How to download MP3 from Spotify [5 Ways]

Navigating the intricacies of downloading MP3s from Spotify offers a gateway to enjoying your favorite tunes offline. With a multitude of methods available, exploring ‘5 Ways to Download MP3 from Spotify’ unlocks a world of possibilities. Whether seeking desktop solutions like Musify or online tools like SpotiMate and Spotify-downloader, or opting for mobile-friendly options such as Spotiflyer and Siri Shortcuts, this guide illuminates the diverse pathways to convert Spotify songs into MP3 files for seamless offline listening pleasure. Read on to find out more about download mp3 from spotify. 

How to Download Spotify Songs to MP3 on Desktop

Musify Spotify Converter emerges as an efficient tool for downloading Spotify songs directly to your desktop as MP3 files. Serving as a dedicated “Spotify downloader,” Musify offers a range of features simplifying the process of obtaining Spotify music in MP3 format.

How to download MP3 from Spotify [5 Ways] 1

Steps to Download Spotify Songs to MP3 using Musify:

1. Download and Install Musify:

Start by downloading the Musify application onto your desktop. Follow the installation instructions to set up the software seamlessly.

2. Setting the Output Format to MP3:

After installing Musify, open the application. Within the settings or preferences, locate the output format section and set it to MP3. This ensures that the downloaded Spotify songs will be in the MP3 format.

How to download MP3 from Spotify [5 Ways] 2

3. Copy the Link to Spotify Music:

Open the Spotify app or website, find the song you want to download, and copy its URL or link. Simply right-click on the song and choose the “Copy Song Link” or “Copy Song URL” option.

How to download MP3 from Spotify [5 Ways] 3

4. Paste the Link:

Return to the Musify application and locate the designated area to paste URLs or links. Paste the copied Spotify song link into the provided field.

How to download MP3 from Spotify [5 Ways] 4

5. Start Downloading:  

Once the link is pasted, Musify will recognize the song automatically. Click on the download or convert button to initiate the process. Musify will start downloading the Spotify song in MP3 format to your desktop.

By following these steps, Musify simplifies the task of downloading Spotify songs directly to your desktop as MP3 files. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward process ensure a seamless experience in obtaining your favorite Spotify tracks for offline listening.

How to download Spotify music to mp3 online [Free]

2.1 SpotifyMate Spotify Converter 

SpotifyMate is a convenient online tool designed to help users download Spotify songs in MP3 format. It offers a user-friendly interface and a straightforward process for obtaining high-quality Spotify music in MP3 files.

How to download MP3 from Spotify [5 Ways] 5

Steps to use SpotifyMate:

1. Open the Spotify app or access the Spotify website in your browser.

2. Navigate to the playlist, album, or song you wish to download as an MP3.

3. Click on the three dots icon and select “Share,” then choose “Copy Song Link.”

4. Visit the Spotify Downloader website.

5. Paste the copied Spotify link into the designated input field on the SpotifyMate website.

6. Click the “Download” button to start the MP3 download process.

7. Select the desired MP3 quality for your downloaded Spotify music.

SpotiMate offers a simple and efficient way to download your favorite Spotify songs for free. It doesn’t require any installations or extensions, making it accessible across different browsers and personal devices.

2.2 Spotify-Downloader

How to download MP3 from Spotify [5 Ways] 6

Spotify-downloader ( is an online tool that allows users to download Spotify songs, albums, and playlists in MP3 format for free. This platform simplifies the process of obtaining Spotify music offline without the need for additional software installations.

Steps to use Spotify-downloader:

1. Copy the URL of the Spotify song, album, or playlist you want to download.

2. Paste the copied Spotify link into the input field provided on the Spotify-downloader website.

3. Click the “Submit” button to process the link.

4. Wait for the tool to finish processing and click the “Download” button to save the MP3 file.

Spotify-downloader offers quick and straightforward Spotify song downloads without any charges or installations. It supports various browsers and personal devices, ensuring ease of use across different platforms.

Please note: Both SpotiMate and Spotify-downloader facilitate Spotify song downloads as MP3 files, providing users with a convenient way to enjoy their favorite Spotify music offline for free.

Download Spotify to MP3 on Mobile

3.1 Spotiflyer

How to download MP3 from Spotify [5 Ways] 7

Spotiflyer is a versatile music downloader that caters to Spotify, YouTube, Gaana, Jio-Saavn, and SoundCloud. It offers offline access to high-quality tunes without an internet connection.

Using Spotiflyer:

1. Access and Download Music:  

 – Explore popular streaming apps within Spotiflyer.

  – Directly download top-notch songs for offline listening.

  – Easily play downloaded music anytime within Spotiflyer.

3.2 Siri Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts streamline Spotify MP3 downloads on mobile devices.

Spotiflyer boasts a range of features enhancing user experience, including rapid music downloads ensuring efficiency in obtaining favorite tracks. The platform ensures high-quality MP3 files, guaranteeing an optimal listening experience. Its seamless offline playback capability allows users to enjoy their downloaded music without an internet connection hassle-free. Spotiflyer facilitates swift and hassle-free music sharing within its user community. Its intuitive and user-friendly design simplifies navigation and usage. Moreover, the app enables data-saving online play, allowing users to stream music without consuming excessive data. With an ad-free environment, users can indulge in uninterrupted music enjoyment. Spotiflyer extends support for various music platforms, enhancing its versatility and catering to a wide array of music preferences.

Installation Guide:

– Download Spotiflyer from the provided link.

– Enable Unknown Sources in your phone’s settings.

– Install the APK for offline music enjoyment.

Spotiflyer simplifies downloading high-quality music from popular streaming platforms for offline listening. Siri Shortcuts also offer an efficient method for mobile users to access Spotify tunes in MP3 format.


The quest to download MP3s from Spotify offers various methods catering to different platforms, ensuring offline access to favorite tracks. Musify Spotify Converter and SpotiMate stand out as reliable tools for desktop users seeking high-quality downloads. Both platforms offer straightforward processes, simplifying the conversion of Spotify songs into MP3 files without hassle. Spotify-downloader provides an online solution for quick MP3 downloads, compatible across browsers and devices. Additionally, Spotiflyer and Siri Shortcuts cater to mobile users, enabling seamless access to top-notch tunes from various streaming platforms offline. These methods facilitate an uninterrupted listening experience, allowing users to enjoy their beloved Spotify tracks in MP3 format regardless of their device or location.

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