The Best Free Photo-Editing Software (Photoshop Alternatives)

When it comes to editing images and photos, most users opt for good old Photoshop. This time-tested application makes it possible to enliven your pictures. And make them more colorful, remove some defects (those who can’t live without Instagram know exactly what we mean). You can perform other kinds of manipulating photos in Photoshop.

Still, few know about other g free photo-editing applications that are a decent alternative to famous Photoshop. We must note that such programs can boast of pretty much the same functionality as Photoshop does, but, at the same time, don’t limit your options and never ask you to purchase full program versions in order to utilize them to the fullest. Intrigued?

Then, go check your list of good alternatives to Photoshop provided below. Please, note that those programs can perform such basic functions as allowing you do resize of your pictures, cropping, and correcting exposure. It is also worth mentioning that you can use the application we’re going to talk about on your PC or use their online versions, which can spare you the trouble of installing the program.

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One of the best free alternatives to Photoshop available on the market is GIMP, an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. Developed by a group of enthusiastic programmers, this application is regularly maintained and updated to deliver the best possible quality to users.

Who, we must say, have already appreciated this open-source application’s functionality. It is perfectly compatible with such popular operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux, which prompts more users to try this kind of software.

GIMP is in no way inferior to its mature counterpart, Photoshop. It also boasts of a number of retouching tools that make it possible to edit your photos on a professional level. It is also worth mentioning that currently GIMP is successfully utilized by beginner designers that cannot afford to fork out for some professional image-editing applications, which, as you know, quite expensive.

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The developers of Paint.Net can be proud of their creation. Initially, this program was designed as a free alternative to Microsoft Paint. Still, Paint.NET has become surprisingly famous due to its high functionality.

Which, to say the truth has considerably surpassed original Paint. Not to mention, some sophisticated features have been incorporated into it. There is also an intuitive user interface. This saves users tinkering with settings. And makes the work with this graphics editor substantially easier.

The “unlimited undo” option, in its turn, allows you to undo the incorporated changes as many a time as you find necessary. With Paint.NET you can also edit multiple images simultaneously and create eye-catching collages. You can do this by means of the “Layers” option that allow you creating a unique from a variety of other images blended together.

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pixlr-photoshop-alternative is the last program we would like to mention among the most popular graphics editors.  Though pretty much like Photoshop, this free tool allows users to edit their photos online without actually installing any software. can help you create, upload, or drag a picture directly from an online source hosting it.  Inexperienced users may avail themselves of Express Tool menu to resize, fill, crop, blur, or smudge their images.

While more sophisticated ones may appreciate “Grabber for Firefox” option, as well as the ability to change saturation. You can apply different hues and layers to multiple images, etc.

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