Identify Your Needs Before Purchasing a Laptop: Guidelines for Laptop Shopping

If you’re looking for a new laptop, you know it can be the most confusing thing ever for anyone who isn’t tech savvy. There are things like what generation it’s from, the pros and cons of features like a touch screen or a laptop that can be converted to a tab to consider. You’ll come across confusing terms like VPS hosting for Windows users or regular web hosting, but don’t worry. 

After a little research online you’ll be able to figure this stuff out without a problem, and luckily you’re in the right place. We’re going to talk about what operating system you should prefer, what size laptops you should need and even if you need one with a detachable screen or not. 

The final decision is totally up to you, but allow us to tell you what specs should matter for you and what shouldn’t if you have a particular use in mind for your new laptop device. 

What OS Works Best? 

It’s largely a matter of personal taste, but Windows 10 does work on many more laptop models than either the ChromeOS or the MacOS. It’s because of this versatility that many users prefer the Windows 10 OS over anything else, and it’s really the only one gamers should consider. 

If you’ve owned a laptop before or have worked with computers ever, you’re already familiar with the OS, but recent updates gave laptops the ability to convert clamshell laptop screens to a tablet. You can now also scribble almost anywhere on your laptop screen, as well as making follow-up questions with Cortana. You can search your emails for more natural phrases now, and much more. 

Do You Need a 2-in-1? 

For many artists, a convertible laptop that can switch between a tablet and a laptop makes a lot of sense. This way, they can easily draw and work on their art without being bound to their desk, and draw like they would on a notebook. But if you’re just a  businessman who doesn’t have anything interesting to do with yours, you’ll get better work out of a traditional clamshell  model. 

There are always models that can rotate the screen a full 360 degrees, but they’re not much good for anyone who doesn’t need to prop their laptop up somewhere in the course of their work. 

What Size is Best For You? 

The most popular size is the 14 inch laptop, which offers a great compromise between processing power, display quality and portability. On the other hand, you might need a smaller laptop if you want to travel a lot or carry it around. The smallest laptops can be upto 10 inches small, but they don’t offer much use to adults. 

If you don’t mind the extra weight and don’t want to take your laptop anywhere, consider buying a laptop that’s 16 to 18 inches big. These sizes are perfect for gamers and for businessmen who need to handle complicated processes on their laptops, but they’ll most likely stay on your desk the whole time. 

Does the Laptop Work Well? 

A good laptop won’t mean much if it doesn’t have a good keyboard and keypad. Most people spend all day on their computer devices, especially in light of the recent pandemic that has people stuck in their homes 24/7 around the world. 

Yoru laptop should have good key travel (one to two millimeters), and they should be responsive too. The keypad should be easy to use, with sensitive cursor navigation that doesn’t frustrate you. Many laptops coming out these days are the best there have ever been, with models like the Lenovo Thinkbook and Apple Macbooks offering superior usage and functionality. 

Storage and Speed 

The best way to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal in yoru price range is to compare specs from one laptop to another. Keep the specifications you want your laptop hardware to have – like the screen size etc – and the work you want to be doing on it in mind. 

We recommend buying laptops that are at least 8th gen, with a focus on SSD storage instead of hard drive storage. The higher the pixels are for a laptop’s display, the better quality it would be. As a general rule, don’t buy anything that has lower specs than the laptop you were using for your work already! 

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