A virtual number is a service that can be connected directly online. It gives you an additional telephone number to which you can receive SMS online without having to buy a new SIM card. Let’s look at the virtual number from SMS-man to see why you need it.


1. You want another free pizza or a free taxi ride

Many delivery and taxi services offer discounts or gifts for registering. You can activate a virtual number to participate twice and get more bonuses. And to avoid getting annoying text messages later, simply deactivate the service when all the pizzas and rolls have been eaten.

2. You don’t know if you’ll like this dating girl yet.

A virtual number is a great option for your first encounters with strangers from the internet. You can receive text messages to it just like to a regular phone number. This means you can verify your phone number and create a profile on any dating site. Once you have met, you can arrange to meet him, but you don’t have to give him your main number. With virtual numbers from SMS-man you will not expose yourself even by accident, and your personal details will be safe. 

3. To get bonus cards and points in online shops

When registering an application, you are usually asked to leave your contact phone number in order to receive a loyalty card. Leaving your own phone number means you will continually receive promotional emails and phone calls that can quickly become annoying and detract from the really important messages. 

You can even get multiple bonus cards by using a Virtual Phone Number without revealing your own phone number. It is very convenient and allows you to forget about annoying spam.  

4. Selling things online

Each of us at least once used various message boards. Everybody knows that you have to provide your phone number when registering, and to publish several ads, you often have to buy a paid subscription. A virtual number will help you to create multiple accounts in the market places, from which you will be able to publish all your ads without limitation. This will get rid of the restrictions (1 account=1 listing) and greatly increase your chances of selling. 

5. Keep your personal data safe

Delivery services, online shopping and much more only works if you provide your personal data. In particular, the user has to provide his or her place of residence, write down a contact telephone number and much more. No security system offers absolute protection against identity theft. Using an alternative phone number is a way to protect against the loss of personal data. It is not possible to link a person’s identity to another phone number

6. Lack of geographical reference

Standard numbers are always geo-located and limit the user to a certain geographic area. Of course, you can order a foreign phone number and pay a lot of money for it, but you don’t know that it will work in your country. In the case of virtual numbers, you can simply rent a number from any country. In this way you can bypass regional restrictions when registering with any application.

7. Possibility to rent any number of virtual numbers

 This is very convenient for those who are engaged in promotion in the network and other professionals. You can, of course, buy a new SIM card every time and suffer by moving them from one phone to another. But to connect a virtual number for SMS will be much cheaper and faster. 

These are just a small fraction of the advantages of virtual numbers. Let us now turn to the question of how and where you can obtain a virtual phone number for SMS. 

8. Mass registration of accounts on the Internet

Thanks to virtual numbers you can create an unlimited number of accounts on almost any platform where you have to verify your phone number by SMS to complete the registration. 

Get a virtual number using SMS-man service

SMS-man company has long been a leader in SMS verification services. It offers online texting numbers from a choice of 200 countries which can be used to register with more than 1,000 different applications and websites. 

Follow these simple steps to obtain a virtual phone number:

1. Open sms-man.com and go to the registration page. Enter all the data required for registration – your email address and password;

2. After you have logged in you will need to make a deposit of the necessary amount for the purchase. You can do this by clicking on the button “Pay” in the top menu of the website.

3. When you have completed all above steps, choose on the main page one of the countries of your future virtual phone number and desired service for registration.

4. Press “Buy” button next to selected country. The purchased virtual number will then be automatically added to your personal cabinet and is fully ready to use.

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