Historical Facts About Katana 

In the hierarchy of medieval Japan, samurai were considered the classical and noble soldiers. Because of their skills they have a special position in society. The king of Japan was called daimyo and samurai were his special forces to maintain the peace in the kingdom. Katana is not the weapon to hold in your hands. Samurai wore it on their left side of the body with special placement and with unique style.The thing to make sure is that the sharp part of the katana should be upside.In modern Japanese culture samurai have great importance. 

Historical Facts About Katana  1

Samurai and katana

To become a Samurai is not an easy task. Obviously such special status had some special commitment. Each Samurai must have seven basic characteristics including respect and loyalty. The set of these characteristics were called bushido at that time. After these expectations, samurai were believed to be skilled in martial arts, swordsmanship, archery, horsemanship and also to be educated to a greater extent. Their role was not only limited to wars but they played an important role in politics because the daimyo who had their support were likely to be more powerful. 

Modern Use of Katana?

  • When you have a katana in your guest room it will reflect authority and power. You can invite some special guests and show them this incredible thing as a hidden symbol. Apart from that, the major symbol of katana is honor. To live with honor is a good thing and to remind yourself daily about that is great. There is an opportunity to go back in history and imagine some situations by looking at katanas. https://www.truekatana.com/ 
  • Only the experts can make katanas. There are numerous swordsmiths in the world but to make katana is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some special techniques remain special and they pass from generation to generation to a certain family or tribe. The crux of the matter is that it requires a high quality art which takes time.

How did the Katana come into existence?

All great things are the result of small efforts made by individuals from time to time. Katana also emerged from the efforts of Japanese swordsmiths during medieval japan. After a great effort from the wars in history to modern culture, Katana maintains a significant position in society and a symbol of being classical for everyone who holds it. 

There was a time during the Kofun period when Japanese culture was highly influenced by Chinese culture, there might be a reasonable logic for that. The swords are also inspired by them. Chinese use swords with double sharp sides and most of them are straight. At that time these swords were more often used to show violence only. 

With the passage of time the Hiean period came to Japan and swordsmiths invented Tachi which is the base of katana. Tachi was comparatively long as compared to Katana and slightly curved. After that, during the kamakura period katana came into existence and that period was referred to as the golden period of japanese. Some renowned personalities of history  from japan also born in that period including Masamune who is famous for his art and craft work. The art of making swords in japan is called kendo, so we can say that kendo was at its peak in the kamakura period. 

Two centuries later with change in time and tactics Katana is also made accordingly like it becomes a little shorter but remains curved . Now in the modern time obviously there is no need to buy swords because there are modern weapons and war equipment but to keep the culture alive iconic katana is still present there. 

In which country is the original Katana made?

Katana is a traditional weapon of japan so technically it should be made in japan. But that is not true. There are quality and skilled workers around the world who can make katana, design may be slightly different due to cultural differences but effectiveness will be the same. 

After Japan, the US is the country where original katana is manufactured. China and other European countries like Spain and Europe also witnessed great wars so the skill of manufacturing katana is also present there.  

Battles fought with katana

There are numerous battles fought by samurais with katana in their hand and these battles have greater importance in history. 

The most important one is the battle of sekigahara  which was fought after the civil war in japan and after that battle there was a period of peace and stability. 

Onin war and Imjin war are also fought with katana in the hands of the soldiers. 

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