15 Sites Where You Can Watch UFC Fights Online For Free in 2024

The UFC’s top free streaming services provide live broadcasts without additional fees. After making an account, users may begin viewing matches. These websites, however, could run ads or send visitors to dangerous websites, and some might run across geo-blocked content.

Users should use an ad-blocker and a reputable VPN provider to guarantee a seamless viewing experience. These websites function fine. However, they may lead viewers to harmful websites or display advertisements.

Sites Where You Can Watch UFC Fights Online For Free in 2024

Free Streaming Sites to Watch UFC – Quick List

Following are the top fifteen free UFC streaming websites if you wish to watch live UFC fights:

  1. BuffStreams: You can watch live UFC action without dealing with pop-up advertisements.
  2. VIP League: The website features an uncluttered, user-friendly experience without intrusive advertisements.
  3. VIPBox: Its user-friendly interface is neat and well-organized.
  4. Stream2watch: In this, you can watch UFC fights live without downloading any additional software or creating an account.
  5. 720pStream: It is a streaming sports site with high-quality data for watching.
  6. YouTube UFC Channel: You watch many things involving well-known martial arts celebrities and many more.
  7. CrackStream: Watch nine popular sports live on the greatest sports streaming website. It will help you stream better.
  8. FirstRow Sports: It provides a simple method to watch UFC matches and other popular sporting events. It can be very beneficial for new users.
  9. Cricfree: This website does not contain live streaming of prominent sports like football or the UFC; it provides other connections for watching.
  10. Fubo TV: It is a premium service for watching UFC fights and other sports events. It is very useful for new users.

Free Streaming Sites to Watch UFC – Detailed List

1. BuffStreams

Another top free UFC streaming website that provides HD live streaming of UFC events is BuffStreams. There is no need to register for an account to see the live feeds. It’s also the best place to watch professional leagues like baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, and other sports.

You won’t see any intrusive movies or pop-up advertisements on this website, which is its finest feature. Additionally, it provides an easy-to-use interface that is straightforward and user-friendly. Every sport has its category on the main page, and you can use the search box to locate any match. BuffStreams is disappointing only in that it offers external connections. It implies that it gets live feeds from several sources.

Website Link: buffstreams.is

2. VIP League

VIP League is a trustworthy and safe streaming service. You may watch the UFC and more than 12 other well-known international sports on it. You must register for an account to access the free UFC streaming service. You may begin watching live streaming of your favorite UFC fights with just one click.

The website has an uncluttered, user-friendly layout devoid of intrusive advertisements. It implies there won’t be much buffering or a lengthy loading time for the live-streaming videos. The use of this internet website has a single disadvantage. VIP League encounters geo-barriers. To bypass the geographical limitation and take advantage of live streaming from any location at any time, you’ll need a VPN.

Website Link: vipleague.one

3. VIPBox

You can watch UFC live streaming on VIPBox, a reliable sports streaming website. You may watch baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer in addition to the UFC. You may visit this free web platform and watch your preferred HD matches.

Like VIP League, the website features an easy-to-use, tidy, and well-organized layout. The search bar and sports category are the only options available on the site. This UFC streaming website’s assistance chat center is one of its best features. Talk about any topic while browsing or viewing the live broadcasts here.

You may also watch live streaming of your preferred sporting event or game on your computer and tablet. Nevertheless, pop-up video advertisements and malicious redirections irritate consumers the most.

Website Link: vipbox.lc

4. Stream2watch

It is a popular streaming site where you can watch the live streaming of UFC matches and other sports for free. It includes Live TV options and streams sporting events from reliable channels like ESPN and Fox TV. You can access the live streaming of matches without installing any software or signing up for an account.

The website has a sleek, simple, and user-friendly interface. The homepage has a rundown of upcoming matches and won’t trouble you looking for your favorite UFC match.

However, a few security issues might discourage users from using this site. It contains pirated content, and if anyone caught you, you’d be fined. Also, it shows several pop-up ads that might infect your device with malware and viruses.

Website Link: hd-tv.stream2watch.sx

5. 720pStream

People may watch UFC and mixed martial arts bouts worldwide thanks to 720pStream, an internet sports search engine. It is the greatest free UFC streaming website to utilize as it includes every type of cage fighting, including One World MMA, Fight Pass, Glory, Fight Night, SuperFight, and more. You don’t need to pay membership fees or create an account to watch UFC fights on your desktop computer, tablet, or phone. To provide the best viewing experience, the website offers high-quality HD stream connections. While streaming, you may also converse with other users and comment on the battle.

Users of 720pStream may watch live streaming of other prominent sports and leagues in addition to UFC and mixed martial arts fights. Soccer, NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, NCCAF, and NCAAM are all included. On the downside, though, 720pStream functions as a search engine. Since this website does not host the videos, it cannot be held accountable for the legality of the content.

Website Link: hd-tv.stream2watch.sx

6. YouTube UFC Channel

One of the greatest streaming services is YouTube, which provides a huge selection of TV series, music selections, films, sports, documentaries, and news. It has different channels for every category. You don’t need to search for related videos if you subscribe to that channel. It has a UFC channel where you can watch the big fights between superstars in martial arts at any major sports event. It is one of the best platforms to enjoy your desired content.

Website Link: youtube.com/c/ufc

7. CrackStream

One of the greatest UFC streaming services is CrackStreams, which lets you watch UFC events live worldwide. You can watch eight prominent sports, such as basketball, football, and hockey, live. You may use this free Internet streaming platform without registering or going through any sign-up procedures.

The website is similar to UFC Streams in that it has a basic UI. The site has several sports categories and a schedule of upcoming games. It’s also possible to watch the live feeds by navigating through each category. When you click on a link on the site, a new pop-up window will appear. The video will begin to play when you touch the play button.

Website Link: crackstreams.me

8. Firstrow Sports

The best place to view UFC live in high definition is FirstRow Sports. It offers a simple way to view your preferred athletic event for nothing online. You don’t have to create an account to use the website. Additionally, you may watch other well-liked sports on the website, like baseball, tennis, basketball, football, and volleyball.

The website is easy to browse because of its clear, uncomplicated layout. Webmaster categories, HQ streams, and a live score are all included on the site. It also has a schedule of live-streamed matches. However, as its website doesn’t offer live streaming, all connections are external. 

Website Link: firstrowsport.org

9. Crickfree

You may watch UFC, football, cricket, basketball, hockey, ice hockey, and tennis on another streaming service called Cricfree. Any live stream match link that you choose will cause the video to open in a new window. This indicates that it does not host any live streaming and just provides external connections.

The website is free to use and does not need you to register. Its user-friendly, simple-to-use web interface ensures that consumers won’t become frustrated. It features a regularly updated schedule of matches along with their times. It also has a live chat option, but you must abide by the website’s guidelines to use it.

Website Link: crickfree.be

10. Fubo TV

The greatest UFC streaming website is Fubo TV, which lets you watch various sports events online. There are several categories: cricket, baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey, and baseball. Additionally, it features a distinct area dedicated to news and entertainment material.

It provides an intuitive, slick, and well-organized user interface. Every category is displayed on the site, and you may watch live streams by selecting any. However, using the website is not free. You must pay the membership costs to use the website and watch your favorite sports live streaming. However, it has a 14-day trial period that you may take advantage of to see how the website works.

Website Link: fubo.tv/welcome

11. Live Soccer TV

The best free UFC streaming service to watch UFC fights online is Live Soccer TV. You may visit the website without creating an account, select a link, and begin viewing the live broadcasts. Compared to other websites, Live Soccer TV’s UI is respectable, and the website is neatly structured. It is the top site for watching your favorite content online from anywhere.

Website Link: livesoccertv.com

12. BT Sport

You may watch UFC fights live and for free by creating an account on BT Sport. This is a reliable platform. This is the greatest free UFC streaming website for live streams, the most recent information, future fight schedules, rankings, and features. You don’t need to open any other tabs after you log into your account to see the live feeds and other video material. The website has an eye-catching, user-friendly layout and a contemporary style.

Since BT Sport is a streaming website headquartered in the UK, it is most likely prohibited in other countries. However, obtaining a UK IP address makes watching UFC fights live online simple. A VPN subscription from the top service is the most effective technique to obtain a UK IP address.

Website Link: bt.com/sport/ufc

13. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is an excellent resource for watching live cricket, baseball, tennis, basketball, and UFC bouts. The best thing is that you can watch the live streaming of UFC bouts for free, regardless of whether you have a Facebook account. It also has faultless playback streams and is simple to use and browse. Unexpectedly, Facebook users may stream a variety of sporting events.

Video advertisements will also keep interfering with your live streaming, causing you to miss crucial game moments. The greatest ad blockers can help you eliminate intrusive advertisements so you can stream without interruption. But first, sign up with the fastest VPN service available to take advantage of the best internet connections possible for streaming.

Website Link: facebook.com/watch

14. FootyBite

One of the greatest websites for free UFC streaming you should consider using is Footy Bite. Since it functions as a sports search engine online, it obtains streaming video connections from other trustworthy sources. The live-streaming links are shown on the site but are not organized, making it difficult to identify the one you want. Nonetheless, the search box makes it simple to locate the streaming connections. To improve the user experience, FootyBite has a new area as well. It guarantees you don’t miss any updates and includes all the most recent news in the sports industry.

Website Link: footybite.tv

15. Reddit

Users may watch live broadcasts of all athletic events, including UFC fights, with the assistance of Reddit. In this virtual community forum, members frequently post connections to UFC live streams and assist other users with trouble locating the links. It’s amazing how good the streaming links are in terms of quality. The privacy of others can be easily compromised by dishonest people, who can even submit dangerous or phony links. But spotting the dangerous connections is easy because Reddit users can upvote and downvote articles.

Website Link: reddit.com/search/?q=MMA%20streams

Precautions to Take When Watching UFC Bouts Online

Websites that provide free streaming have certain security hazards. As a result, you must exercise caution to protect your privacy. The following are some safety precautions you should take when viewing UFC live feeds on the websites above:

Set up a VPN for streaming

A great anonymity tool lets you get around ISP throttling and geo-blocks that slow down your streaming. By doing this, accessing the geo-blocked streaming material is made simple. In addition, it encrypts data transmission and conceals your identity online, making it impossible for others to view your online activities.

Make use of an ad blocker

Always use the finest ad blockers when using the greatest UFC streaming websites. Most websites include annoying advertisements that might infect your device with malware or spyware. An ad blocker guarantees secure streaming by eliminating pop-up ads, videos, and trackers.

Set Up an Antivirus Program

Remember to use your device’s antivirus and anti-malware software. It guards against viruses and malware damaging your device or private information.


How Can I Keep My Online Security and Privacy Safe While Watching UFC Fights?

Using a reputable VPN provider, you can enhance your online viewing experience and safeguard your digital privacy while watching UFC bouts. By encrypting all data flow and hiding your IP address, a VPN ensures no prying eyes can see what you do online.

Are There Any Websites That Charge To Watch UFC Fight Live Streaming?

If you have a budget, try using premium websites and the top free UFC streaming sites. Users may watch live streaming of UFC bouts and other athletic events on major paid streaming services, including Hulu, Sky Sports, Sling TV, and ESPN+.

Is Using a Free VPN a Good Idea to Get Onto the Best Free UFC Streaming Websites?

Free VPN services may pose a risk to your online security and privacy. It’s not a good idea to use them to access the finest free UFC streaming sites since they have a lot of limits.


Watching UFC events is impossible if you live outside of the US. Although viewers may watch UFC bouts on local cable networks and online platforms, they all regrettably need a monthly price. Users can still watch UFC bouts no matter where they live without signing up for subscription services.

Users may watch live broadcasts of UFC bouts on the greatest free UFC streaming websites. As their name suggests, these websites are free and have no additional fees. Go to the streaming website, register, and view the live feeds if necessary.

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