The Best Ways to Follow Sports in 2023

The Super Bowl might be over, but there’s plenty for sports fans to look forward to for the rest of 2023 and there’s lots going on in just the next few months too. March brings us the legendary March Madness college basketball tournament, April will be dominated by the NFL Draft, and May’s schedule includes the Kentucky Derby, PGA Championship, and Indy 500. 

The action doesn’t stop there, either. Towards the end of the year, sports fans will be treated to the start of the 2023 NFL season, the World Series, and the first-ever Formula 1 night race around the streets of Las Vegas. 

The Best Ways to Follow Sports in 2023 1

No matter what sports and competitions you’re into, you’ll want to follow all the action as closely as possible. In years gone by, this simply meant subscribing to a sports package from your TV provider and watching games as they were broadcast. 

Today, however, the landscape for sporting content is much deeper and diverse. Traditional TV broadcasters face direct competition from streaming services in addition to indirect competition from other types of media. 

So in 2023, what’s the best way to follow your favorite sports?

Mobile Apps

Interest in sports has exploded in the United States in the last five years following the liberalization of the industry. Nowadays, it is incredibly easy for people to just download an application and then watch sports games or read articles about their favorite teams. This can be done in seconds. The multitude of mobile apps you could use to follow the sports you love is simply overwhelming. 

You have several options available, from regular sports news coverage apps to websites like OddsChecker that provide insights into what is happening behind the scenes because of how the odds change. 

Obviously, not all people are interested in betting on games. Some simply want to watch them. This practically means that it is up to you to decide what type of mobile app you use in order to learn more about the sports you love. Regardless of choice though, you always have to consider those options that employ several trustworthy journalists. 

Sports Streaming Apps

Streaming services were originally pitched to consumers as a solution to expensive cable TV packages. Sadly, however, they have become incredibly fragmented, with many households now subscribing to a string of different platforms to get access to all the content they want. 

This is just as true for sports fans as it is for those that love watching the latest movies. But even with several different subscriptions, it’s possible to both save money and enjoy more content than ever before. 

Most major leagues have their own platform that broadcasts some games live with replays of and highlights of all the rest. In addition to allowing fans to follow live and catch up on progress at their convenience, these services usually carry additional content. Look for those platforms and you are going to quickly find incredible news you will surely appreciate. 

For example, F1 TV produces exclusive documentaries, post-race analysis, and in-depth previews of upcoming events for its subscribers. Similarly, NFL Game Pass subscribers get access to the 24/7 channel NFL Network, exclusive NFL programs, and NFL Originals documentaries. 

The Best Ways to Follow Sports in 2023 2

Behind the Scenes Content

Modern sports journalism and broadcasts will allow you to analyze every inch of movement on the field, every word that’s said in the locker rooms, and the rationale behind every decision made by a coach. 

But there’s still plenty more to see. And plenty more to analyze. 

Sport is more than just the long strings of stats that most announcers will regularly reel off while in front of a camera or behind a microphone. It’s about the emotions and relationships that shape the teams we see each week.

Thanks to modern technology, we can see more of this than ever. Firstly, social media allows us to get a glimpse into the personal lives of athletes, albeit in a carefully curated way that allows them to create the image they want. 

In more recent years, behind-the-scenes documentaries have proven to be incredibly popular, too. These are more of a “warts and all” presentation that shows tension and turmoil in addition to successes. These are often available on services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but are sometimes also aired on traditional TV networks. And you can always opt for the use of YouTube. There are many channels that only talk about the sport you love. These channels often have some insights others do not. 

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