Best PC Shooting Games That You Should Definitely Give a Try

Whether you’re someone who rushes the positions or someone who camps all day, shooting games bring a certain level of joy and adrenaline that no other game can. That’s why your arsenal should be filled with PC shooting games because you never know which you can play to unleash your rage and wrath on your enemies.

With so many shooter games in the market, you need to choose the best ones that are actually good and can even offer you a chance to develop a career in gaming. Don’t worry, we got you covered!

We’re sharing some of the best PC shooting games below so that you can install these and rush them! Oh and remember to play with a good-spec PC and a reliable internet connection because these are the prerequisites to a good gaming experience.

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Best PC Shooting Games That You Should Definitely Give a Try 1

On that note, let’s start with the best shooting games:

Call of Duty Series

The Call of Duty series is as iconic as it can get. From Modern Warfare to Warzone, you can’t complain about it. The most you’ll here is that certain editions weren’t up to the expectations as the fans wanted something more in terms of the gameplay and campaign modes.

However, multiplayer modes were surely one of the most iconic modes and we couldn’t agree more. The intense battles really took strong wills, impeccable strategy-making, teamwork, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Not to mention, only the most skilled would survive, and when it was skill vs. skill, you could expect intense battles of mind. Even now, COD games LAN parties are widely played in the gaming zones, and gamers still prefer it over modern-day shooting games.

  1. CS2

Formerly and widely known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the CS2 brings a tactical FPS game that is internationally recognized. Although this edition was recently last year, shutting CS: GO permanently, still, brought iconic maps intensified with overwhelming skills.

Whether you’re rushing B, throwing flame bombs, or even clutching 1 vs. 4, the game is super intense as always. The intensity can be judged by how the players navigate through the purchase period, quickly navigating through the choices and buying the most reliable items, attempting to secure victory for every round. It’s anyone’s game at the end, and you certainly can’t falter aiming and shooting for first blood.

  1. Apex Legends

A solid shooting experience, plenty of new characters and arenas, unmatched pace of the battle, surreal graphics, and gameplay; these all attributes are enough to illustrate why Apex Legends became a fan favorite in such a short time.

It gives a new perspective to first-person shooting games, bringing a blend of amazing graphics with intense battles. Not only this, but the players have to memorize what each character and item’s abilities are as well as how to take advantage of the arenas they’re playing in.

It’s truly a test of the mind, navigating through so many elements, and gaining the upper hand in the battle against the opponents.

  1. DOOM Eternal

Bloodthirsty demons are out for you and it’s up to you to survive. Mind you these demons are colossal and you wouldn’t be able to get rid of them with ordinary guns. That’s why you need to make your way by slaying the demon crowds with powerful weapons, without, obviously, getting killed.

From chaotic arenas filled with monsters and demons, your guy doesn’t spend a moment because there’s any to spare. Just tearing through them will keep you safe as you navigate through the arena battling ferocious monsters that will tear you apart the first chance they get.

It gets bloody, it gets gory, and you can count on it to give jump scares all the time. It’s a true test of will steadfastness, and well shooting skills because how else will you survive?

  1. Valorant

Intriguing characters with amazing special attributes, CS: GO-inspired gameplay, and the same level of intensity as in every FPS game, Valorant also gained traction in no time. Though most gamers prefer CS to Valorant because they consider it a fancy rip-off, the game hasn’t disappointed at all.

Decent aiming attributes, map-controlling features, agents/ heroes with special powers, all of this bring an exciting match to the gamers. Moreover, there are several tools designed to give an edge over the opponents.

If you’re looking for a change and want to spice things up with some interesting features in the gameplay, then Valorant is the one that you can hook yourself to.

  1. Rainbow Six Siege

If you’re someone who can sneak a headshot through holes in your walls, then you’ll be a pro in this game without a doubt. Rainbow Six Siege takes teamwork and strategy play to another level. With teams playing to defend breach from the opponents, you have to be prepared against any attack from any angle.

Moreover, with the planning phase, you demonstrate your skills in terms of preparing for the upcoming battle and how to strengthen your defenses. In other words, it truly requires an expert game awareness that will help you and your team win the match and ultimately the battle.

Closing Thoughts

Well, this doesn’t really cover all the amazing titles we have in the market. From Battlefield to Far Cry to Halo, FPS games have been pretty iconic, and the ones we’ve mentioned above will surely give you a great time playing on the PC.

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