5 Best Mason Thames Movies and TV Shows [June 2024]

When it comes to exceptional talent in the entertainment industry, one of the names that have been making waves lately is Mason Thames. Known for his diverse roles, Mason Thames’s movies and TV shows have showcased his remarkable acting prowess. As a fan of his work, I believe it’s time to shine a spotlight on some of the best projects this young actor has been a part of.

With that said, I have compiled a list of the 5 best Mason Thames movies and TV shows ranked just for you. Let’s take a journey through the cinematic universe, where Mason Thames skillfully brings characters to life and keeps us waiting with bated breath for what he will bless our screens with next. Grab your popcorn, and let’s dive in!

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Mason Thames’s Career – A Quick Overview

Mason Thames's Career - A quick overview

As we delve deeper into the realm of Mason Thames’ career, it’s essential to take a closer look at the trajectory that has brought him to where he is today. This gifted young actor started in theater at a young age, sharpening his acting skills on stage before making the leap to film and television.

With a promising start and an undeniable passion for his craft, Mason Thames embarked on an incredible journey that has continued to flourish with each passing project.

This multi-faceted performer has an uncanny ability to switch between genres seamlessly, from drama to science fiction and even thriller. He exhibits poise beyond his years while portraying diverse and complex characters.

His presence on screen is truly captivating. Throughout his career, Mason Thames has steadily built a reputation for taking up challenging roles that not only showcase his remarkable talent but also resonate with audiences across the world. It is no wonder he swiftly became one of Hollywood’s most talked-about young stars.

As we eagerly anticipate what lies ahead for this talented actor, it’s crucial to appreciate what he has accomplished so far and keep an eye out for future projects that’ll inevitably leave us even more captivated.

With several projects lined up for release and much more undoubtedly on their way, Mason Thames’ star will continue to rise in Tinseltown, making him one remarkable actor you should keep tabs on in your must-watch list!

Top 5 Mason Thames Movies and TV Shows Ranked (2024)

Top 5 Mason Thames Movies and TV Shows Ranked (2024)

1. For All Mankind (2019– ) [Tv series, IMDb rating: 8]

For All Mankind (2019– ) - best Mason Thames Movies and TV Shows Ranked (2024)

For All Mankind is a brilliant alternate history TV series created by Ronald D. Moore, Matt Wolpert, and Ben Nedivi. This fascinating series invites us to imagine a world where the global space race never ended, resulting in a thrilling exploration of Earth and the cosmos throughout the decades.

Mason Thames masterfully portrays Danny Stevens, son of astronaut Gordo Stevens. Set against the backdrop of NASA, his character navigates life in this altered reality with grace and depth. As his father deals with mental health struggles following a mission to the Moon, Danny showcases Thames’ ability to capture raw emotion and vulnerability on screen.

IMDb users have rated this enthralling show 8 out of 10 for its captivating narrative, top-notch visual effects, and compelling performances. If you’re a fan of science-fiction dramas that push the boundaries of imagination, For All Mankind is guaranteed to be a perfect fit.

2. The Black Phone (2021) [Movie, IMDb rating: 6.9]

The Black Phone (2021) - best Mason Thames Movies and TV Shows Ranked (2024)

In this chilling thriller directed by Scott Derrickson and penned by C. Robert Cargill & Scott Derrickson himself as co-writer, The Black Phone showcases Mason Thames in an utterly compelling role that will keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Thames plays Finney Shaw, a teenage boy who is abducted by an infamous serial killer known as The Grabber (played by Ethan Hawke).

What sets this movie apart is its dark atmosphere and riveting plot taken from the short story of Joe Hill. It provides viewers with satisfying horror elements while managing to maintain an intriguing narrative that captures our imaginations till the very end.

Currently, The Black Phone has garnered an IMDb rating of 6.9 from users captivated by the thrilling storyline and stellar performances by Thames, Hawke, and other actors involved in the ensemble cast.

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3. Walker (2021– ) [Tv series, IMDb rating: 6.1]

Walker (2021– ) - best Mason Thames Movies and TV Shows Ranked (2024)

Walker is an action-crime drama TV series that spotlights a Texas Ranger named Cordell Walker, portrayed by Jared Padalecki. In this modern take on the hit 1990s series Walker, Texas Ranger, Cordell works to rebuild his life while fighting crime in Austin with partner Micki Ramirez (played by Lindsey Morgan).

In this acclaimed TV show, Mason Thames steps into the role of August “Augie” Walker for one episode titled “Tracks.” As a guest star, Thames leaves a lasting impression with his natural on-screen presence and strong acting chops.

Despite being a small part of this popular series, Mason Thames’ performance further demonstrates his ability to deliver memorable portrayals. With an IMDb rating of 6.1 for its engaging stories and dynamic cast, Walker is undoubtedly worth adding to your watch list!

4. Evel (2020– ) [Tv series, IMDb rating: not rated]

Evel (2020– ) - best Mason Thames Movies and TV Shows Ranked (2024)

Taking us back in time to the life of unconventional daredevil Evel Knievel is Evel, an exciting TV mini-series yet to be fully released. This biographical story focuses on Knievel’s infamous motorcycle stunts and larger-than-life exploits that made him a household name across America.

Mason Thames contributes his talent by playing young Kelly Knievel—Evel’s eldest son, in the anticipated limited series released via USA Network. At the same time, there isn’t much information about his precise role or storyline within the show since it is set to release soon.

Despite its current lack of ratings on IMDb due to its unreleased episodes hinting towards upcoming excitement, from what we know so far, Mason Thames’ involvement strengthens our anticipation for where this high-flying story will take us.

5. Boys of Summer (2022) [Movie, IMDb rating: not rated]

Boys of Summer (2022) - best Mason Thames Movies and TV Shows Ranked (2024)

Also joining his diverse repertoire is the upcoming film Boys of Summer. The movie follows the story of a local boy and his friends team up with a retired detective to confront a witch that has secretly moved to Martha’s Vineyard.

Mason Thames has secured a role in this much-awaited dramatic piece yet to hit the screen. As we still have to wait for its release, ‘Boys of Summer’ is currently unrated on IMDb.

Mason’s versatile acting range and dedication to his craft leave us eagerly looking forward to seeing him bring another unique character to life, allowing us to witness firsthand the extraordinary potential that lies ahead for this gifted young actor.

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Mason Thames has proven himself to be an exceptional talent in the entertainment industry. His passion for his craft and ability to seamlessly adapt to various roles contribute to his rising star status.

These movies and TV shows listed above are just a small sample of what the young actor has achieved in his career so far and provide a glimpse into his bright future.

As we await more upcoming projects from this versatile actor, there’s no doubt that we will continue to see more of Mason Thames’ unique portrayals on our screens. His dedication, passion, and sheer talent have undoubtedly captured hearts around the world, making him a promising name in Hollywood that you truly don’t want to miss!

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