The 8 best games of 2020

In 2020, games became a real salvation from the news and the surrounding madness. Or a new addiction. And sometimes – an artistic epiphany, which does not happen so often.

We have compiled our list of the main games of this year and do not pretend to be objective. But it was these games that caused us the greatest emotions in 2020.

The 8 best games of 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons for Saving Our Nerves

There is reason to believe that those gamers who were lucky enough to have a Nintendo Switch are doing much better with the psyche this year than others. They had their paradise island where they could escape from madness. Animal Crossing has deservedly become a real gaming phenomenon. We caught fish here, picked peaches and furnished a cosy house with calm guitar-busting. Not life, but a fairy tale. By the way, the best australian casinos online also offer games with a similar plot.

Hades for turning Storytelling Around

At first glance, Hades is another “bagel”, of which there are many. But this is only at first glance, because “under the hood” here is a cool story with the whole galaxy of ancient Greek gods, who at the same time speak like normal people and are even cool-voiced. The gameplay is also in place. Hades managed to somehow get a cool plot, which is not hindered by the cyclicity of the rogue-like game. And this is the case when you want to make “just one more skating rink”. And then another one. And so on until three in the morning.

Final Fantasy VII Remake for Being So Epic

Expectations from the new Final Fantasy are always high, especially if it is a remake of the popular part of the series. And strangely, the remake was able to make friends with both old fans and those who were always afraid to approach the world of Final Fantasy through the number of digits in the titles. Her combat system is the highest level, the variety of enemies never ceases to amaze, and the spiritual history of Midgard really drags on for long, long hours. Another remake made according to the standards of a new full-fledged game.

Ori and the Will of Wisps for beauty and touching

Ori did it again. The second part of the already beautiful platformer in the world has become even more beautiful, and also even more touching. From this genre, you usually don’t expect the game to be serious and emotional, but the stories of the inhabitants of the magical forest can make you burst into tears. Don’t say later that we didn’t warn you.

Microsoft Flight Simulator for a technical miracle

In many ways, the new Microsoft Flight Simulator is the game of the future. And it’s not just about how beautiful she looks. This is a game partially created by an algorithm that processes satellite images of the Earth and turns its entire surface into one large 1:1 scale level. The game also simulates the weather in real-time, so you can challenge a real Atlantic cyclone. It even reflects real flights in your game world. In short, a real miracle for fans of Sims.

Ghost of Tsushima: for minimalism and waving a katana

In many ways, Ghost of Tsushima is not a breakthrough game in the open world. But it definitely succeeded here: so it’s the combat system and the atmosphere of old Japan. It’s also a beautiful game in Hollywood, so it’s a pleasure to swing a katana and listen to meditative melodies on a pipe here.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2: for flashbacks from childhood

We have already talked to people who created a remake of one of the main games of our childhood. And they also wrote about why her soundtrack became a cult. THPS 1 + 2 is the perfect remake that makes you feel like a real skater without shin injuries. Going back to school and the abandoned mall under Goldfinger from the speakers is an amazing feeling even after these 20 years.

The Last of Us Part II: for Everything

Perhaps the most discussed game of this year (except for Cyberpunk 2077 with its launch), divided gamers into two camps. Some were amazed by the direction, adult themes and the technical level of the game. Others decided not to play the game, but to write rage comments on it on the Internet.

Is this a perfect game? Of course not, let’s grow up, nothing is perfect. But that didn’t stop The Last of Us from shooting straight to the heart and becoming a powerful gaming experience of the year.

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