minutes.



Spyine is an excellent application to monitor multiple devices. Although every application provides multiple phone access, it offers more convenience to your phone monitoring. Additionally, it does not require any jailbreak or root to monitor the targeted device. Hence, you can start tracking the device instantly.

It is equipped with multiple features that make your process much more comfortable. These features help when you want to do some in-depth investigation of some incidents. For example- If you’re going to check the targeted device’s location from last week, you can use its location tracker history. Similarly, you can check the deleted messages by browsing the android keylogger feature.

Setting up this application is more convenient on the iPhone devices as you do not even need to touch that phone. All you need is its iCloud credentials, and you will be able to do that remotely.



Phone monitoring is fun when you are backed with the best application for the task. Hence, Spyic is the choice of millions of users to keep an eye on their children. It is specifically developed to help the parents protect their children from online bullying and fraud. There is a dedicated feature that allows you to do everything from the parental control access of android and iPhone.

To ensure the security of your kid’s data, all the information is transferred through private keys. Hence, you do not need to worry about the privacy of the data while accessing it remotely. 



Neatspy is one of the latest additions in the phone monitoring applications. Additionally, it is much effective than most of the applications that you have come across. Its keylogger helps you record all the texts that the person has typed on their device. It can delete messages, passwords, and other texts.

On this platform, you can find the installation guide that walks you through the application’s setup process. Hence, it is easy to use and works for every type of parent worried about their children. On top of that, it is an affordable software that helps you track a device without hurting your pocket.

All you need to do is verify the iPhone through its iCloud credentials or install the setup on the android device. Although the process is quite simple, you can still check their guide to know more about it.  

Final Words

No matter what type of smartphone your children have, you can track it with these applications. All the above applications have phone monitoring in common but provide some additional features too. Hence, you can choose any of them to start monitoring your kid’s activities. Minspy is the editor’s choice as it is one of the most accessible applications for beginners.

You can try these features by using their demo version of the application. Visit their website, and it will show you a sample smartphone where you can practice how to monitor the device’s activities. Hence, you no longer need to search for cell phone monitoring software.

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