How games have always rewarded their players

Gaming has long been an enjoyable form of entertainment for much of the global population for various reasons. Not only can it provide hours of amusement while alleviating boredom, but the rewards can be an extra incentive.

Players can earn rewards when playing their favorite titles, with game developers employing these bonuses as a method for keeping player engagement high and keeping people coming back for more. The iGaming industry has taken to using casino bonus strategies as an effective means of rewarding their gamers, as they recognize there are other competitors they must match against.

How games have always rewarded their players

Developers for more traditional forms of gaming, like those who create titles for consoles, have taken to using other rewarding techniques available to them to produce similar results. While high scores were once the ultimate goal, player demands have since changed, forcing developers to explore alternative means of engaging players.

These can come in the form of the following methods:

  • Levelling Up
  • Through Unlockables
  • In-Game Purchases and Other Rewards

Levelling Up

Leveling up has become one of the primary ways games reward their players, keeping players interested and invested. By providing players with opportunities to advance to new levels, game developers have managed to keep players interested and invested for as long as possible – hopefully leading them up the rankings! Levels may only be earned by completing certain aspects of a game or by reaching a certain number of points achieved during playback; moreover, some missions offer players opportunities to spend even more time enjoying themselves within this particular title.


Some games will feature unlockables, such as new characters, items, or other features. These can be highly rewarding once unlocked by players, as they can make the game become more interesting and engaging. These features can also help to create an added level of variety to the game, as gamers will be able to potentially experience new features, which can keep them engaged. If they know these types of things are on offer, then players will feel as though they can be rewarded for spending their time and effort on the title.

In-game purchases and loot boxes

Players can feel as though they have been rewarded by the games that they play when they are given the ability to purchase certain features that can enhance the overall experiences that are enjoyed. In-game purchases, loot boxes, and downloadable content have become commonplace throughout the industry. While they may be seen as just another way in which a developer can make more money, players can feel rewarded through them as they feel they are being given access to bonus material. 

Gamers Are Always Being Rewarded

Through various techniques that are available, there is no denying that gamers are always being rewarded when they play their favorite games. Some of the methods used may not always be obvious in comparison to others. However, they still provide players with additional benefits that can enhance their own experiences of the titles being played.

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