Modifying Your PDF Files With PDFBear

Modifying Your PDF Files With PDFBear 1

Portable Document Format files, or most commonly known as PDF files, are the most used files these days because they are convenient. You can access them from any device, anytime, anywhere. PDF files are almost perfect, but even these files have their limitations. You see, PDF files aren’t editable. If needed, you can use a converter tool to their respective format, or you can use a related tool to make it so you can edit and modify your PDF files.

PDFBear offers to view and edit your PDF files if need be. With these tools, you can edit and modify your PDF, or simply see the overview of your file and share it if you want, and then you can add numbers for each page of your PDF, plus you can add a watermark. If you’re going to rotate your PDF or add an eSign, you can do it also. PDFBear made it convenient that you can use these tools for free, and no need to register.

Adding Numbers Of Pages To Your PDF

Page numbering helps your document to look organized and presentable. This way, your PDF file with page numbers is fixed and wouldn’t necessarily run into any issues. This simple way could make your PDF file look professional in a way. Using this tool, you can add page numbers to PDF for each page, and you can do it in such brief and straightforward steps.

You can add page numbers to your document in 4 simple steps. Adding page numbers takes place after you choose the PDF file and upload it to PDFBear’s server. Wait for a bit while PDFBear processes your file. After the process bar finishes, select the positioning of page numbers, then apply. After that, you can now download your PDF file with page numbers.

Adding A Watermark To Your PDF

By adding a watermark to your PDF, no matter what purpose, no one can make use of or take advantage of your file. Adding a watermark to your files can be crucial. PDFBear offers adding a watermark to your PDF files. It is so convenient that you can do this in seconds. Plus, you need not worry about the quality because PDFBear produces the highest quality outcome.

Add a watermark to your file briefly and quickly. The process of adding a watermark takes place as soon as you upload the file that you want a watermark on it.  After you upload your PDF file, the process takes place, and then you can put a text or an image as your watermark. After adding the watermark, choose the positioning, and then apply changes. After that, you can now download your PDF file with your watermark in it.

Rotating PDF 

With PDFBear’s rotate tool, you can quickly rotate your PDF files with only a handful of clicks. You can rotate your PDF files at whichever angle you want. PDFBear’s PDF rotate tool is the easiest solution to your problems when you want to rotate your files. The process of rotating is so easy and with the need of only a few clicks. 

The first step into rotating your PDF is to upload your file, and then after that, a circle arrow will be shown, which you will use in rotating your PDF. After you’ve rotated your PDF to your liking, click apply changes, and then you can now download your rotated PDF file. 

Signing PDF With Your Electronic Signature

PDFBear offers an easy way of adding your electronic signature to your PDF files. It’s not complicated, unlike printing your signature, signing, and then scanning for the final output. With PDFBear’s eSign tool, it is effortless to add an electronic signature to your PDF files. You can do the signing in only a few clicks. The process of adding your electronic signature is so easy.

The process takes place after you have uploaded your PDF file that you want your electronic signature signed. After the upload, you can now add your signature, then click “finish.” Wait for a few seconds, and after PDFBEar processes, your file with your electronic signature on it will be ready to download. 


If you want to make mild changes to your PDF files, you can do it with PDFBear’s modifying tools. It’s really helpful and wouldn’t take too much time. You just need your device that’s connected to the internet and your file, and then you’re all set. Experience PDFBEar’s modifying tools now for free.

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