How to Spy on Instagram: Best Solutions for Effective Monitoring

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms where millions share information about their lives, feelings, fears, or news. Your friends, partners, kids, and family use it as well. But do you know how to spy on Instagram DM free? Or how to see their Instagram stories without being revealed? Keep reading to get all the answers and to learn how to spy on someone’s Instagram easily.

How to Spy on Instagram: Best Solutions for Effective Monitoring 1

Why Would I Spy on Someone’s Instagram?

The reasons to spy on someone’s Instagram differ based on age, life circumstances, or social role. Let’s see what the main reasons could be to monitor someone’s public or private Instagram profiles secretly.

  1. Learn more about other people. Whether it’s your new colleague or an ex-partner, you may want to see what these people are interested in, how they spend their time, who they’re dating, and much more. When you spy on Instagram of those you find fascinating, famous, or who you don’t like, you have a chance to know more about them.
  2. Prevent kids from online threats. It is one of the most common reasons to spy on Instagram. Parents worry about their children’s safety on the Internet, as this is the space where anyone can threaten, bully, or offend them. Thus, parents use monitoring apps to protect their kids from cyberbullying and to stay informed.
  3. Expose cheating. Some people may opt to use Instagram spy apps to get rid of doubts.
  4. Do a marketing research. If you are a business owner and want to learn more about your target audience, you might need to spy on Instagram accounts to do marketing research. By doing so, one gathers information about Instagram user’s interests and products preferences.

Top Apps to Spy on Instagram Account with Ease

So, if you want to choose the best tool to spy on Instagram, get familiar with these 3 best apps for comprehensive Instagram monitoring.

Spy on Instagram Messages with the uMobix Parental Control App

How to Spy on Instagram: Best Solutions for Effective Monitoring 2

With the uMobix parental control app, parents can access their kids’ Instagram accounts with a few clicks. The tracker is designed to improve the parenting experience, simplify parents’ lives, and help them ensure their children’s safety without stress.

The uMobix Instagram spy app is available for iOS and Android devices for parents’ usage comfort. The app makes it possible to do the following:

  • Spy on Instagram DMs (sent, received, deleted);
  • Get full access to the target Instagram and Facebook accounts on iOS without jailbreak (as if they were yours)
  • Block unwanted users;
  • Change Instagram settings;
  • Unfollow undesired accounts and more.

In other words, you will get access to their profile as if you were the user. You will get all the data and notifications in your intuitive user dashboard. Moreover, the tracker offers an additional feature for Android users – taking screenshots of any action on the platform. Thus, you get an advanced solution for monitoring children’s Instagram activity and ensuring they’re not bullied or harassed and that they have a reliable and healthy social circle.

For iOS users, you should know their iCloud ID and password details to connect to the uMobix tracker. For Android users, the uMobix Instagram app should be installed on their device. So, a one-time access to your kid’s gadget is required. Apart from that, the installation process lasts up to a few minutes, and after you install the app, you can see your kid’s sent and received Instagram messages without them knowing.

Use Glassagram Private Viewer to Spy on Instagram Stories

How to Spy on Instagram: Best Solutions for Effective Monitoring 3

The Glassagram Instagram viewer app is, undoubtedly, the best tool to monitor someone’s Instagram accounts in real time without anyone noticing. The main goal of this tool is to help users monitor public and private Instagram profiles without installing anything on a targeted device. It really works and allows you to spy on Instagram private account without any hassle. The service offers numerous attractive features, like:

  • Spy on Instagram stories anonymously, including reactions and comments to them;
  • Track reels, videos, likes and posts of the chosen account;
  • View deleted stories (all information is saved for up to 3 months);
  • Multiple account viewing.

The app makes it possible to spy on Instagram story – whether they are hidden or not. With Glassagram, all that is secret becomes clear. As the app offers users unique features for accessing someone’s Instagram, it can’t be free. So, don’t forget to choose a suitable subscription plan to receive instructions. After the payment, you will use your Glassagram account to enter the targeted Instagram profile’s username. Please note that you may need to wait a bit to give the platform time to retrieve data.

Among the reasons why people choose to spy on Instagram using Glassagram is that it allows users to sneak peek at private profiles, and there is a 24/7 live chat. Don’t miss a thing, and enjoy your private story library!

Check Snoopreport Out to Spy on Instagram Activity

How to Spy on Instagram: Best Solutions for Effective Monitoring 4

Snoopreport is an Instagram activity tracker aiming to help people discover more about their loved ones, celebrities, or children. The tracker opens the doors to other people’s real lives, preferences, and interests. With Snoopreport, you can spy on someone’s Instagram activity and remain unrevealed as it works stealthily. Don’t worry that someone will see you have watched their Instagram story. Let’s see, instead, what you could access with this tracker:

  • Track who and what they like and follow on Instagram;
  • See what time they’re online;
  • View their Instagram stories without being shown on the list;
  • Get detailed reports on IG activity.

The tool is online and does not require installation. With its help, you can still get access to valuable data in public profiles. You will see who your partners follow and like or how much time they spend online. If you want to spy on Instagram to learn more about people you love or care about, go for the Snoopreport activity tracker. It is possible to track multiple Instagram accounts and cancel the subscription anytime.

Free Methods to Spy on Instagram Account 

If you are searching for free methods to spy on Instagram, try using some of the following ones. They can not substitute the trackers we mentioned earlier but can be helpful under some circumstances. 

Visit Their Pages from Your Fake Account

One of the oldest and the most common ways to monitor someone’s Instagram if you are new to tracking apps is to create a fake account. Such an account will let you watch others’ Instagram stories or posts, but only if they’re public. Otherwise, it is necessary to send a follow request if the targeted account is private. There is no guarantee they would accept the request from a suspicious and empty-looking profile. They may also see a new profile name appearing on the list of those who watched their Instagram story.

Use Inspect Elements

You should follow some steps to view someone’s Instagram profile using inspect elements. First, log in to your Instagram account using the browser. Choose a private Instagram account you want to monitor and tap on a three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Go to the ‘View page source’ option. 

Then, press the ‘Ctrl + F keys” and type ‘access_token.’ You will need to substitute the URL of the private Instagram profile with your username. Please note this method may not work for everyone.

Log In to Your Child’s Instagram from a Web Browser

You don’t necessarily need to use your kid’s phone to view their Instagram account. Use the web browser instead. However, you should know their Instagram login details, such as username and password. You may ask your child to give them to you, pretending you want to check something using their account. Let’s hope they won’t change it after you give them the phone back, and they won’t notice someone logged in from another device. 


Now that you know about various Instagram monitoring tools, you can decide which solution best suits your purposes. For advanced and secure monitoring of someone’s Instagram messages, stories, posts, and likes, it is advisable to use multifunctional and comprehensive apps like uMobix. If you don’t need such a range of tracking features, pay attention to Glassagram or Snoopreport.

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