Best Part-Time Job Apps To Make Money In South Korea

South Korea is well-known for its booming economy and dynamic job market, making it an ideal place for overseas students seeking part-time employment. Whether you need to supplement your income or obtain crucial work experience, finding part-time jobs in this country  is made easier by using several Korean job search apps. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best part-time job apps to make money In South Korea.

Best Part-Time Job Apps To Make Money In South Korea

Best Part-Time Job Apps To Make Money In South Korea

A common Korean slang term is “아르바이트” (ah-reu-ba-ee-teu), which translates to “part-time job.”  The word is essentially the Korean phonetic form of the German word “arbeit” (aal-bee-uht), which can apply to any employment, whether part-time or full-time. The Koreans also shorten it to “알바” (al-ba).

Convenience shop clerking is a relatively frequent part-time profession in Korea. You may have observed young students working at your neighborhood convenience shop or studying behind the counter. Working at a convenience store is an excellent way to make money while studying, especially if you can get calm shifts.

However, if you’re seeking for a full-time work in Korea, internet recruitment sites may be the greatest option, especially if you’re looking for a non-Korean speaker position. 

The apps below are very useful for students and full-time workers looking for The apps listed below are especially useful for students and full-time workers seeking for second jobs. Let’s look at the top four apps for finding a job in Korea.

1. Alba Heaven Al-Ba Cheon-guk.

Alba Heaven is one of the most popular job search apps in the country. Alba Heaven, which is available on both iOS and Android, provides its users with precise recruitment information. Simply sign up and create your online resume. When searching, you may simply filter employment offers based on your region, credentials, and preferences.

If you don’t find what you’re searching for right away, you can set up job alerts to receive notifications when a suitable listing becomes available. 

Furthermore, you have the option to exclude positions that do not interest you. Alba Heaven is a clear winner in terms of job diversity.

2. Bubble Alba

This is a part-time job app for people who want to work at their leisure time. There are different kinds of jobs on the platform but mostly in the entertainment industry. In the local language it is called 버블알바 or Bubble Alba part-time job. The nice thing about the app is the large array of jobs and expertise on the platform that ensures there’s something for everyone. Also, the system is set in such a manner that locals get well paid jobs. The platform has both a mobile app and a website.

3. Job Korea 

Job Korea is one of South Korea’s largest online job search portals, with over 1 million job listings spanning numerous industries. The program includes a thorough search tool that lets you filter job searches by job title, location, pay, and work schedule. The app also has a function that lets you bookmark job posts for future reference and follow the status of your job application.

3. Albamon.

Next up is Albamon, the most popular job-search software among students. Whether it’s waiting tables at a neighborhood restaurant or working the counter at a convenience store, there are many opportunities on our site!

Albamon offers a user interface that can be readily customized and is also available for iOS and Android. You can freely search via a broad number of filters to locate the job that is right for you and your situation. The filters include region, industry, brand, pay, contract length, and so on.

As with Alba Heaven, you must create an online resume. However, Albamon contains features to help you improve your CV, such as a word checker and an auto-generated paycheck calculator.

4. AlbaChunkuk

AlbaChunkuk is a platform that links job seekers and employers looking for part-time employees. The software is free to use and can be downloaded on either Android or iOS smartphones. Here’s all you need to know about utilizing AlbaChunkuk to find part-time jobs while studying in South Korea.

5. Wanted

Wanted is a mobile app that links freelancers and part-time job seekers to potential employers. The app features a diverse selection of job ads, including graphic design, content development, and translation tasks. The program also lets you create a profile that highlights your abilities and experience, making it easier for companies to find and hire you.

6. Saramin.

Saramin is another employment software that includes essential resume improvement tools. Furthermore, this program features a rigorous employment preparation process, so when you sign up, you can be confident that you’re fully prepared.

You can use the Saramin app or desktop website to search for jobs that match your skill set. Saramin also features a personality analysis tool, which deduces your major traits and recommends employment based on them.

The app also incorporates software to help with interview preparation, such as generating interview questions for specific sectors. The disadvantage of Saramin is that it is only available in Korean. As a result, if you don’t speak Korean fluently, you’ll need translator software to use it effectively, although even that will take some time.

The best option is to get a Korean friend to assist you, as they can guarantee that your CV sounds natural and is easy to understand—Google Translate isn’t very good at this.

I would recommend this app to anyone unsure about what job they want.

7. Zigbang

Zigbang is a prominent real estate app in Korea, but it also includes a job search tool that displays part-time options for students. The software lets you narrow job searches by region, wage rate, and job category. Zigbang also offers important information about living expenses in various parts of Korea, making it easy to arrange your finances.

8. Increment

Finally, Incruit is another excellent job search software that offers positions ranging from corporate to convenience store. Incruit prides itself on representing various types of job marketplaces, making it another excellent app to consider if you are hesitant.

Furthermore, if you wish to advance your profession, Incruit is a good place to start. You can find occupations that will help you improve your talents and make you more employable in the future.

The preparation step is also easy; simply upload/create a résumé and start searching! Furthermore, the app will send your CV to the company that has a position that matches your preferences. You will also be notified after it has been read by the employer.


Finally, using Korean job search apps makes it easy for students to discover part-time jobs in South Korea. These apps provide a wide range of work prospects across multiple industries, allowing you to locate a position that matches your interests and skills. 

With these apps, you can simply look for and apply for part-time jobs, allowing you to balance work and study while visiting South Korea.

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