The Fascinating Technology Behind Megaways 

Slot machine technology has grown in leaps and bounds since the first mechanical slot released by Charles August Fey – The Liberty Bell. In the 130 years since inception, the world has witnessed a tectonic shift from rudimentary mechanical slots to digital slots, and the unprecedented gaming engines driving this innovation. A massive shift occurred in the 1980s, as the Internet changed the gaming arena. Suddenly, conventional systems were turned on their heads as new ways of delivering gaming content sprung to life. The digital age arrived and brought with it fantastic opportunities for everyday players. Unique features, functions, game mechanics, audio-visual content, and ways to win were introduced. The results are astounding.

One such development that has captivated the attention of players worldwide is Megaways. These unique games put a brand-new spin on the slots genre. These specialized Megaways random reel modifiers can be incorporated in many video slot games and are not specific to an individual game or series of games. The random reel modifier only works on video slots since algorithms randomly generate symbols and reels on any given spin. In other words, the algorithms change the number of symbols appearing on the screen on any given spin. This alters the number of lines in play, readjusts the number of possible ways to win, and creates an atmosphere of uncertainty & expectation on every spin. 

The Fascinating Technology Behind Megaways  1

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of Megaways slots mechanics, defining this innovation is important. In essence, Megaways slots represent an upheaval of conventional slot mechanics. Everything about Megaways slots is different. For one thing, they feature variable reel systems. This was unheard of in the casino zeitgeist before Big Time Gaming (BTG) came with its groundbreaking ideas. By modifying the reel system to reflect changing numbers of symbols on the reels, Megaways slots substantially increase players’ winning combinations. Assuming a six-reel Megaways slot game with seven symbols per reel, players can expect to find a maximum of 7X7X7X7X7X7 = 117,649 possible ways to win. Now, any number of symbols can appear on any reel, and the number of reels can vary on any given spin. Recall that a standard slot game features three to five reels with a set number of symbols on every reel. This substantially limits the possible combinations or ways to win.

Unlike traditional slot games, where players are typically required to form lines of symbols or patterns of symbols, Megaways slots simply require players to land anywhere from three to six identical symbols on adjacent reels. They can be anywhere on each reel, provided they are adjacent. When BTG unveiled its first such Megaways slot in 2015; the world wasn’t particularly crazy about it. Known as Dragon Born, the premier attraction lacked pizzazz, but it was a seminal moment in the history of casino-style games. It wasn’t until a year later, with the release of Bonanza, that the Megaways slot hit stratospheric heights. The mining-style casino game remains a crowd-pleaser at virtual entertainment enclaves worldwide. Fortunately for players, scores of world-class Megaways titles are available, one more magnificent than the next. Thanks to RNGs – random number generators – all Megaways slots ensure fair outcomes, transparent gameplay, and fun-filled entertainment. What started with BTG is now available in many different software providers, including Pragmatic Play – a kingpin in the gaming realm.

Where to Find Megaways Slots Games?

Several reputable social casino sites feature many different slot machine games. Classic slots, video slots, and jackpot slots are the dominant elements. Megaways feature prominently in the mix, and a rudimentary search instantly reveals various options. Log in to your account and search for ‘Megaways’ titles in the search bar. Sometimes, many popular video slots are readily available in a Megaways format, too. It’s simply a unique game mechanic that is fashioned into the game’s design, allowing the reels to be modified in such a way that they are randomized with the number of symbols in play. It adds unpredictability to the action, making for an enthralling gaming experience on every spin. Recall that every single spin is fully independent of every other spin – its randomness in its purest form. Over the years, the number of Megaways slots has increased dramatically, from around 150 in 2021 to several hundred games available in a Megaways format today. While BTG was the frontrunner at the time, today, this groundbreaking technology has been licensed to many different software providers, and the global gaming industry is better off because of it.

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