How to sell your old phone: Important tips to keep in mind

How to sell your old phone - Important tips to keep in mind

So you have an old mobile phone and want to get rid of it because there is a new handset in the market that has bowled you over. Selling old mobile phones online at the best rates is not tough if you know the basics. When you sell your mobile phone, you can get some handy cash that will cover a small portion of the cost of your new phone. Getting the best cash for phones will become easy if you follow these tips.

What is the best time to sell your mobile?

There are two major factors that are important when you sell your old mobile phone online to a buyer at places like AWS. These include the time the device got launched in the past and in what state it is at the moment. The more up to date the handset, the higher the value you will get. It also means that the latest models will bring you the highest sum. On the other hand, older devices will not bring you much cash in return. 

One of the other significant factors is condition. Most businesses have a criterion that classifies handsets into three categories. These include new, broken and used. You would probably not going to sell a handset that is new. If you have prepared yourself to sell your gadget, disposing of it before it gets damaged or becomes old will land you the best cost.

How much cash to expect from old phones?

The brand you own will largely decide the resale value of your handset. Apple, which is the market leader, gets the best resale value for its handsets. Samsung follows Apple as it is quite popular among the masses as well. If you have another brand, including the Chinese ones, they will not get you much money in return. So it comes down to what brand and model you are selling, its age, and what was the original cost when you bought it. You can visit a few websites to check what money is on offer for your handset.

Is it possible to sell refurbished phones?

Yes, it is possible to sell refurbished phones. However, it is essential to accurately list the current condition of your handset. If there are dents or a cracked screen, you will get a lesser price. Refurbished phones are usually in good condition. However, there could be damage or dents to the body that may go unnoticed.

What about completely broken phones?

It goes without saying that when your handset has maximum damage, the price you will be receiving is low. If you have a handset with a broken screen, it might bring you a lesser amount than what you will get for a device that does not start at all. It thus becomes essential to research well and identify buyers who will give you a good price. It helps you discard your phone and also get something in return.

What about network-locked phones?

Just like broken phones, you can still sell handsets that remain locked to a particular network. However, the bad news is that you will not be getting the top value for locked handsets. You have two options here – you can either get the phone unlocked before selling it or accept the reduced price. Getting the phone unlocked is possible only after you meet your network service provider, which can be a hassle. It is also not always guaranteed that you can get the device unlocked. However, it is worth giving it a shot, especially if you are looking forward to selling phones for top cash.

Keep the phone in good condition always

It is essential to follow certain sanitation practices even when you use your handset regularly. You never know when you might decide to sell it. So it becomes important to have a device that looks clean and in good condition. Having germs and viruses on the surface of the handset is very common. There will also be smudges, fingerprints, and dirt particles, which do not give a good impression if you want to sell your device. Make use of wet wipes or soft cloth to clean the handset regularly.

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