7 Neutral Background Ideas for Your Promo Video

7 Neutral Background Ideas for Your Promo Video 1

Have you been very busy putting your video content together? Who wouldn’t be when everyone else across industries is doing it. From choosing the right online video editor to deciding what material to work with, it is highly important to know what it is that you want. To learn more is to improve every time.

Most business owners would rather shoot their video content around their office to give their clientele the feel of what it is like to be working with them. There are others who would rather settle with a solid-colored background to produce their video. Whichever you end up choosing will help you bring a good statement out, so it better be good.

While an online video editor can help make a huge difference in video production, choosing the right background should be on your priority list too. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  1. Go With The Paper

Even the experts can’t tell when it started. All they know is that using paper for a video background works and it most certainly delivers. Most video productions that go for this material use 107-inch photo paper. It comes in a wide range of colors, so you can choose which one suits your branding.

Apart from the fact that you can literally use it to shoot videos practically everywhere, it costs less than a hundred dollars per roll. That means a whole lot of savings and yet you still get a great-looking video shot.

Your audience will never know where your paper’s background set-up is. If you want to hide the mess in your office or home office space, a paper background will do it for you. With the aid of a reliable online video editor, you can surely create that video content you’ve always wanted.

  1. Showcase The Industry

What better way to promote your brand than showcasing the industry you are in. It may involve the building scape of where you work or perhaps an image of the product you are promoting. Whatever it takes to show the industry space you are in will work to your advantage.

Just keep in mind to pick the right location and lighting. The rest, they say, will be history. Does it have to be picturesque? Some might say yes, but in truth, the closer it is to reality, the better appreciated it will be.

  1. A Sneak Peek Of The Office

Have you been considering using your office space as the background for your videos? If you are, then you are on the right track. The actual office space as the background exudes authenticity for your brand.

When people see you in your natural environment, it gives them a sense of your genuine desire to provide them with nothing less than the best. It also communicates a sense of place and time. The office as a backdrop feels spontaneous and all-natural. If you are shooting for a testimonial or perhaps one that sends a casual message, then going for this background is the best way to go.

  1. Be Seen At An Event

Are you thinking about where you want to get your brand to? Why don’t you just get it out there and be seen at the right event? Going live in an event you want your brand to be associated with is a wonderful option for a video production idea. Not only does it speak of brand authenticity, but it also talks a lot about the type of brand that you want to be known for.

If you wish to be associated with events that touch people’s lives, then go ahead and shoot a video there. Not only will you be seen, but your target audience might just be able to hear you call them for support. And the best part is that they might just give it straight to you.

7 Neutral Background Ideas for Your Promo Video 2
  1. Whiteboard Background For The Win

A different brand will always try to have its unique approach to video production. It is not just about the choice of an online video editor that changes the name of the game. Rather, it is about the choice of background and how it makes a mark when it comes to creating the right branding for your business.

If you are looking for something simple yet impactful, then you may go for the whiteboard background. It is simple and affordable. However, it comes with a bit of a problem. When shooting with the whiteboard as the background, you may have to deal with the glare and the reflections that it may come with.

There is a simple solution to these problems as well. You may opt for better lighting to reduce the harsh glare and the formation of the shadows against the whiteboard. More than anything, it is the ability to be in control of the lights that make this type of background work. Following the basic light principles and a few adjustments here and there, you might just be able to come up with your own list of best practices with this background.

  1. Choose The Crowd

While it may be tempting to conduct interviews with chosen people, nothing beats the response you get from a crowd. be on location and ask the crowd what they think. You might be surprised at how many great words they could give your brand.

The crowd who supports your brand is one of the best video backgrounds you can have. Alongside an online video editor, you can get for free, the crowd is the perfect background you could ever ask for. Not only do they speak of numbers, but they do speak the truth.

7 Neutral Background Ideas for Your Promo Video 3
  1. Going Out and About

If you are an adventurer by heart, but still need to keep the business going, then you should consider having the outdoor shoot of your dreams. Certain precautions need to happen, however. There are several factors that take place in order to achieve that perfect, well-balanced look for your video in the outdoors.

First, you have to consider the time of the day you produce the video. It can greatly affect the natural lighting that you want to make use of. Reflectors, silks, and ND filters are just a few of the many things you can use to make things look flattering on your video production,

Going out and about to shoot a video for your brand is always a good idea. With the right online video editor, you can make anything look absolutely stunning. After all, nature itself gives you the gift you can use to your advantage.

Parting Words On Online Video Editor  

One of the most important aspects of producing your video content is originality. The backdrop that you use for your video production must resonate with the story that you want to tell. More than anything, choosing the right video background as well as a venue for your video shoot can save you a lot of time and cost too.

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