How to Make a Squeeze Page to Aid in Conversions

The only objective of a squeeze page is to collect user data. The purpose of the page is to “squeeze” data out of your visitors, hence the name. 

How to Make a Squeeze Page to Aid in Conversions 1

Do not spend as much time managing leads.

The squeeze page will often provide something of value—such as an eBook, an introductory course, a price reduction, or other gated content—in exchange for your contact information. It’s important to keep in mind when planning how to make a squeeze page that the page is limited to serving one purpose, and that is to gather user information.

What distinguishes a landing page from a squeeze page?

A landing page that serves a single function—gathering the visitor’s contact details in exchange for something of value—is known as a squeeze page. It should be impossible for a user to navigate or do anything other than submit their information on a page. 

How to Make a Squeeze Page to Aid in Conversions 2

In contrast, most landing sites include comprehensive details about a good or service. A gated content form may be included, but there will be additional features as well, such as movies to watch, testimonies to read, and frequently asked questions to browse. Additionally, CTAs that direct you to different areas of a website are common.

That is the primary distinction: a user may perform many actions on a page for landing, but they can only perform one on a page. Because of this, landing pages—such as trials or demos—are more suited for conversions, whereas these pages are often designed for email capture. 

The advantages of squeeze pages

Of course, not every company should use its homepage as a squeeze page. If you are primarily interested in obtaining people’s email addresses, this should do the trick for you. These pages may nevertheless be a particularly useful addition to your arsenal. 

This is why your company could see a rise in qualified her than losing them leads. A squeeze page compels a visitor to provide their email address to proceed (squeezes!). In contrast to pop-up or capture boxes, these pages are difficult to avoid. 

How to Make a Squeeze Page to Aid in Conversions 3

It furthermore implies that the emails you receive will come from qualified prospects, or those who showed sufficient interest in what you had to give. Naturally, this means that your offer must be compelling for customers to click away without learning anything about your company.

They also allow for easier A/B comparisons. It is possible to determine which landing page layout, messaging, and offers are most effective without doing endless A/B tests.

They have the capacity to foster sponsored ad traffic. Click here to read more about sponsored ads. You may gather information from visitors to your page via ads by using a page. You will receive visitor information, just as with a lead ad, so you can follow up with them rather than lose them once they click away.

They aid in obtaining viral web traffic. Every few weeks, thousands of people can visit your webpage because of the organic TikTok content you have invested in. You could waste money on these new visitors if you do not have a reliable way to collect their information.

Because you could collect more emails as well as nurture them for a longer period, the page by itself increases the profitability of your TikTok investment. A sales landing page, then, can be a wise choice if viral content is a part of your marketing plan.

The best ways to create a sales landing page.

A squeeze page has fewer design components and less content, so it seems simpler on the outside. However, their simplicity means that they need a lot more planning—as well as a tested funnel. The following are some excellent practices to consider while making a squeeze page. 

  • Make an enticing offer. The offer is what makes this campaign effective, as it does most others. Make sure the content you are going to provide your visitors with is something they can easily obtain and something they genuinely desire. 
  • Apply copywriting equations. Do not do anything from scratch. Since your area is restricted, make the most of it by using tried-and-true copywriting techniques.
  • Add social proof right now. This also applies to landing pages, but for a squeeze page, it becomes much more crucial. Social proof increases the possibility of obtaining visitors’ information by enhancing credibility and fostering trust. 
  • Keep it brief. Just a little bit of text, perhaps a picture, and an information collection form should be there. Everything should ideally be above the fold to avoid the need for scrolling.
  • Send subscribers to an appropriate page. You obtain the desired email addresses from your squeeze page, but you are able to accomplish a lot more with a hyperlink to the page on your website that visitors arrive on after they submit.
  • Make the most of your email marketing. Without a lead nurturing strategy in place, creating an opt-in page is nearly pointless. Make sure your email marketing plan is strong before launching your squeeze page.

Prior to making the squeeze page jump

It is thrilling to put a squeeze page into action, but before you do, especially if you are thinking about using it for your homepage, there are a few things to think about.

Make sure it will truly help you first. Businesses who want to convert their homepage into a landing page for sales can consider using newsletters. It may also succeed for SaaS firms that cater to specialized markets, digital goods, and subscription services. 

However, many other organizations, such as those in the professional services, eCommerce, and SaaS industries, ought to give it some serious thought. Squeeze pages do not provide the luxury of sharing more information, which is necessary for such firms.

Additionally, there are a few additional factors to consider. Making your main website (or any additional page) become a squeeze page would almost definitely destroy your keyword rankings if it is currently ranking for any particular keywords ( or key phrases. 

Both first-time and frequent visitors must be able to browse your website. Make sure that any login as well as signup buttons are prominently displayed and maintain a few navigation links. Make sure the information is securely kept if you intend to gather it from your visitors. 

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