How to Fix Valorant Error Code 59 in 2024? [10 Solutions]

As a dedicated gamer, I know how frustrating it can be to encounter problems when you’re trying to enjoy your favorite game. If you’re a fan of Riot Games’ popular first-person shooter, Valorant, you may have come across this annoying roadblock known as error code 59.

No need to worry though – I’ve got your back! In this post, I’ll walk you through the steps on how to fix Valorant error code 59 so you can get back to dominating the battlefield in no time. I’ve been in your shoes before, and I understand the irritation that accompanies glitches like these.

That’s why I’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help my fellow gamers tackle this particular error head-on. Stick with me as we uncover the reasons behind Valorant error code 59 and delve into the methods that will get you back in the game without any hiccups!

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What Does Valorant Error Code 59 Mean?

What Does Valorant Error Code 59 Mean?

Valorant error code 59 is an error message that pops up when there is an issue with the game’s connectivity or the Vanguard anti-cheat system. Essentially, this error prevents players from accessing Valorant servers, which means you won’t be able to load into the game or join any matches with your friends.

The primary cause behind this error can be attributed to temporary server maintenance, a widespread server outage, or issues with your own internet connection. In some cases, the problem may arise because of an unresolved bug in a new update or conflicts with your firewall settings.

Understanding what error code 59 means is essential because it gives us a starting point on how to tackle this pesky issue. Rest assured that there are viable solutions to address these connectivity problems and get you back into action in no time.

How to Fix Valorant Error Code 59 in 2024?

How to Fix Valorant Error Code 59 in 2024?

1. Restart Your Computer

Restart your Computer -  Fix Valorant Error Code 59 in 2024?

Believe it or not, the classic “turn it off and on again” approach can actually work wonders! Restarting your computer helps in refreshing the system and clearing any temporary issues that might be causing error code 59 in Valorant. In some instances, a simple reboot is all it takes to solve connectivity problems and other glitches.

Here are the steps you need to follow while restarting your computer:

  1. Save any open files and close any active applications.
  2. Click on the Windows Start Button in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  3. Select the Power Icon, which is usually above or below the settings option.
  4. Choose Restart from the dropdown menu options.
  5. Wait for your computer to complete its restart process.

Once your computer is up and running again, follow these steps to launch Valorant:

  1. Open your preferred gaming platform (Riot Games launcher or any other platform you use).
  2. Find Valorant in your game library and click Play.
  3. If prompted, enter your Riot Games account credentials (username and password).
  4. Monitor if Error Code 59 has been resolved or not.

2. Check For Server Outages

Check For Server Outages -  Fix Valorant Error Code 59 in 2024?

Sometimes, error code 59 is not your fault at all and is caused by server outages occurring on Valorant’s end due to maintenance or issues with their servers. To determine whether that’s what’s happening, follow these simple steps:

A. Verify the status of Valorant servers

First and foremost, check if there are any ongoing server issues or maintenance updates from Riot Games. You can do this by visiting Riot Games’ official channels:

If a server outage or maintenance is confirmed, you’ll need to wait until Riot Games resolves the issue before you can get back into Valorant.

B. Consult third-party outage checkers

In addition to Riot Games’ official channels, third-party websites like Downdetector will also give you an insight into server issues reported by other users across various locations. These sites allow players to report and discuss real-time problems they’re facing with the game.

C. Check the subreddit and community forums

Visit discussion boards like Valorant’s subreddit where fellow players might mention an ongoing server issue that has not yet been officially acknowledged by Riot Games on their official channels.

D. Contact your friends who also play Valorant

Reaching out to your friends who play Valorant can give you a quick insight into whether others are facing the same issues as you or if it’s a widespread problem that needs to be addressed. If others report the same error, it’s likely a server issue you’ll have to wait out.

3. Update Valorant and Vanguard Anti-Cheat Software

Update Valorant and Vanguard Anti-Cheat Software -  Fix Valorant Error Code 59 in 2024?

Outdated game files or Vanguard anti-cheat software could be one of the culprits behind the 59 Valorant error code, so keeping them up-to-date is essential for a smooth gaming experience. To ensure that you’re running the latest version, follow these step-by-step instructions:

A. Update Valorant

  1. Close Valorant if it’s currently open on your computer.
  2. Navigate to your Riot Games folder (where the game has been installed).
  3. Double-click on the ‘VALORANT’ folder.
  4. Locate and double-click on the ‘Live’ folder.
  5. Here, you’ll find a file named ‘VALORANT.exe’ – right-click on it and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

Doing this will automatically check for any updates available for Valorant, download them, and install them on your computer.

B. Update Vanguard anti-cheat software

To ensure that there is no issue with your Vanguard installation, follow these steps to reinstall it:

  1. Press Win + X and select “Apps and Features” from the menu that appears.
  2. Search for Riot Vanguard in the search box.
  3. Click Uninstall, then follow the prompts to remove Vanguard from your system.
  4. Once uninstalled, restart your computer.

Now we’ll proceed by reinstalling Vanguard:

  1. Navigate back to the Riot Games folder and double-click on ‘VALORANT.exe‘.
  2. As you launch the game again, it will prompt you to reinstall Vanguard anti-cheat software, so go ahead and install it.
  3. After installing, restart your computer once more to complete the process.

To wrap things up:

  • Make sure both Valorant and Vanguard are updated by following the steps mentioned above.
  • Ensure you restart your computer after reinstalling Vanguard anti-cheat software to apply any changes made.

By updating both Valorant and Vanguard, you’re eliminating possible incompatibilities between the game, its anti-cheat system, and your computer.

4. Temporarily Disable Your Firewall or Antivirus Software

Temporarily Disable Your Firewall or Antivirus Software -  Fix Valorant Error Code 59 in 2024?

In some instances, your firewall or antivirus software could be blocking Valorant’s connection to the game servers, causing error. It’s crucial to temporarily disable these security programs to check if they are the root cause of the problem.

Note: Disabling your firewall or antivirus software can expose your computer to potential threats, so be sure to re-enable them once you’ve completed this troubleshooting step.

How to disable Windows Firewall:

  1. Press Windows Key + R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Type control and press Enter.
  3. Select System and Security from the Control Panel.
  4. Click on Windows Defender Firewall.
  5. On the left pane, select Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.
  6. Check the boxes for Turn off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended) under both Private and Public network settings.
  7. Click OK to apply the changes and close the Control Panel.

After disabling Windows Firewall, launch Valorant and check if Error Code 59 has been resolved.

How to disable third-party antivirus software:

Steps for disabling third-party antivirus software will vary depending on the specific program you’re using. Here’s a general guide you can follow:

  1. Locate the antivirus icon in your system tray (typically found in the bottom right corner of your screen).
  2. Right-click on it and select an option such as Disable, Quit, or Exit. You may need to click through some additional prompts or menus depending on your antivirus software’s settings.
  3. Confirm that you want to temporarily disable it when prompted.

If you’re uncertain about how exactly to disable your specific antivirus program, consult its official documentation for more detailed instructions.

Remember to re-enable your firewall and antivirus software once you’re done troubleshooting. It’s essential to maintain an adequate level of security on your computer while gaming to protect yourself from malware and other threats.

5. Reset Your Network Settings

Reset Your Network Settings -  Fix Valorant Error Code 59 in 2024?

Resetting your network settings can help resolve any conflicts or issues that might be preventing you from connecting to Valorant servers. By resetting these settings, you’ll be restoring all the network-related configurations to their default values, giving your system a fresh start to establish a stable connection with the game servers.

Follow these steps to reset your network settings:

A. Open Command Prompt as Administrator

To do this, press the Windows key and type cmd. Right-click on Command Prompt and select “Run as Administrator” from the dropdown menu.

B. Reset Winsock Catalog

In the Command Prompt window, type the following command and press Enter:

netsh winsock reset

This command will reset the Winsock Catalog, which is responsible for managing your computer’s internet connectivity.

C. Reset IP Settings

Next, type in the following command and hit Enter:

netsh int ip reset

This will reset your computer’s IP settings, removing any custom configurations or conflicting changes that might have been causing connection problems with Valorant.

D. Release and Renew Your IP Address

Now you need to release and renew your computer’s IP address by typing these commands one at a time and hitting Enter after each:

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

If you’re using Wi-Fi, enter this additional command as well:

netsh int ip set dns
netsh winhttp set proxy proxy-server="http=;https=" bypass-list="*.yourservername"

E. Flush DNS Cache

Finally, flush your DNS cache by entering this command in the Command Prompt:

ipconfig /flushdns

F.: Restart Your Computer

Once you’ve completed all of the steps, close the Command Prompt window and restart your computer. Doing so will apply the changes made by resetting your network settings.

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6. Flush Your DNS Cache

Flush Your DNS cache -  Fix Valorant Error Code 59 in 2024?

Flushing your DNS cache is a useful solution to resolve Valorant error code 59 in Valorant, as it can help fix any corrupted or outdated DNS configurations that may be interfering with your game’s connectivity.

Clearing the DNS cache essentially refreshes your computer’s stored IP addresses, ensuring that it is using the most up-to-date information when establishing a connection to the Valorant servers.

Here are the steps you need to follow to flush your DNS cache:

A. Open Command Prompt

To flush your DNS cache, you’ll first need to access the Command Prompt on your Windows computer. To do this:

  1. Press Windows Key + X simultaneously.
  2. In the menu that appears, click on Command Prompt (Admin) or Windows PowerShell (Admin).

B. Run the Command

Once you have opened Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell with administrative privileges, you can now proceed with clearing the DNS cache by entering the following command and then pressing Enter:

ipconfig /flushdns

You should see a message confirming that the “DNS Resolver Cache” has been successfully flushed.

C. Restart Valorant and Check for Error Code 59

After flushing your DNS cache, close and reopen Valorant to see if Error Code 59 persists. If this solution solves your problem, you should no longer encounter any connectivity issues when launching or playing Valorant.

Consider performing these steps regularly since they can help improve overall network performance and mitigate connectivity problems in many applications – not just for Valorant!

7. Try Using a Wired Connection Instead of Wi-Fi

Try Using a Wired Connection Instead of Wi-Fi -  Fix Valorant Error Code 59 in 2024?

Many gamers swear by wired connections when it comes to maintaining a stable and reliable internet connection. The reason behind this is that wired connections tend to offer faster speeds and less interference compared to Wi-Fi.

If you suspect that your Wi-Fi connection is causing error code 59 in Valorant, it’s worth giving a wired connection a try. Setting up a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi is relatively simple and can be done by following these steps:

  1. Obtain an Ethernet cable of appropriate length. Today, most ethernet cables are Cat5e, Cat6, or Cat7 cables. You can find them in various lengths at your local electronics store or online.
  2. Turn off your computer and unplug it from the power source.
  3. Locate the Ethernet port on your computer or laptop. The port resembles an oversized phone jack and can typically be found on the sides of laptops or at the back of desktop computers.
  4. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on your computer, ensuring that it clicks securely into place.
  5. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into an available LAN port on your modem or router. Most routers have multiple LAN ports; choose any one that isn’t being used already.
  6. Power up your computer and wait for it to establish a wired internet connection.

8. Reinstall Valorant and Vanguard Anti-Cheat Software

Reinstall Valorant and Vanguard Anti-Cheat Software -  Fix Valorant Error Code 59 in 2024?

The root of the error could be a corrupted or incomplete installation of the game or its related software. In such cases, the most effective solution to get rid of the error is by reinstalling Valorant and Vanguard anti-cheat software. This ensures that any missing or problematic files are replaced with their updated and correct versions. Here’s how to execute this fix:

A. Uninstall Valorant

  1. Press Win + R keys on your keyboard to open Run.
  2. Type in appwiz.cpl and press Enter.
  3. Scroll through the list of installed programs, find Valorant, right-click on it, and choose Uninstall.
  4. Follow the instructions provided by the uninstaller to complete the process.

Note: Make sure that all instances of the game are closed before proceeding with this step.

B. Uninstall Vanguard

  1. In your list of installed programs from Step 3 above, locate Riot Vanguard.
  2. Right-click on it and select Uninstall.
  3. Follow the prompts to fully remove Vanguard from your system.

C. Delete residual files

  1. Open File Explorer by pressing Win + E.
  2. Go to your primary drive (usually C:) and navigate to Program Files (or for some users, Program Files (x86)).
  3. Locate both Riot Games and Riot Vanguard folders if they still exist, right-click them, and delete them.

Ensure you’ve uninstalled both programs before deleting these folders.

D. Reboot your computer

After uninstalling both components and deleting residual files, restart your computer for a clean slate.

E. Reinstall Valorant and Vanguard

  1. Visit the official Valorant download page and click on the Play Now button to download the setup file.
  2. Run the installation file, and the installer will automatically install both Valorant and Vanguard on your computer.

F. Run Valorant as Administrator

  1. Once the installation is complete, right-click on the Valorant icon either from your desktop or through search results.
  2. Click on Run as administrator to ensure it’s running with proper permissions.

9. Update Your Graphics Drivers

Update Your Graphics Drivers -  Fix Valorant Error Code 59 in 2024?

Updating your graphics drivers is a fairly common solution to various technical issues that may arise when playing video games, including Valorant error code 59. Outdated or incompatible graphics drivers can sometimes cause performance problems and instability in the game, preventing players from accessing the servers. By ensuring you have the latest graphics drivers installed, you can potentially resolve this error and improve your overall gaming experience.

To update your graphics drivers, follow these steps:

A. Identify your graphics card

Before you proceed with updating the driver, it’s essential to know which type of graphics card you have installed in your system. To do this:

  1. Press Windows key + X on your keyboard.
  2. Click on Device Manager from the context menu.
  3. Expand the Display Adapters category.
  4. Take note of the exact make and model of your graphics card.

B. Download the latest driver

With the information regarding your specific graphics card in hand, visit the official website of either NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel (depending on which type of card you have) to download and install the most recent dedicated driver package.

C. Install the new driver

After downloading the appropriate driver from one of these websites:

  1. Locate the downloaded installation file on your computer.
  2. Double-click on it to begin installing.
  3. Follow the installation prompts to complete the process.

D. Restart your computer

Once you’ve successfully updated and installed the new graphics driver, make sure to restart your computer so that all changes are applied effectively.

10. Run the Game as Administrator

Run the Game as Administrator -  Fix Valorant Error Code 59 in 2024?

Running Valorant as an Administrator can sometimes resolve error code 59 by granting the game additional permissions, which may be required to solve connectivity issues or potential conflicts within your system settings. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to run Valorant with administrative privileges:

  1. Close the Valorant game and Riot Games client if they are currently running.
  2. Go to your desktop and locate the shortcut icon for Valorant. If you don’t have a desktop shortcut, navigate to the folder where you installed the game, usually in C:\Riot Games\VALORANT\live. Locate and right-click the VALORANT.exe file.
  3. In the context menu that appears when you right-click, choose Run as administrator. A prompt may appear asking you if you want to allow this app to make changes to your device – click Yes. Note: You can also set it up so that Valorant always runs with administrative privileges by default. To do this, follow these additional steps:
  4. Instead of selecting Run as administrator, choose Properties from the context menu after right-clicking on either VALORANT.exe or its desktop shortcut.
  5. In the Properties window, switch to the Compatibility tab.
  6. Check the box for “Run this program as an administrator” within the Compatibility tab.
  7. Apply your changes by clicking OK at the bottom of the Properties window.

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Don’t let Valorant error code 59 get in the way of your gaming experience. With the solutions I’ve provided, you’re now equipped with an arsenal of tricks to resolve this issue rapidly and efficiently.

Remember to take a methodical approach when troubleshooting – try each solution one at a time and check whether the game works after implementing each fix. As a fellow gamer, I hope that my guidance has been of value to you in overcoming this hiccup.

Valorant is an intense and exhilarating game that deserves to be enjoyed without any hindrances. So go forth, eliminate error code 59, and dive back into the heat of battle with your friends!

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