Increase Your TikTok Views for Free: Proven Techniques to Gain Exposure

When it comes to gaining views on TikTok, multiple strategies can help you drive the required outcomes. But the problem is that not all of them are free and fully authentic. Some tips require investing your money and may harm your presence on the platform. In this post, you will discover proven strategies to increase your TikTok views for free organically with no risk of getting suspended or banned by the algorithm.

Increase Your TikTok Views for Free: Proven Techniques to Gain Exposure

Use trending hashtags

Hashtags play a crucial role in developing engagement with the target audience. The algorithm uses hashtags to identify what your video is all about and who might be willing to watch and engage with your content. Furthermore, they are important when users want to find related new content through search. Also, you can go niche with a particular hashtag pertinent to a more focused and limited audience.

Several studies have found that videos with hashtags of popular topics tend to appear on the For You page. Therefore, you must stay updated about the latest trends and hop onto the bandwagon while ensuring that a hashtag is related to your content.

There are multiple ways to search for trending hashtags like researching your competition; typing in the required topic on the search bar, or using any hashtag research tool. It is difficult to recommend any specific hashtag for a particular brand. So, it is good to monitor relevant influencers in your niche to find what hashtags they are using.

Focus on consistency

Staying consistent with your content creation and posting schedule is an important key to boosting your overall engagement. Try to maintain your consistency in channel tone, video quality, and format and type of content. Make sure consistency in your posting schedule and the ways you use various audio-visual elements in your content. It is recommended to make your videos immediately recognizable to the audience. Being consistent helps with channel power and perception with TikTok’s algorithm and viewers.

Compelling captions

TikTok creators can turn on captions on their videos. You can add captions manually to gather what you said or include an additional touch of personality to your content. However, there is a feature that automatically adds relevant captions simply by scanning the audio of a video.

Just like hashtags, captions work for the algorithm while it reads your content and determines who it would be highly pertinent to. Furthermore, the caption offers the app extra context to what is going on in the video.

Invest in promotion and cross-promotion

To get your videos to reach the target audience, you need to promote them. TikTok’s Promote feature allows creators to promote their videos naturally to existing and new audiences. Discovering your natural audience through the promote feature will no longer be shadowbanned or penalized by the platform.

If you are hosting an email outreach campaign as an imperative aspect of your social media strategy, then you can use follow-up emails to attract your viewers to your account and an email validation API to ensure that your emails are targeting the right inbox. TikTok Promote allows influencers, businesses, and creators to show posts to a large number of users, thereby growing your audience on the app.  

Understanding how to gain views on TikTok goes beyond promoting your content on TikTok. Moreover, it also encompasses promoting your video’s snippets on other social platforms. For example, you may use teasers to attract users to your Instagram stories.

Engagement with the audience

Having no audience interaction and support will get you nowhere on the platform. No loyal users means no viewership. So, you must pay attention to increasing your followers and developing good relationships with your audience. Show more engagement with your audience by liking, sharing, and commenting on their relevant posts, responding to their comments, and making videos on their comments.

When you engage with the same user across various videos, the algorithm considers that as engagement with the user, increasing your video’s chance to appear in the For You feed. The more you interact with your target viewers, the more you appear on their For You pages. Just be sure that you never use buzzwords in a dialogue. Upload a comment in 2-3 sentences describing how you got the video’s topic, facilitating the audience to know the creator behind the video.

Encourage viewers to watch the whole video

Well, a view is considered whenever any user watches the first two seconds of a video or the entire video. Persuading your viewers to watch your complete video is important as the algorithm prioritizes it and tends to show those videos in the For You Page recommendations.

To get your viewers to watch your complete video, add headings that describe your content and encourage other users to stitch, duet, or comment. Also, add a call to action in your caption and video. Asking interesting questions in your caption can also encourage viewers to leave their comments. Once you start receiving comments, start a dialogue to keep your viewers coming back to the comment section.

Don’t compromise on quality

Generally, TikTok videos are recorded on the user’s phone, but there is no reason to underestimate the quality. You must emphasize proper lighting, excellent sound quality, visual effects, and proper framing to keep users interested and engaged. Just like other social media and video-sharing platforms, TikTok prefers premium-quality videos to show up on the For You Page. 

Post several videos a day

The more content viewers get on your account, the more they are likely to engage. Therefore, post more videos per day to gain more exposure. Don’t worry about your followers’ feeds getting flooded when you upload multiple videos per day. If you don’t have time to create multiple posts each day and maintain consistency, then using a TikTok scheduler could be the best decision. 

So, these are the tips that can get you more views on TikTok. To keep growing successfully, use TikTok analytics and monitor your performance.

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