Best Emulator for you to use Snapchat on PC

Snapchat is an instantaneous direct message reliant free to use social media applications that has topped the popularity charts for years. The application revolutionized how we communicated with each other by introducing new features such as secret direct messaging, invisible snaps called stories, and filters that have paved the way as to how social media is used in the modern-day and age. With applications like Snapchat increasingly getting more features and with users being more reliant on it, it is first extremely important for us to understand why the application has gained so much traction in the first place.

Best Emulator for you to use Snapchat on PC 1

Snapchat was perhaps the first social media application that let you send messages and photos known as snaps that instantly disappear as soon as the recipient reads them. This is quite an enjoyable feature as it lets you send snaps of yourself, which can then disappear instantly. If someone tries to take a screenshot of said images or record them on their mobile phone, you instantly get a notification, which usually results in them blocking you.

Another feature Snapchat has is following celebrities and looking at their Snapchat and seeing what they are doing in their daily lives. Usually, these celebrities are quite candid with their posts and let you chime in on their lives to see what they are doing. Moreover, you can post snapchats yourself where all your friends can view them, and you can even open them to the public. These snaps are known as daily stories, and as the name suggests, they last only for 24 hours and disappear off the platform completely.

Snapchat also releases unique AR-based filters, which you can put up on the ground or on your face to add a bit of flair to your photos. These filters are constantly updated and are usually sponsored by larger media companies, allowing you to become your favorite fictional character by using these filters.

Recently, Snapchat has become much more demanding for mobile phone, especially with more resource intensive filters. Therefore, many users have started switching to emulators like LDPlayer to use Snapchat as it provides them with a ton of advantages. Here are some of the best Emulators for Snapchat.

LDPlayer Emulator:

Best Emulator for you to use Snapchat on PC 2

LDPlayer is perhaps the best Emulator you will ever encounter regarding application smoothness and general stability. LDPlayer features versatility, optimization, and its ability to work with many devices, whether they are high-specced or extremely low-end, making it a wonderful choice for a lot of users. It also has access to three different stores allowing you to download different applications, games and e-books for a relatively lower cost with drag-and-drop installations included. Why not give it a shot to download Snapchat on PC with LDPlayer?

LDPlayer Features:

  • LDPlayer has a Multi-Instance feature. This feature lets you make and use multiple accounts at the same time. You can use this feature to run multiple Snapchat accounts at the same time and can classify your accounts for personal and private uses if you need to. This is not possible on a normal Android phone.
  • LDPlayer lets you view and use Snapchat at any resolution. So, you can view Snaps at extremely high resolution with no trouble whatsoever and can view them in unprecedented quality.
  • LDPlayer has an in-built application recorder that lets you take screenshots and videos without anyone noticing, and it does not raise a notification or privacy concern. So, you can take screenshots and record videos with no issues whatsoever.
  • LDPlayer lets you use Snapchat at a high frame-rate while also letting you use all the AR features available at optimal speed with no issues whatsoever. You can also upload images from your camera roll with no trouble.
Best Emulator for you to use Snapchat on PC 3
  • The Emulator has a drag-and-drop APK feature that lets you use modded instances of Snapchat that lets you access new features that you do not get on the normal version at all.

Memu Emulator:

Best Emulator for you to use Snapchat on PC 4

Memu is a well-known emulator known worldwide for its prowess in running extremely demanding applications very well while also being jam-packed with many useful features. Memu is also compatible with almost every version of Windows and can run on many PC platforms. Memu is also known for its encryption and security features so that your data is always secure and encrypted which avoids any data breaches.

Memu Features:

  • Memu runs on Android 7, a version that is compatible with all Android applications and games, including Snapchat.
  • Memu lets users have multiple accounts, which means you can use multiple Snapchats at the same time.
  • The Emulator offers high visual fidelity and has an intuitive UI, making it easier for users to access and use its many features.


Best Emulator for you to use Snapchat on PC 5

Coupled with LDPlayer, both these emulators dominate the market in terms of their features and stability. However, BlueStacks is more known for its prowess to provide an extremely smooth experience on a high-end device and has some compatibility issues with lower-end devices. Blu 

BlueStacks Features:

  • BlueStacks has access to more than just the Google PlayStore. So, you can download a ton of applications and games for free with no issues whatsoever.
  • BlueStacks natively supports many Android applications, so you can expect nothing but the best performance on high-spec devices from the Emulator.
  • BlueStacks, too, have a native screen recorder and lets you capture snaps and videos if you wish to do so without any privacy breaching issues whatsoever.


All the three emulators mentioned above can run Snapchat extremely well. However, as per our expert analysis and from our careful deduction, it is clear that you should be choosing an emulator that is both lenient on resources that also provides you with the most features.

In this case, BlueStacks and LDPlayer both are clear winners. However, as mentioned earlier, BlueStacks cannot compete with LDPlayer in terms of low-end compatibility. They can severely hinder your performance if you do not have adequate, high-end hardware. With a more simple-to-use interface and a more intuitive UI, LDPlayer is clear when it comes to the best Emulator to run Snapchat on.

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