10 Best Jenny Slate Movies and TV Shows [June 2024]

As a huge movie and TV show enthusiast, I can’t help but appreciate the amazing talent Jenny Slate brings to the screen. She has appeared in various roles over the years, consistently charming us with her wit and humor. Jenny Slate has a way of making her characters relatable and entertaining, which is why I always look forward to diving into her film projects. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my personal ranking of 10 best Jenny Slate movies and TV shows as of 2024.

This list might resonate with some of you, but it’s important to remember that everyone’s preferences are different. While I have watched all the movies and shows mentioned below, each of them may have had its own impact on me as an individual viewer. It’s my hope however that by sharing my favorite Jenny Slate movies and TV shows, you’ll be inspired to revisit an old favorite or even find something new to enjoy.

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Jenny Slate’s Career: A Whirlwind of Wit and Charm

Jenny Slate's Career: A Whirlwind of Wit and Charm

Jenny Slate’s career can be best described as a delightful mix of humorous and heartfelt performances, in both film and television. Having been a part of the industry for almost two decades, her journey is an inspiring tale of passion, creativity, and resilience. As I’ve followed her growth as an actress throughout the years, I couldn’t help but admire not only the way she skillfully brings her characters to life but also her incredible range.

After breaking into the entertainment world with small roles in various TV shows, Jenny Slate’s big break came in 2009 when she joined the iconic Saturday Night Live (SNL). Though her time on SNL was short-lived, it paved the way for an extraordinary acting career. Audiences began to recognize Jenny for her work on notable television series such as ‘Parks and Recreation,’ ‘House of Lies,’ ‘Kroll Show,’ and ‘Big Mouth.’

What truly sets Jenny Slate apart has been her ability to excel in both live-action roles and voice acting. In 2016 alone, she lent her voice to three different animated movies Zootopia, The Secret Life of Pets, and The Angry Birds Movie. This talent speaks volumes about her dedication to always exploring various means to tell stories while keeping us entertained.

Her expansive work in films has similarly displayed exceptional versatility. From thought-provoking independent films like Obvious Child to major blockbusters like Zootopia or The Lego Batman Movie, she has remained a beloved fixture in Hollywood.

Jenny Slate’s career is an incredible testament to what perseverance and dedication can bring forth. She has consistently remained true to herself while taking on diverse roles that genuinely resonate with audiences across all platforms. Her pursuit of excellence is nothing short of admirable, doing each new project she takes on is highly anticipated by fans like myself worldwide.

Top 10 Jenny Slate Movies and TV Shows Ranked (2024)

Top 10 Jenny Slate Movies and TV Shows Ranked (2024)

1. Zootopia (2016): A Vibrant and Thought-Provoking Animated Film

Zootopia (2016) - Best Jenny Slate Movies and TV Shows as of 2024

In 2016, Disney captured the hearts of audiences with the release of Zootopia, an animated film that combines stunning visuals and a compelling narrative to present a thought-provoking world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals.

The movie tells the story of Judy Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin), a rabbit who becomes the first one to serve as a police officer in Zootopia, a large, diverse city where predators and prey live together in harmony. During her journey, Judy forms an unlikely partnership with Nick Wilde (voiced by Jason Bateman), a sly fox and con artist who becomes her invaluable ally in solving a mysterious case. Here is where Jenny Slate’s character comes into play.

Jenny Slate as Dawn Bellwether

Jenny Slate lends her unmistakable voice to a diminutive sheep who is the assistant mayor of Zootopia. Assistant Mayor Bellwether, a pleasant but seemingly underestimated sheep working under the demanding Mayor Lionheart (voiced by J.K. Simmons). What makes her role memorable is its slow transformation which showcases Jenny’s impressive acting skills: she manages to make us feel endeared towards Bellwether at first before revealing her true intentions later on.

Bellwether goes from being an adorably meek office bureaucrat to showcasing sinister ambitions that reveal a more complex character than initially assumed. She masterfully navigates this arc, shifting smoothly from affable support to cunning antagonist.

Throughout the film, Zootopia cleverly tackles real-world issues such as racism and prejudice through its relatable inhabitants and engaging plotlines. The creators manage not only to provide laughter for young audiences but also provoke thought among adults with their clever analogies to our society.

Key Themes in Zootopia

Zootopia is filled with rich themes that resonate deeply with viewers of all ages:

  • Overcoming stereotypes – Judy Hopps shatters societal expectations placed upon rabbits and proves that anyone can achieve their dreams against all odds.
  • The struggle for unity – Shows the importance of understanding others and the consequences when different communities are pitted against one another.
  • Challenging systemic injustice – The film subtly portrays problematic power structures and encourages us to do what is right, even if it’s challenging.

Influence and Accolades

Zootopia’s unique blend of humor, stunning visuals, and memorable characters made it a massive hit at the box office. It grossed over $1 billion worldwide and received rave reviews from critics, admirers of Jenny Slate’s work included. Its impressive impact is evident in its accolades, where it swept major awards, including an Oscar win for Best Animated Feature.

In my opinion, Zootopia is a standout amongst Jenny Slate’s movies due to its captivating story, stunning animation quality, and unforgettable portrayal of Assistant Mayor Bellwether. Moreover, the film offers an entertaining experience that also provides meaningful insight into social issues relevant to our world today. This combination makes Zootopia deserving of the top position on this list of best Jenny Slate movies and TV shows.

2. Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022): A Surreal Adventure Through the Multiverse

Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) - Best Jenny Slate Movies and TV Shows as of 2024

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a 2022 sci-fi action-comedy that takes viewers on a mind-bending journey through multiple parallel universes. Directed by the innovative duo Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan (collectively known as Daniels), this film promises an experimental and thrilling exploration of such themes as family, identity, and existence.

Plot Summary

The film centers around Michelle Yeoh‘s character, Evelyn Wang, a Chinese-American housewife who becomes the unsung hero of space and time when she discovers her infinite potential to save the entire multiverse from evil forces. Caught in intricate alternate realities that involve her family members, Evelyn embarks on a series of unexpected adventures to stop the imminent chaos.

Jenny Slate’s Role

In Everything Everywhere All at Once, Jenny Slate assumes the role of Debbie the Dog Mom, a laundromat customer. Her original name Big Nose was changed for the film’s digital release because of its association with Jewish stereotypes.

Despite limited information before its release, we can expect Debbie to highlight Jenny Slate’s penchant for playing unique characters that stand out among their peers. Her performance promises to be grounded yet vibrant as she assists Evelyn in traversing tumultuous realities.

Stellar Cast

Aside from Jenny Slate and Michelle Yeoh, this ambitiously captivating movie boasts a gifted ensemble cast such as:

  • Stephanie Hsu: Portraying the mysterious yet dangerous Ji-Yoon
  • Jamie Lee Curtis: As Walterene Wires and lending additional gravitas
  • James Hong: Legends Hollywood icon appearing in a key role
  • Ke Huy Quan: The beloved star from Indiana Jones makes a highly anticipated return to acting

These talented actors make Everything Everywhere All at Once a highly anticipated film that’s sure to be captivating, delivered by an exceptional group of performers.

A Unique Visual Narrative

Everything Everywhere All at Once promises dazzling visuals coupled with an innovative storytelling technique. The film showcases Daniels’ groundbreaking capacity to create visually striking scenes that transcend the viewer’s imagination. This fresh approach to filmmaking ensures that audiences can expect a truly immersive and avant-garde experience.

Additionally, the inclusion of martial arts in the film further enriches its appeal and paves the way for mind-blowing action sequences choreographed with compelling artistry.

Early Reception and Expectations

Initial reviews from film festivals have been overwhelmingly positive, with critics lauding not only Michelle Yeoh’s exceptional performance but also singling out Jenny Slate’s role as Debbie for providing invaluable comic relief grounded in empathy.

This movie is an outstanding addition to Jenny Slate’s incredible work. With its thought-provoking subject matter and impressive visual landscape, Everything Everywhere All at Once leaves viewers pondering existential questions about life and reality whilst delivering absolute entertainment.

I eagerly anticipate Everything Everywhere All at Once as it looks to redefine the bounds of the cinematic genre while showcasing numerous talents, including Jenny Slate’s natural ability to both entertain and captivate audiences in equal measure. By ranking it second on this list, I express my firm belief that this movie will undoubtedly reinforce her well-earned reputation in Hollywood.

3. Gifted (2017): A Heartwarming Tale of Family, Love, and Intelligence

Gifted (2017) - Best Jenny Slate Movies and TV Shows as of 2024

Gifted is a heartfelt drama film highlighting the delicate balance between pursuing exceptional talent and maintaining emotional connections. Directed by Marc Webb and released in 2017, the movie features a captivating storyline coupled with outstanding performances, including Jenny Slate as a pivotal character.

Plot Outline

The narrative revolves around Frank Adler (played by Chris Evans), a single man who takes on the responsibility of raising his young niece, Mary (McKenna Grace), after her mother’s tragic passing. Mary demonstrated prodigious mathematical abilities at an early age talents inherited from her mother. As he strives to ensure she enjoys a balanced childhood filled with love and happiness, Frank faces challenges from his estranged mother, Evelyn (played by Lindsay Duncan), who wants to enroll Mary in a high-pressure academic environment suited for prodigies.

Jenny Slate’s Character

Jenny Slate plays the role of Bonnie Stevenson, Mary’s teacher at her elementary school. What initially appears to be Bonnie solely helping Mary harness her brilliance evolves into something more significant she becomes an integral part of this unconventional family unit as their lives intertwine.

This role enables Jenny Slate to showcase her acting versatility; she excels at portraying loveable characters imbued with emotional depth rather than simply comic relief. Her performance in Gifted masterfully combines warmth with sensitivity without compromising authenticity.

Themes Explored

Gifted thoughtfully delves into several themes that provoke deep contemplation:

  • The value of familial relationships: Despite overwhelming odds against them, Frank fights tirelessly to keep his cherished bond with Mary intact.
  • The Price of Genius: The movie examines the consequences associated with seeking greatness at any cost and the importance of maintaining one’s well-being.
  • Social expectations imposed on children: It emphasizes a child’s need to experience life holistically instead of solely focusing on academic or professional success.

The Power of Performance

Gifted resonates due to the memorable performances of its talented cast:

  • Chris Evans showcases his acting range as Frank, evoking genuine empathy from audiences.
  • McKenna Grace delivers an incredibly mature performance as Mary, proving that one doesn’t require age or experience to seize viewers’ hearts.
  • Lindsay Duncan commands attention as Evelyn, painting a vivid portrait of a complicated woman whose actions defy easy categorization.

As Bonnie Stevenson, Jenny Slate connects everyone together with her impeccable portrayal, providing an unwavering sense of stability and compassion throughout the film.

Reception and Impact

Gifted has left a lasting impression on audiences and critics alike for its heartwarming story and inspiring performances. Jenny Slate’s portrayal earned critical acclaim for superbly displaying nuanced emotions while navigating complex family dynamics. Fans praised her ability to seamlessly transition between her comedic background and the dramatic requirements of the film.

Gifted remains a standout in Jenny Slate’s career for its touching exploration of talent versus emotional fulfillment. By addressing these themes with sensitivity and elegance, the movie elevates itself beyond mere entertainment. I consider Gifted at number three on this list in recognition of Jenny Slate’s inspiring performance that strikes just the right balance between comedy and drama, reminding us all that love ultimately matters more than pure intellect.

4. The Lego Batman Movie (2017): A Hilarious and Action-Packed Spin on the Classic Superhero

The Lego Batman Movie (2017) - Best Jenny Slate Movies and TV Shows as of 2024

The Lego Batman Movie is a brilliant animated comedy film with a refreshing spin on the traditional Batman narrative. Released in 2017 as a follow-up to the wildly popular The Lego Movie, this adventure combines light-hearted fun with exhilarating action sequences guaranteed to entertain viewers of all ages.

Plot and Perspective

The story unfolds in LEGO’s colorful and blocky universe, where Batman (voiced by Will Arnett) fights villains in his beloved city of Gotham. Despite his superhero status, he grapples with feelings of loneliness when not fighting criminals. When the villainous Joker devises an evil plan to unleash chaos upon Gotham City, Batman must learn to collaborate with others while discovering the true meaning of family and teamwork.

Jenny Slate as Harley Quinn

Jenny Slate brings her unmistakable voice talent to the role of Harley Quinn, who serves as both a comical sidekick and dangerous accomplice to The Joker. This animated rendition breathes new life into the iconic character by adding humorous quips and whimsical attributes without losing her edgy essence.

Slate’s portrayal perfectly balances Harley Quinn’s playful comedic nature with subtle hints at her underlying malice, creating a well-rounded character that keeps audiences engaged throughout the film.

A Lego Universe Full of Laughter and Adventure

The film revels in its delightful fusion of clever humor and stunning visuals:

  • Jokes whiz by at lightning speed, keeping viewers on their toes with witty satire while poking fun at classic superhero tropes.
  • The animation is vividly detailed, from Gotham City’s intricate skyline to jaw-dropping action scenes that showcase impressive fight choreography.
  • The captivating plot sweeps audiences along for an exciting ride filled with twists, turns, and unexpected surprises.

Memorable Vocal Performances

The Lego Batman Movie boasts a stellar cast, providing memorable vocal performances that elevate the film’s comedy and charm:

  • Will Arnett flawlessly embodies a more sarcastic and self-absorbed version of Batman.
  • Michael Cera, as Robin, the overly eager superhero aspirant, delights audiences with his energetic optimism.
  • Ralph Fiennes brings a touch of class to the voice of Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s loyal butler and trusted confidante.
  • Zach Galifianakis portrays The Joker with glee as he displays an amusing range of emotions.

With Jenny Slate voicing Harley Quinn, every character’s portrayal strengthens the movie’s overall appeal.

Critical Reception

The film received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics who praised its humor, animation quality, and smart parody of superhero stories. Jenny Slate received specific recognition for her enjoyable voice work in creating an engrossing rendition of Harley Quinn.

Though primarily hailed for its comedic appeal, The Lego Batman Movie also touches upon themes that resonate on deeper levels, such as self-discovery and learning to value others’ worth.

This thrilling romp places number four on my list due largely to Jenny Slate’s delightful performance as Harley Quinn. She effortlessly blends chaos with hilarity in her unique take on the fan-favorite character. The Lego Batman Movie contains all the right ingredients for both LEGO enthusiasts and casual viewers alike: humor, action-packed excitement, and lovable characters portrayed by talented actors, including one Miss Jenny Slate.

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5. Obvious Child (2014): A Refreshing Take on Rom-Coms with a Poignant Performance

Obvious Child (2014) - Best Jenny Slate Movies and TV Shows as of 2024

In 2014, Obvious Child hit the screens and disrupted the traditional romantic comedy formula with its refreshing narrative and unique combination of comedy, romance, and drama. Directed by Gillian Robespierre, this indie film became an instant hit among critics and audiences alike for its honest portrayal of womanhood, unconventional romance, and raw humor.

Intriguing Storyline: Comedy meets Vulnerability

Jenny Slate stars as Donna Stern, a stand-up comedian who suddenly finds herself facing an unexpected pregnancy after having a one-night stand with the charming but incompatible Max (played by Jake Lacy). The film follows Donna’s journey as she processes her emotions around her unplanned pregnancy while grappling with the decision to have an abortion.

While Obvious Child tackles sensitive subjects such as abortion and relationships, it does so in a way that feels genuine, grounded in reality. When I first watched this movie, I appreciated how it allowed me to experience laughter one moment and then feel a profound empathy for Donna’s character during those vulnerable periods of introspection.

Jenny Slate as Donna Stern: The Heart of Obvious Child

Jenny Slate delivers an incredibly powerful performance as Donna Stern, one that is equal parts humorous and heart-wrenching. Her character is written as complex, authentic, and continuously evolving throughout the film. Jenny’s dynamic portrayal showcases her unparalleled ability to handle both comedic and dramatic elements with utter brilliance.

One standout quality of Jenny Slate’s performance is her ability to create relatable moments infused with organic honesty which resonate deeply with viewers. As I watched her on screen, I found myself laughing at her quick wit and empathizing deeply with her struggle when confronted with life-altering decisions.

Supporting Cast: A Cohesive Ensemble

The supporting cast of Obvious Child is undoubtedly a vital factor in the movie’s success, as they complement and amplify Jenny Slate’s performance. Important characters like Nellie (played by Gaby Hoffmann) and David (played by David Cross) contribute seamlessly to this high-quality ensemble of performers adding depth and richness to the story.

Critical Acclaim and Lasting Influence

Obvious Child was met with critical acclaim for its boldness in addressing a difficult subject matter within the context of a romantic comedy. Furthermore, it showcased Jenny Slate’s incredible talent as an actress, providing an excellent addition to her already impressive filmography.

For these reasons and more, I consider Obvious Child one of the best Jenny Slate movies to rank on my list in 2024. In this cleverly written film, she shines as Donna Stern, a character who infuses comedy with vulnerability while generating deep empathy from viewers. This film is not just worth watching for Jenny’s stellar performance but also for its refreshing take on what romantic comedies can be when tackling hot-button issues through honest storytelling.

6. The Secret Life of Pets (2016): A Delightful Dive Into Our Pets’ Hidden World

The Secret Life of Pets (2016) - Best Jenny Slate Movies and TV Shows as of 2024

Our love for our furry companions is perfectly depicted in The Secret Life of Pets (2016), a family-friendly animation film by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment that offers comedy and heartfelt moments. The movie delves into a world where pets can talk, interact, and embark on wild adventures when their owners are not around.

The Storyline: A Tale of Adventure, Friendship, and Misunderstandings

The movie follows the life of Max (voiced by Louis C.K.), a loyal terrier who shares an extraordinary bond with his owner Katie. His cushy life takes an unexpected turn when she adopts Duke (voiced by Eric Stonestreet), a large and uncombed Newfoundland Mix from the shelter. With Max feeling threatened by the new addition to his home, he works tirelessly to get rid of Duke, ultimately leading to a series of unfortunate events that force these two furry foes to find common ground.

From being captured by Animal Control and facing the wrath of a cult-like group called “The Flushed Pets,” Max and Duke must journey through uncharted territories to find their way home amidst countless escapades. Along the way, they encounter various unforgettable characters who join them in their adventures.

Jenny Slate as Gidget: A Furry Force to Be Reckoned With

Jenny Slate artfully delivers another standout performance as Gidget, a hilariously high-strung Pomeranian with an undying love for Max. Her character showcases Jenny’s innate ability to seamlessly blend comedy and touching moments in her vocal performances.

Gidget is anything but an ordinary Pomeranian, she fiercely fends off those who stand in her way while gathering up other pets across the city to save Max and Duke from their perilous predicament. Although tiny in size, her resilience, bravery, and wit make Gidget an endearing character who steals our hearts.

Pandering to Animal Lovers Everywhere

The Secret Life of Pets resonates with audiences of all ages due to its heartwarming portrayal of the unconditional love we share for our pets and the imaginative way animators bring them to life.

The film explores several themes that animal lovers can easily relate to:

  • The instant bond – The powerful bond between pets and their owners is a core theme in the movie; Max’s unwavering loyalty to Katie is something that hits home for anyone who has ever experienced a connection with their pet.
  • Sibling rivalry – The initial animosity between Max and Duke captures the feelings siblings sometimes experience when a new family member enters their life.
  • Unlikely camaraderie – As they embark on their exciting journey, various city-dwelling pets exhibit teamwork as they join together to overcome obstacles highlighting friendship’s power.

Reception and Success

The Secret Life of Pets garnered success at the box office, grossing over $875.5 million worldwide. The fun-filled adventure struck an emotional chord with viewers leading to positive reviews and calls for a sequel. In 2019, The Secret Life of Pets 2 saw Jenny Slate reprising her role as Gidget and other returning voice actors.

As the sixth-ranked movie on this list, The Secret Life of Pets showcases Jenny Slate’s incredible talent in bringing relatable characters like Gidget to life. Her ability to capture laughter among children while warming the hearts of adults truly sets her performances apart.

7. The Lorax (2012): Delighting Audiences with a Tale of Environmental Compassion

The Lorax (2012) - Best Jenny Slate Movies and TV Shows as of 2024

One of the most cherished children’s books by the renowned Dr. Seuss comes to life in the 2012 animated movie, The Lorax. The film showcases the magic of Seuss’ storytelling combined with vibrant and colorful animation to address an important issue: the environment. With its inspirational message, unforgettable songs, and memorable characters, it’s no surprise that Jenny Slate’s work in this movie has captured hearts worldwide.

A Tale of Conservation and Change

The film follows a young boy named Ted Wiggins (voiced by Zac Efron), who sets out on an adventure driven by his crush on Audrey (voiced by Taylor Swift). She dreams of seeing real Truffula Trees, long-extinct remnants of their world due to overconsumption and deforestation. Ted embarks on a mission to find the last seedling that could save their city, Thneedville.

As Ted learns about the decline of Truffula Trees from The Once-ler (voiced by Ed Helms), he encounters a lovable creature integral to Jenny Slate’s role – Ted’s mother: Mrs. Wiggins. Their story is interwoven with the titular character, The Lorax, voiced by Danny DeVito, a spunky guardian spirit embodying nature whose purpose is to speak up for trees against human recklessness.

Jenny Slate as Mrs. Wiggins

Jenny Slate adds her unique touch to this film in her portrayal of Mrs. Wiggins, Ted’s supportive yet initially skeptical mother who learns about Dr. Seuss’ deep-rooted messages like her son does during their journey. Jenny seamlessly embodies an overprotective but tender mother figure whose voice can be playful, loving, and authoritative when required.

Through her role as Mrs. Wiggins, Jenny demonstrates great depth by imbuing this character with warmth, vulnerability, and a sense of humor. She plays an essential part in Ted’s growth and transformation as she acknowledges the importance of protecting our planet for future generations.

Environmental Preservation Themes

The film tackles critical environmental themes like deforestation and sustainability with Dr. Seuss’ signature humor and quirkiness. Aspects of the film that touch on these topics include:

  • The Truffula Trees – These stunning, fluffy trees symbolize the ecosystem that gets compromised when resources are exploited recklessly.
  • “Thneedville” – A perfect yet artificial city indicative of human’s obsession with consumerism at the expense of nature.
  • Corporate greed and apathy – Represented by Aloysius O’Hare (voiced by Rob Riggle), one sees the consequences of prioritizing profit over environmental health.

Box Office Success and Reception

The Lorax was a box office success upon release in 2012, grossing more than $348 million worldwide. The adaptation struck a chord with viewers as it brought back nostalgic memories while engaging new audiences with its pertinent message about conservationism.

While some critics argue that the movie veers away from Dr. Seuss’ original narrative, film enthusiasts appreciate its dedication to addressing modern ecological concerns through an entertaining story packed with adventure, humor, emotional depth, and visually striking animation.

The Lorax earns the seventh spot in my rankings due to its captivating story that remains relevant today and Jenny Slate’s genuine portrayal of Mrs. Wiggins. This timeless tale is a delight for both young and old audience members alike and serves as an enjoyable vehicle for instilling values around environmental preservation for future generations.

8. On the Rocks (2020): Charming Exploration of Midlife Crises and Father-Daughter Bonding

On the Rocks (2020) - Best Jenny Slate Movies and TV Shows as of 2024

In 2020, Jenny Slate appeared in Sofia Coppola’s endearing comedy-drama film On the Rocks. Starring Bill Murray, Rashida Jones, and Marlon Wayans, this entertaining story tackles the complexities of relationships, parenthood, and self-discovery.

A Relatable Story with Heartfelt Performances

On the Rocks centers on Laura (Rashida Jones), a married writer and mother who begins to suspect that her husband, Dean (Marlon Wayans), might be cheating on her. In her quest to uncover the truth, Laura reunites with her playboy father, Felix (Bill Murray), who uses his experience with women and his belief in traditional gender roles to guide his daughter through this challenging time.

As they embark on a series of adventures around New York City to investigate Dean’s behavior, Laura and Felix reflect on their relationship and navigate their varying perspectives on love, loyalty, and life choices. The father-daughter bond forms the emotional backbone of this film while providing a refreshing take on modern relationships.

Jenny Slate Capturing Hearts as Vanessa

Jenny Slate delivers an upbeat performance as Vanessa, Laura’s close friend, offers support as she deals with her marital issues. Vanessa is portrayed as a woman dealing with her midlife struggles but trying to be there for her friend during trying times. With limited screen time compared to other performances under discussion here, she still leaves an impact thanks to her lively character.

Like many of Jenny’s roles throughout her career, this character efficiently taps into the actress’s talent for delivering comic relief within the more serious subject matter. Specifically, Vanessa emanates energy in social settings but later shares vulnerable moments that shed light on her own complicated romantic life. The contrast between Vanessa’s lively public persona and her private struggles effectively illustrates the internal battles that many individuals face at various points in their lives.

Behind the Scenes: Sofia Coppola’s Direction

On the Rocks benefits greatly from writer and director Sofia Coppola‘s distinct style, characterized by her talent for exploring deeply emotional themes with a touch of lightheartedness and grace. The film’s New York City backdrop provides a beautiful visual landscape that further enhances the story’s charm. Photosensitive moviegoers will appreciate how the city comes alive throughout Laura and Felix’s escapades, becoming almost a cinematic character in its own right.

On another level, On the Rocks deals thoughtfully with issues like gender dynamics in relationships, societal expectations of women, and communication within families. Sofia Coppola is not afraid to challenge conventions or question traditional notions of love and marriage within this refreshing narrative.

Legacy of On the Rocks

On the Rocks premiered at New York Film Festival to positive reviews in 2020 before being released on Apple TV+. Although not as widely recognized as some Jenny Slate movies featured prominently on this list, I still believe her performance in On the Rocks holds its own in her filmography.

On the Rocks is a sweet exploration of father-daughter relationships and reaffirms Jenny Slate’s ability to shine even when given minor parts within various genres. I found myself enchanted by this heartwarming film on several levels: not only by Laura and Felix’s evolving relationship but also by Jenny Slate’s charming portrayal of Vanessa’s experiences worth re-living every now and then.

9. Joshy (2016): A Heartfelt Dramedy with an Ensemble Cast

Joshy (2016) - Best Jenny Slate Movies and TV Shows as of 2024

Joshy is a 2016 dramedy directed by Jeff Baena that effortlessly blends laugh-out-loud moments with heartfelt contemplations, offering viewers a healthy mix of emotions. The story revolves around a group of friends who come together for what should have been a bachelor party weekend but turn into an unwinding getaway after the protagonist faces an immense personal tragedy.

The ensemble cast is impressive, boasting familiar faces such as Thomas Middleditch, Nick Kroll, Adam Pally, and Brett Gelman. The actors play off each other extremely well, each providing something unique to the table resulting in both hilarious and poignant moments. Amidst this exceptional lineup, we find Jenny Slate’s character adding her unique charm.

Jenny Slate as Jodi

Jenny Slate plays Jodi, a comparatively small yet significant role in the film. Her character appears during the friends’ weekend getaways and manages to create an impact on their group dynamic. Jodi’s personality blends elements of humor and awareness which act as a catalyst for deeper conversations among characters.

Similar to her other performances on this list, Jenny Slate shines brightly in her portrayal of Jodi. With her undeniable charisma and quick wit, she elevates every scene she appears in. She also conveys depth to her character through an emotional honesty that remains consistent throughout the movie.

Exploring Personal Trauma and Grieving Process

At its core, Joshy explores themes such as loss, grief, and recovery by examining how individuals cope with tragedies differently. Each character goes through their healing journey while leaning on one another for support. Ultimately it emphasizes the importance of strong friendships during life’s most challenging moments.

It strikes that perfect balance between humor and drama: managing to highlight serious matters without becoming overly depressing or brutal in tone. The characters’ interactions are genuine, leading to a rich and engaging viewing experience.

Realistic Styling and Performances

One of the primary strengths of Joshy lies in its realistic portrayal of adult friendships. It does not sugarcoat conflicts that arise when friends support each other through thick and thin, showcasing an authentic depiction of vulnerability, difficulties, and power dynamics.

The performances are raw and genuine, which significantly contributes to this sense of authenticity. The actors seem remarkably at ease, as if they truly have been friends for years. This camaraderie results in convincing portrayals that strengthen the film’s overall tone and succinctly deliver the intended message.

Audience Reception

Joshy received mixed reviews from audiences and critics alike. Some praised its deeply resonant themes, multifaceted characters, and superb ensemble cast performances. On the other hand, some others did not appreciate the general pacing of the movie or found certain plot points unappealing.

In my personal opinion, Joshy is undoubtedly worth watching due to its sensitive exploration of grief, human connections in challenging situations, and the talented ensemble cast that provides top-notch performances throughout, including Jenny Slate’s brief-yet-influential role as Jodi. While not everyone might agree on this ranking or enjoy every aspect of the movie equally, I believe Joshy holds a special place amongst Jenny’s body of work due to her ability to offer a unique contribution in spite of her limited screen time.

10. Digging for Fire (2015): Authentic Portrayal of Relationships and Self-Discovery

Digging for Fire (2015) - Best Jenny Slate Movies and TV Shows as of 2024

Digging for Fire is a 2015 indie drama film directed by Joe Swanberg, known for his expertise in creating movies that delve deep into human relationships, emotions, and personal growth. The film features a phenomenal ensemble cast, including Jake Johnson, Rosemarie DeWitt, Orlando Bloom, Brie Larson, and Jenny Slate.

The story revolves around married couple Tim (Jake Johnson) and Lee (Rosemarie DeWitt) who are experiencing an emotional conflict in their relationship. While the couple house-sits for some wealthy friends, Tim finds a rusty gun and a bone buried on the property, sparking his curiosity to keep digging. This discovery puts the couple’s relationship into perspective as they embark on separate weekend adventures.

Unique Storytelling Approach

One aspect that sets Digging for Fire apart is its unique storytelling approach through the concept of improvisational filmmaking. The actors were given basic plot outlines by director Joe Swanberg but had the freedom to create their own dialogue and actions within each scene. The result is a viewing experience that feels genuine and authentic in every interaction between characters.

This organic process allows viewers to relate to their struggles – be it career setbacks, parenthood concerns, or marital frictions – offering an insightful look at human relationships at different stages of life.

Jenny Slate’s Diverse Performance

In Digging for Fire, Jenny Slate portrays the Yoga couple, one of Lee’s friends who convinces her to go out for a night of fun after noticing her unhappiness with Tim. Thanks to Jenny Slate’s remarkable ability to showcase depth in her performances, Alycia comes across as both perceptive and caring throughout their conversations despite being caught up in her own messy relationships.

Slate effortlessly navigates Alycia’s complexities, portraying a woman who may not have all the answers but still provides crucial emotional support to her friend. Her portrayal serves as a perfect example of how small yet impactful performances contribute to the success of an ensemble film.

Themes and Reception

Digging for Fire showcases many intricate themes, such as:

  • Marital struggles – Tim and Lee’s relationship represents the reality of facing both resolvable and unresolvable problems within a marriage.
  • Self-discovery – The characters’ parallel journeys allow them to confront their deepest fears and ultimately discover where their priorities lie.
  • The inevitability of change – The movie encourages us to accept that life will always present new challenges and that happiness lies in learning to navigate these transitions.

Upon release, Digging for Fire received a range of responses, with some critics praising its authenticity while others couldn’t fully appreciate its improvisational nature. Regardless, it highlights Jenny Slate’s talent for immersing herself in diverse roles within every type of story.

Ultimately, Digging for Fire may not be ranked higher on my list, but it remains an important piece in Jenny Slate’s filmography due to her versatility as an actress. The film offers viewers a chance to explore relatable stories about relationships and personal growth through the lens of improvised filmmaking, making it worth experiencing for its distinctive approach and powerful performances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which movie or TV show was Jenny Slate’s major breakthrough?

Jenny Slate got her big break in 2009 when she joined the iconic TV show Saturday Night Live (SNL). Although her time there was short-lived, it marked the beginning of an extraordinary acting career.

2. What is unique about Digging for Fire’s storytelling approach?

Digging for Fire uses improvisational filmmaking, where actors are given basic plot outlines but have the freedom to create dialogue and actions within each scene. This results in a more genuine and authentic viewing experience.

3. In which animated film does Jenny Slate voice Assistant Mayor Bellwether?

Jenny Slate voices the character of Assistant Mayor Bellwether in Disney’s Zootopia (2016), a thought-provoking animated film that tackles issues like racism and prejudice.

4. What awards did Zootopia win for its outstanding achievements?

Zootopia earned numerous accolades, including an Oscar win for Best Animated Feature. The movie gained widespread recognition thanks to its engaging storyline, compelling characters, and impressive visuals.

5. How does Digging for Fire portray human relationships and personal growth?

Digging for Fire explores various stages of life through characters experiencing career setbacks, parenthood concerns, or marital frictions. Through these relatable struggles, the film provides valuable insight into self-discovery and accepting life’s ever-changing nature.


Jenny Slate’s extensive filmography offers an incredible range of diverse, engaging, and memorable roles. Her unique storytelling abilities, combined with her undeniable talent, have resulted in standout performances in movies and TV shows that we won’t soon forget. From animated films like Zootopia to thought-provoking indie dramas such as Digging for Fire, Slate showcases her versatility and passion for telling stories that captivate audiences.

As we’ve explored the top 10 Jenny Slate movies and TV shows ranked as of 2024, it’s clear that there is something for everyone to enjoy within her body of work. Whether you’re searching for poignant tales about human relationships or entertaining adventures filled with laughter and heart, Slate’s performances are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

So, take a moment to revisit her unforgettable characters or discover something new – you might just find your next favorite movie or TV show among these exceptional gems. One thing is certain: whatever comes next from Jenny Slate will be eagerly anticipated by fans like myself around the world. Happy viewing!

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