Top Smartphone Trends in 2021

Top Smartphone Trends in 2021

2020 was a challenging year for all. However, the year increased people’s reliance on technology, due to which it has only become natural for smartphone manufacturers to adjust to the new digital milieu. A strong push for digitalisation, cheap data rates, increased demand, and immense competition have made smartphones an interesting segment by taking strides in the best direction. 

Latest devices like HUAWEI P30 Pro have all the features and technologies built to keep up with the latest smartphone trends in 2021. Here are some emerging smartphone trends that have the potential to redefine the digital sector.

Large Screen 

There was a time when any phone with a 5.5 inches display was a phablet, and anything more than 6 inches was a tablet. But today, since you would use your phone for browsing, booking, and all other purposes, anything less than a 6.47″ Full HD+ OLED touch screen would not suffice. Other than a big screen, a larger phone also means a bigger battery, better thermal management, bigger camera sensors, and high-end loudspeaker performance.

Curved Display

The curved display continues to be a favourite among fans. A double 3D curved glass body is famous, as it looks elegant and gives a premium feel to the user. Besides that, you also get a better viewing experience, a higher screen to body ratio, and a larger display in a smaller body. Although some people face issues due to accidental touches, brands like Huawei can tackle them better.

Fast Battery Charging Standards

2021 is the year to reach new heights of charging speeds. Like the HUAWEI P30 Pro, many phones have a 4200 mAh battery that charges fast and stays charged for long. With many people prone to gaming and navigating on their phones, it’s worth it to have a phone with incredible battery capacity.

Latest phones with TUV Safety Certified SuperCharge facility charge up to 70% in just 30 minutes. Some have a 15W Wireless Quick Charge feature that can charge your phone without any wires or cables. Reverse charging is also trendy, as it allows you to fuel your earbuds or other devices from your phone’s battery.

Superior Camera System

Photography has become a passion for many. While individuals are spending more time on social media, having a superior camera system that can click professional-level pictures is the need of the hour. The phone you choose in 2021 must have a super sensing camera like the HUAWEI P30 Pro that can help you click better images to share with your friends.

Whether you are clicking in the night or day, it must give crystal clear picture quality to get great shots. A wide-angle lens allows you to click great pictures with better detail of the surroundings. 

Whether you want to zoom in and click the picture of your friend waving at you in the next building, or you want to capture the details of a beautiful flower, features like x5 optical zoom and x50 digital zoom allow you to do just that. Taking shots in the super night mode allows you to capture details in the dark as well.

Under-Screen Fingerprint

Gone are the days of mobile passwords, and the latest phones are now coming with biometric authentication methods like fingerprint sensors and face unlocks. These methods are handy for identifying the user and securing the data to make secure and simple transactions. An under-screen fingerprint sensor is the latest technology that works by tracking the ridges and lines of your finger.

Smartphones with an under-screen fingerprint sensor are faster and more protected these days. Their main features include anti-spoofing and enhanced flexibility. An under-screen fingerprint sensor provides more accessibility and convenience, and they work on both dry and wet fingers. Since they are so thin, they do not add to the width of your phone. 

High Internal Storage

The high internal storage of a minimum of 128 GB is a must in the latest phones. While working from home, some users may also want to store their documents on their phones. Some also like to keep their movies on their phone to watch them whenever they get a few minutes. So, having a decent internal memory is of the essence. A high internal memory supports high read-write speeds.

2021 is predicted to be an interesting and exciting year for all, and the effects of Covid-19 are going to have an impact on your choice. Higher internal memory, better camera quality, fast charging standards, and larger display size are essentials. 

While you are trying to get back to your routine, you would want a phone with better speed and performance to handle your home job and entertainment needs. Ensure that you get a smartphone with the latest improved technology and intelligence features for a seamless experience.

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