Furnishing your home is both safe and fun!

When your heart searches peace after one enduring day and eyes look for familiarity after staring into strange nothingness  for hours of office, you find your feet carrying you towards a place  you proudly call your home. And a home should be nothing less than what you desire. When you walk through the door, your drawing room should welcome you with open arms; your bedroom must allow space so you can leave all the stress behind.

Furnishing your home is both safe and fun!

 The factor that transforms a house into a home is personalization.  And furniture plays a major role in this magnificent transformation. Here I have fished out a few ways one can furnish home exclusively for you.

1.    Placement of sofas

Place the sofas opposite each other to ensure engagement and intimacy. It’s desirable to a have a small table at the centre of the arrangement.  People tend to place the sofas by the wall in order to make the room look bigger but contrary to this popular notion, leaving space between wall and sofas gives the impression of a much larger room. There are many websites online that allow you to have furniture for rent in Bangalore, Pune as well as other places across the country.

2.    Adding taste to the walls

Wallpapers always will be in the limelight. It adds an aesthetic touch to the room. Nevertheless, absence of them could be made up by alluring sceneries or frames to attract visitor’s eye. Wall pieces look good in group of 3s. An elegant wall paint also reflects class and is very useful when comes to setting of first impressions. Having mirrors on the walls keeps the room bright and helps in keeping the atmosphere positive rather than grim.

3.    Keeping it comfy

We all have situations when we have guests over and ensuring that they have a good night sleep is important. Therefore, one should be ever ready with extra bedding that is soft and comfortable as per the guest liking to make their stay memorable. There are mattresses on rent in Pune online and other city to make the availability of them easier and cheap.

4.    Organization is the key

Owning special and expensive show pieces is not enough if you have them lying around. Glass cupboards and shelves should be erected so your collection is acknowledged. The wood colour and pattern should match the texture of other furniture to avoid a mismatched mess. Coordination in these little things can create huge differences.

5.    Do not let the floor be ignored

Be careful here! While you are giving attention to every nook and corner while making your house a dream home, don’t let the floor be ignored.   Rugs look fascinated if matched and coordinated properly with furniture. It makes the rooms more homey and inviting. Soft carpets make the room warm in the chilling winter evening.

6.    Close to Nature

One can add small plants, real or fake, on the table to add a little greenery in the atmosphere. It enhances the complete aura of the home.  Plants with little colourful flowers keep the room alive. They are also not very expensive so it wouldn’t be hard on your pocket as well.

Here are some ways for you to design your home sweet home. Hope you found them useful. Have a great day.

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