Rise Of Online Games: Where They Came From And What They’ve Done To The Industry

These days, the vast majority of us see video games as just part of everyday life; they’re built into the fabric of the online universe and they’re at our fingertips whenever we want them – and at this point, we pretty much take them for granted as a thing that is always there and always accessible… but of course, that hasn’t always been the way. 

Video games only really came into being in the last few decades, although there’s a lot of debate about what the very first video game was. Now, though, video games have taken the world by storm, and they’ve evolved in a multitude of ways – you can game in almost any style online, and many people are floored by the number of different video games out there. Whether you like racing, multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs), first-person shooters, platformers, arcade games, gambling, roleplaying games (RPGs), adventure games, strategy games, or anything else, you’ll find it out there – and boy, it’s come a long way from the pixelated visualizations we saw just a couple of decades ago.

The internet has opened up video gaming in some incredible ways in recent years, and this pastime has gone from being the sort of thing you might partake in alone to a group activity, where you can make friends (and let’s face it, enemies) and cooperate or compete with people from across the globe. There are some limits when it comes to geographical areas, but even those are steadily reducing (and yeah, we would recommend you check out VPNs and how this works before you go too much further). The huge uptick in online gaming and the industry that this now represents is fascinating to explore… but what are the biggest facets that have made online gaming great?

Rise Of Online Games: Where They Came From And What They’ve Done To The Industry 1

Variety: Everything From Pacman To Pokies

In case you couldn’t tell from our not-insignificant list above, one of the things that video games do particularly well is offer something for everyone. There’s no melting pot approach going on here; with a myriad of games at your fingertips, you can pretty much find something for everybody. The variety is staggering. 

Want to play old-school Pac-Man or a classic like Mario? No problem; it’s there. Want to dive into the brand-new version of Counter-Strike, released in late 2023, and marvel over the incredible graphics while you take out the opposing team? That’s on offer too. Want to mix and match everything from old to new? Remakes, remasters, and emulators are your friends. 

Or maybe you’re somebody who prefers to go up the ante and make things “more interesting” when it comes to testing your skills? If so, an online casino could be you; there are a myriad of options on offer here, and pretty much whatever floats your boat, you can now play it online, whether you’re into pokies, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, or something more obscure. The payment options have kept pace with this explosion of new games too; you can check out crypto slots at Joe Fortune to see how the whole world is opening up to cryptocurrencies, removing borders and increasing security like never before. And did you know that pokies often bow down to our love for other games too, with themed options depicting all your favorite characters and offering that nostalgia hit – as well as the chance to stuff virtual coins into virtual slots and watch those icons spin?

Graphic Glory: The Beauty Of Today’s Gaming 

While many of us still love the classics (yes, we’ll crack out the PS2 and play “Ape Escape” or the original “Crash Bandicoot” from time to time), we’re not going to argue that these games look great, especially on the new, shiny screens that most of us have now. New video games, though, are a treat for the eyes; the graphics are positively mind-blowing. It’s not just the stand-out stars like Red Dead Redemption 2; almost all video games now put enormous effort into their aesthetics, and gamers pretty much demand this these days.

We’re a bit spoiled, perhaps, but have you seen any of Square Enix’s recent productions? How about the breathtaking landscapes of Horizon: Zero Dawn, or the realistic cat-like movements seen in Stray? Yeah, we’ve got heart-eyes over here – sometimes we just stop and stare at them, and marvel over how anybody can make things look that good. Hats off to the designers; they’ve done well! This has even spread over to the simpler games, like pokies in the casinos; you might think it doesn’t really matter how nice the cherries and bars look, but honestly, there have been some astounding developments in this area in recent years, and the designers are constantly fighting to outdo each other in terms of visual beauty as well as playability.


Playing video games online has changed the gaming landscape for the better, bringing it out of the niche market and into the mainstream, and we love it for that. It’s not just the AAA game studios that produce the good stuff; we’re seeing it everywhere, from online casinos to indie developers: variety and stunning aesthetics are taking the world by storm.

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