The Ultimate Escape From Tarkov beginner’s guide

The Ultimate Escape From Tarkov beginner's guide 1

Escape from Tarkov is a game that you probably saw your friends playing but never took on. This realistic, hard-headed shooter game is a rewarding one and is meant for those interested in tactical teamwork and hyper-sensible gunplay. However, coping with it can be a real struggle, especially for newcomers. 

Like most Escape from Tarkov players, who shoot on sight, this game is unpleasant to noobies. There is no game tutorial which means raids feel like an ordeal when you run with them in low-tier gear. But that’s what we are here for. Have a lookout beginner’s guide below. 

Use insurance 

When we dabbled in Escape From Tarkov, we thought insurance was only meant for the rich players. But, you may not know that the newbies best use insurance for many reasons. Our tip is to use the insurance when playing the game because it is cheap. Ensuring all your gear amounts to 10k Rubles, and you make most of the money back with returns from the insurance. Besides, any item you insure stays insured till the time you die. 

Insurance is also adequate when you are not fighting with top-dollar gear. That is because, if you perish, other players will never take your gear, thinking it is not valuable. And, if nobody takes your equipment, you get back your insurance returns, hence a win-win situation.

Indulge in Scav runs 

The perfect way to economize is doing SCAV runs when starting Tarkov. Since you are not jeopardizing any gear, whatever comes from the raid will be your pure profit. Your Scav will also have some equipment while you check the menu, and many a time, that gear can be beneficial too. 

AI Scavs will never shoot at you unless you fire at other scavs. Thus, we say avoid eliminating any Scavsduring scav runs unless you are nearing your extraction point or looking for great gear. 

Have access to a map at all times 

The biggest mistake you can make in EFT is prancing around from one map to the other. Not many people know that the game does involve getting lost most of the time. Thus, stick to a single map and take time to learn that. 

To improve your survival chance in EFT, you must learn the map’s SCAV spawns, stashes, loot locations, and extracts. Once you are through the map’s basics, focus on upgrading other aspects like looting and gunfighting efficiency. We repeat, learn a map and refer to that during a raid. 

Understand the extracts’ location 

Every map on EFT has different extracts. You will be offered a different option based on your raid, and some will be accessible with help of a key or others. Each map will have a set of available extracts. However, Customs and Smugglers Boat are some extracts that are open sometimes. 

Extracts featuring “???” are cash, item-sensitive, or time in a raid. As per Escape From Tarkov hacks, do not count on them if you are looking for a quicker getaway. Some extracts like Woods and Factory Gate may give you a friendly Scav player to extract. Nailing the extracts can be a rare scenario, but you can bag some great rewards from Fence if someone accepts your offer.

Complete the quests 

EFT has quests that help you in unlocking traders and items in the game. If you want to progress, completing these quests is crucial to your raid. You have to do something different to finish it. There are several online guides for the specific ones in case you flounder. But, these quests have ranging difficulty levels. 

On completion of a quest, you will be honored with items, cash, or both. Your reputation will also increase with a specific trader leading to improved prices. As your reputation keeps on improving with other traders, you will keep bagging better gear for raids. 

Bind your medicines to hotkeys 

This tip is a short but valuable one for beginners who want to improve in Tarkov. For the longest time, we did not know that medicines could be bound to hotkeys. Once you attach your medication to the hotkeys, you do not have to open the inventory to use the medication. Remember that you can only secure meds that are inside your pockets or vests. We suggest binding painkillers and medkits as these two are most commonly used.


When playing EFT, always look after your health. Based on your finances, you can buy a variety of medical supplies to stay healthy and fit. While painkillers, splints, and Salewas fix heavy bleeds, we recommend picking up a Survivor kit or CMS instantly. That was all from us to you in the beginner’s guide for EFT. Remember, it is not a challenging game that you master by playing. So, get your Scav on and get going!

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