7 expert tips to help you win in Apex Legends

7 expert tips to help you win in Apex Legends 1

The new Apex Legends game by Respawn Entertainment has received popularity just within 72 hours of its release. Apex Legend has now crossed the 25 million active player base mark, which is quite huge for a new game release. 

What makes Apex Legends so popular? Well, it’s certainly the ferocity and excellent shooting experience that has kept players glued to the screen. Do you also want to become a pro player in Apex Legends? 

If you have clicked on this guide, then the answer is definitely a Yes! To help you win the game, we have shortlisted seven expert tips to play Apex Legends. In addition, you can take the help of Apex Legends hacks for that additional support. 

7 expert tips to win Apex Legends

  1. Learn Battle Royale Basics 

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale game, although it’s quite different from its contemporaries. You can’t expect to win the game if you are not familiar with Battle Royale basics. To learn steps like- where to land safely, if you land near an enemy squad, pick up a weapon quickly, keep healing items ready at all times. 

The shield in Apex Legends is for defense; medkits and syringes are for saving your teammates’ lives. When the shield gets damaged, you can recharge it with batteries and shields. 

  1. Carry multiple weapons 

Apex Legends has plenty of weapons like sniper rifles to shoot guns. Each weapon has its own ammo types, making it easier to attack enemies. You should keep a minimum of two weapons with you which complement each other. Such weapons help you become a better shooter and gun down your opposition. 

  1. Try different characters but settle on for one or two favorites 

Apex legends offer eight different characters, each with its unique abilities, and they are called legends. Two of these legends are locked at the beginning, and you have to earn or purchase them. 

But you directly jump straight to the other six characters and experiment with them. The different tactical, passive, and ultimate abilities of these legends influence their play style. 

In the initial days of Apex Legends, you should try each character to know them better. But stick to one or two of your favorite ones in the long run of the game. Practicing with a particular legend regularly will help you become an expert in that character. 

  1. Use the ping system 

The ping system is a great helping hand in Apex Legends. In addition to the map marking system with the ping, you can do much more with it. The ping allows you to notify squadmates about certain loot, agree with decisions and double-tap the ping button to mark enemy locations too. 

When you hold the ping button down, it opens a menu with more options like which should be your next loot location or if somebody has already looted that spot and things like that. 

  1. Communicate with your team 

It can be regarded as a continuation of the previous point. Communication is the key in Apex Legends. Use the ping button as much as possible to deliver important messages, stay in touch with your team and take decisions together. 

You should also discuss game strategies and defensive methods with the team before starting the game.  

  1. Know your weapons 

Understanding and knowing your weapons is as necessary as knowing your character. Apex Legends gives a quick description of each of the weapons. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring them and jumping straight into the game. Take a moment and learn each type. 

At first, knowing the difference between Flatline and a Hemlock or between a Mozambique and a Wingman can be very confusing. With time and practice, you’ll get used to them and master them as well. 

  1. Learn map navigation 

Knowing map navigation is mandatory in the game. Apex Legends is a fast game, and you can’t make the mistake of staying at the one spot for too long. This is the reason knowing map navigation is vital. 

Be on the move always and pick weapons on the way. This way, you will be able to kill enemies easily. 


Above mentioned are our seven expert tips to help you win Apex Legends. If you want to come out victorious and win over your enemies, learning these tips will definitely help you. If you think we skipped on something, let us know in the comments!

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