Boosting Donor Numbers with Customer Support Outsourcing

Charitable donations are decreasing. In England, the average number of people making donations dropped from 82.5% of the population to 61% between 2013 and 2020. Of more significant concern is that those in the age group of 16 to 24 years old were the least likely to give.

Whether this is a function of increasing costs or simply that younger people don’t have money to donate, it is worrying. So much so that many non-profits now turn to innovative tactics like customer support outsourcing to stay afloat.

Boosting Donor Numbers with Customer Support Outsourcing 1

While it may be challenging to envision taking on additional costs, there is a good business case for doing so. Customer support outsourcing allows you to access the vital skills you need and instantly scale operations.

While in a traditional business setting, client call centers focus on reacting to customer requests, this can change in a non-profit environment. Yes, you could have teams answering calls as you do in-house, but you could also expand to proactive contact.

With a pleasant, professional team reaching out to potential donors, it’s easy to focus on your core reason for existence, the cause you serve. However, we understand how difficult this might be to present to a charity’s directors or trustees.

That’s why we spoke to the team at SupportYourApp to learn more about the use case for customer support outsourcing. 

Reasons to Consider an Outsourcing Strategy

Charities understand the importance of assigning the right people to the right job. Many already outsource critical finance functions such as accounting and tax preparation.

Most don’t think twice about seeking advice in these vital areas, so it’s mind-boggling that they think dealing with potential donors is any less crucial.

Here is why it makes sense to consider a comprehensive customer support outsourcing strategy.

More Time to Focus on Your Work

For most charities, it’s challenging to balance the need to raise funds and the work they must do. If you don’t complete the work, you will not get donations. However, having to chase donations makes doing the job difficult.

Getting assistance makes it easier to focus on your cause, and this in itself raises awareness in the community. Bringing it home with professional client service support is the smart move.

Oworkers offers multilingual customer support outsourcing from 3 countries (Bulgaria, Egypt and Madagascar) and more than 25 languages including all european languages.

Outstanding Support for All Stake Holders

Volunteers are primarily lovely, giving people. However, each has personal reasons for wishing to assist and varying levels of experience in volunteering. Some people want to boast about how wonderful they are, which can mean they put in less effort overall.

Other volunteers assist for altruistic reasons but may need to gain experience to do the job. Some may rub potential donors up the wrong way. Volunteers are the wildcard, and you never know what you’ll get.

With professional support, however, you are in control. You can write the script and monitor conversations. You control every aspect of service your donors receive and have an experienced team at your disposal.

24/7 Support and Message Management

In the social media age, people want instant responses, even from non-profits. We explained “How to Build Your Volunteer Network with Social Media,” and now we’re giving you tips on managing those accounts efficiently.

Professional support teams can work 24/7. They will have the software, equipment, and training to identify mentions online and deal with them. In addition, they often have a multi-lingual consultant base, making it easier to connect with potential donors.

Can We Afford to Ignore Outsourcing?

While charities must keep tight control over their finances, customer support outsourcing makes good fiscal sense. With so many worthy organizations vying for a shrinking pool of donations, it’s time for charities to start enacting winning business strategies.

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