25 Best Torrent Sites in January 2020 – Weekly Updated

How many times do we want to download something blocked or exclusive from the world of internet and just didn’t knew where to do that? How many times did we fell in prey to fake websites promising that it will let us download the content, but it just showed ads? No doubt. Thousand times maybe. Finding a good, reliable list of best torrent sites is not an easy task.

Fear not we are here to make your task a bit easier today. Today we are back with a list of fast, reliable, and good top ten most-loved torrent sites of this year.

Although streaming is the trend of today, torrent still hasn’t lost its steel. These days torrent sites also provide an option to stream.

SMALL ADVICE FRM US: Although torrenting may be legal in your country we highly advise that downloading contents that are copyrighted is illegal and you should avoid that.

What is a Torrent?

Technically, torrent is a file with .torrent extension. It is based on BitTorrent technology, the BitTorrent technology was developed by a programmer Bram Cohen in 2001. This technology uses peer to peer file sharing communication protocol. And as of today, more than half a billion people are using this technology at any time.

This method has two main parts “seed and peer.” The computer which is uploading the file is known as a seed, and the person who is downloading the data is known as a peer. But there is a catch in this, as soon as your download is completed you also become a seed for other peers.

This method helps to balance the load on several computers and creating a network of the single file being downloaded from multiple places.

Now, more than 45% of digital contents like movies, games, software, e-books, songs are shared via torrent.

Our Parameter of measure for best torrent sites :

We are highly concerned about user experience and their mobility; thus, we have defined some quality measures for the complete list of best torrent sites of 2020.

  1. Year of Establishment: Date has always been an important parameter when we have to decide whether it belongs to a trusted group or not. And we care for them for you too.
  2. Quick download: Who doesn’t love to download with a single click? We love it too, and thus we’ll be talking on this parameter this.
  3. Speed: Ummm……now comes the platter. Speed is important. Very important. And thus, we will be discussing this parameter too.
  4. Our Opinion: Who doesn’t love knowing an experienced’s opinion? We love it too and thus at the end of each point we will add our opinion on those torrent sites also.

So, with this promise of delivering a quality experience to you, we disclose our full list of best torrent sites of 2020.

How To Download a File From Torrent

Downloading something from torrent is very easy. Just follow the simple steps below and you will be able to download anything from torrent.

  1. Download a Torrent client. If you are on P.C use uTorrent Client and android, you can use BiglyBt.
  2. Now, you have to find the torrent file for the movie or game or software you want to download, and for that select, any torrent sites mentioned below in this post.
  3. Now download the .torrent file or get the magnet link from the torrent site.
  4. Add that torrent file or the magnet link in your torrent client.
  5. Select the path on your computer where you want to save the file and click on Ok to start the download.

Best Public Torrent Sites

These days it is tough to find working torrent sites, as most of the popular torrent sites are being banned because of the availability of copyright content on these torrent sites. ISPs are also blocking their user to access these sites. But don’t worry, I have also added working proxy/mirror sites for all the torrent sites I am mentioning below.

best torrent sites- tpb

1. The Pirate Bay

This torrent site has a very long history because of its age as well as controversies. Yes, this is one of the oldest torrent sites. This site started two years after the development of BitTorrent technology.

  • Founded In: 2003
  • Average Download Speed As Per Our Test: 3.9 Mbits per Sec.
  • Most Famous For Movies, T.V Series, Games, and Softwares.
  • It Shows a Trusted tag for legit uploaders.
  • Always finds a way to be accessible by everyone.

The Police arrested admin of this torrent site, and this site was officially closed in the year 2009. The owner was found guilty in a copyright infringement case by the Swedish government.

So, you cannot directly access this site, but you can use mirror sites to access The Pirate Bay. You can use these 100% working and regularly updated The Pirate Bay Proxy to access it.

best torrent sites-1337x

2. 1337x

Again a torrent website which until now has been in existence for about more than 11 years. As old and as impressive. It is definitely the best choice in terms of reliability. Ranging from a massive list of categories and libraries and simple user interface. It has all.

  • Year of Establishment: In 2007
  • Quick download: No
  • Speed: The average DL speed was 686.3KB/s
  • Our Opinion: In terms of reliability, this torrent sites rank higher than any other. We loved its trending section, which is its highlight too.
Torrentz2 Logo

3. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 deserved to be on this place on our list. This site a not a torrent website but a ‘torrent searching website.’ When popular torrent website Torrentz went dead, this website sprang up and acquired its position.

  • Year of Establishment: In 2016
  • Quick download: No
  • Speed: The average DL speed was 1.9MB/s
  • Our Opinion: Though a new website comparable to others. This website has its point of uniqueness. In other words, it just works like ‘google of the torrent.’
YIFY Logo- Best torrent site


We all know YIFY. Don’t we? YTS used to be the part of that but since the breakdown, although the name remained unchanged its quality upgraded over the period.

If you are looking for the best resolution contents, this torrent site is for you. YTS has an attractive user appearance board, which makes it stand out among its competitors. It has a long list of pirated content which acts as a cherry on the cake.

  • Year of Establishment: In 2011
  • Quick download: No
  • Speed: The average download was 1.8MB/s
  • Our Opinion: If you are looking for the best-resolution contents this torrent site then this site is for you. It acts on the user experience. Thus it has a feedback option too. And the option to request contents definitely stands out; we love it.

5. Rarbg

Established in 2008, RARBG may not have the best visual look, but in terms of content and category, this site is no less the website we have listed until now. However, this website may show some advertisements.

  • Year of Establishment: In 2008
  • Quick download: No
  • Speed: The average DL speed was 1.3MB/s
  • Our Opinion: This website has got it all. A huge range of mainstream contents that too of high quality. Has its dedicated blog too.
*New* Limetorrents Proxy 2018 – Limetorrents Unblocked & Limetorrent Mirror Sites List (100% Working)

6. LimeTorrents

When you are talking about torrent, you simply cannot forget limetorrent. This is the torrent which has been around for more than a decade now. This website had a wide range of movies, TV shows, applications, and games to offer. New torrents are uploaded regularly on this site which means you can find the latest stuff on this site without having to wait too much.

  • Year of Establishment: In 2009
  • Quick download: Yes
  • Speed: The average DL speed was 2.8MB/s
  • Our Opinion: Limetorrents is a known name in this category. We admire this website for its new interface and that it offers anime torrents, unlike other torrent sites. It also provides the list of trending torrents; the feature we liked the most.


If anyone has ever torrented, they for sure know this website-EZTV. In the wake of encountering a threatening takeover, EZTV was guaranteed by another gathering working at EZTV.AG.

While numerous mainstream deluge destinations restriction discharges from EZTV because of its history, many have observed its downpours to be of extraordinary quality.

  • Year of Establishment: In 2015
  • Quick download: Yes
  • Speed: The average DL speed was 3.7MB/s
  • Our Opinion: Simple yet effective user interface. It has got a complete list of contents which is searchable too.

8. Zooqle

A new entrant in this section is this torrent website- Zooqle which has made its separate place. It, ever since its inception, has been busy making a massive list of torrent contents. Zooqle boasts a whopping more than 3.8 million verified torrents.

  • Year of Establishment: In 2013
  • Quick download: Yes
  • Speed: The average DL speed was 3.5MB/s

Our Opinion: Its much-loved feature is that it has a very efficient design which is an or more as clients can without much of a stretch explore the required downpours. It has the least number of commercial popups which prompts a simple encounter.

9. iDope

IDope is again a newcomer in this category of torrents and not very well know yet it has got a place in our list of best torrent sites because it provides direct magnet links to torrents. In addition to that is has massive 18million torrents.

  • Year of Establishment: In 2016
  • Quick download: No
  • Speed: The average DL speed was 3.7MB/s
  • Our Opinion: It is having a massive database of more than 18 million torrent contents; it includes a clean UI and has a versatile variant that makes torrenting on cell phones simple and easy.


IDope is again a newcomer in this category of torrents and not very well know yet it has got a place in our list of best torrent sites because it provides direct magnet links to torrents. In addition to that is has massive 18million torrents.

  • Year of Establishment: In 2016
  • Quick download: No
  • Speed: The average DL speed was 3.7MB/s
  • Our Opinion: It is having a vast database of more than 18 million torrent contents; it includes a clean UI and has a versatile variant that makes torrenting on cell phones simple and easy.

11. TamilRockers

tamilrockers- best torrent site

Tamilrockers is one of the fastest-growing torrent sites. The main reason behind the incredible growth is that it leaks the movie before release. Some Indians start this site, and they are continuously uploading any Bollywood and Hollywood movie before its release.

In this torrent website, you can find any movies with the best quality available on the internet. Like any other torrent sites, this website has been banned by the Indian Government, and they are trying to close this site. And as usual, you can unblock Tamilrockers through the proxy sites.

Best Private Torrent Sites

The sites I am going to mention below isn’t available for everyone. These sites have unique registration requirements, most of these sites give access when an existing user invites someone, or they open registeration for anyone.

As admins maintain these torrent sites, there is a slight risk of virus or infected files. Torrents available here have very high seeds, and each file is checked before uploading. For your comfortability, I am going to mention the type of content any of the private torrent sites provides along with the joining difficulty.

1. IPTorrents

IPTorrents is one of the oldest and best private tracker. This is a private site and currently not accepting new member registrations. So, you can join only through an invitation sent by existing members. You can download movies, TV Series, Hollywood movies, anime, and adult content at a good speed. You can also get a membership by paying money online through PayPal.

  • Main Content: Movies, Games, Softwares, Music, etc.
  • Joining Difficulty: Easy

2. BitMe

If you are reading this article in search of the private torrent site which has learning courses or content from e-learning sites, then you will love BitMe. It was started back in 2003. Now, it has more than 15,000 users and more than 34,00 courses. So, if you want to learn something from the internet, then join this private torrent site.

  • Content: E-Learning, Courses
  • Joining Difficulty: Average

3. BroadCastTheNet

BroadCastTheNet is all about TV-series. Here, you will find all kind of TV-series in high quality. It was started back in 2009 and now it has the best collection of T.V series from any country or platform. This Private torrent site has more than 34,000 users and they share more than 25,000+ series.

  • Main Content: T.V Series and T.V Shows
  • Joining Difficulty: Hard

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