5 Ways To Transfer Photos From Android to iPhone 15 Wirelessly

In the era of technology we live in today, our smartphones often play the role of a time capsule. They store countless precious moments captured in photographs. But sometimes, we find ourselves wondering how to transfer these invaluable photos to a new device – for instance, from Android to iPhone 15.

Switching smartphones can be stressful, particularly when you’re moving between different operating systems. “How to transfer photos from Android to iPhone 15?” is a common question that pops up when making this change. The concern is valid given that these photos embody cherished memories that you absolutely wouldn’t want to lose.

But worry not! Making the switch can be easier than you think, even if you’re doing it wirelessly. Whether you’ve been an Android user for years or just embraced the technology recently, this post will guide you on safely transferring your cherished mementos (in the form of photos) from your old Android phone to your shiny new iPhone 15 wirelessly.

5 Ways To Transfer Photos From Android to iPhone 15 Wirelessly

Email: The Simplest Way to Transfer Photos

Transferring photos via email can be your easiest starting point when you’re switching devices. Generally, email services like Gmail and Yahoo come built into most Android smartphones. These services allow you to send photos as attachments, hence, championing simplicity in the process.

Step-by-step guide on How to Transfer Photos via Email:

  1. Begin by opening the email app on your Android phone. Click on the option to compose a new email.
  2. Now address the mail to yourself; this means you’ll have to type in your own email address.
  3. Look for the ‘Attach’ or ‘Paperclip’ icon. On tapping the icon, it’ll direct you towards your gallery or photos file.
  4. Select the photos you wish to transfer. Once selected, these photos would attach themselves in your mail as files.
  5. After attaching the chosen pictures, send out this email.

Once sent from your Android phone, this mail would appear in your inbox which you can open on your iPhone.

Here’s a quick break-down for visual ease:

Open Email AppCompose a new message
Enter AddressSend it to yourself
Attach PhotosClick on ‘attach’ or ‘paperclip’, select desired photos
Send EmailHit send button

Remember that while emailing does serve as a simple way to move pictures between phones, it has its constraints if you wish to transfer many photos at once because of each service’s limit on attachment sizes (often around 25 MB). Be sure to keep an eye on the number and size of files you’re emailing. For larger scale transfers, other methods might be a better fit.

Google Drive: The Power of The Cloud for Photo Transfer

Switching from Android to iPhone 15 doesn’t mean leaving behind your precious photos. Google Drive, a reliable cloud storage service, skillfully steps in to bridge the gap between the two operating systems. When it comes to wirelessly transferring photos, the power of Google Drive cannot be discounted.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is essentially a free service from Google that lets you store files online and access them anywhere using the cloud. It seamlessly dovetails with your Google account, granting you instant accessibility and ample storage space.

Creating and Uploading Into A Folder

Firstly, you’ll need to create a new folder on your Google Drive (from your Android device) where you can upload all the photos that you’d like to transfer.

  • Open the Google Drive app on your Android device.
  • Click on the “+” button .
  • Select ‘New Folder’, provide it with a name and confirm.
  • Open this newly created folder.
  • Once inside this folder, click on the “+” button again and select ‘Upload’.
  • Then choose all the photos that you want to transfer.

Downloading Your Photos

Once all your selected photographs are uploaded into your new folder in Google Drive from your Android phone, they are ready to be downloaded onto your iPhone 15.

  • Begin by installing and opening the Google Drive app for iOS.
  • Find and open the new folder which contains all of your uploaded pictures.
  • Then tap on each photo and select ‘Download’. Ensure that they get saved into ‘Photos’ on your iPhone.

Please note that as efficient as this method may be, it involves downloading images individually which might become time-consuming if you’re transferring numerous photos. Additionally, even though Google Drive provides considerable storage, you still may run against the wall of storage limits when transferring large volumes of photos at once.

Through harnessing the prowess that Google Drive offers for cloud-based photo transfer, migrating your treasured snapshots from Android to iPhone 15 becomes a breeze without compromising image quality. Remember, the cloud has got your memories safely stored and readily accessible from anywhere!

Google Photos: Seamless Syncing and Transfer

Switching to an iPhone 15 from an Android device doesn’t mean you have to bid adieu to your precious photo collection. Google Photos, a popular application developed by Google, allows for quick and seamless syncing and transferring of your photos across diverse platforms.

Utilizing Backup and Sync on Google Photos

The magic of Google Photos lies in the ‘Backup & Sync’ feature. This option enables you to automatically upload all your photos from your Android device onto the Google Photos cloud. And the best part is that these photos then become accessible on any device by simply logging into your account.

Steps to Use ‘Backup & Sync’ on Google Photos:

  1. Download and install the Google Photos application on your Android device.
  2. Open Google Photos, tap on your profile picture, and go to ‘Photos settings’.
  3. Activate ‘Backup & Sync’ by toggling the switch.

Acquiring Your Backed-Up Images on Your iPhone 15

Now that all your images are safely stored in the cloud, accessing them on any iOS device, including iPhone 15, is a walk in the park.

Steps to Access Backed-up Images on iPhone 15:

  1. Download and install Google Photos from the App Store onto your new iPhone.
  2. Launch Google Photos and sign-in with the same google account used earlier.
  3. The application will automatically begin ‘syncing’, essentially downloading these photos onto your iPhone.

It’s definitely worth noting that while Google photos offers a generous amount of storage for free, if you exceed this limit (or want higher quality backups), you may need to purchase additional data storage.

Utilizing Google Photos, you can ensure a seamless syncing and transfer experience. Not just photos, it also allows you to manage and organize your videos and albums effectively. This process lets you make the transition from Android to iPhone 15 buttery smooth while keeping your memories intact.

Move to iOS: Using Apple’s Official Solution for Easy Photo Transfer

Apple’s own tool, “Move to iOS” is purpose-built to streamline the process of switching from Android to iPhone. This app lets you easily migrate critical data — including your precious photos!

Getting Started with Move to iOS

To kick things off, make sure you’re in the process of setting up your new iPhone 15. The “Move to iOS” option will present itself during this initial setup — it’s not available after this process has concluded.

  1. When you reach the “Apps & Data” screen during setup, tap on “Move Data from Android.”
  2. Your iPhone will generate a code.
  3. On your Android phone, download and open the “Move to iOS” app (Android).
  4. After accepting the terms and conditions, input the code that appeared on your iPhone into your Android.

Selecting What Data You Want to Transfer

It’s time now to choose what data you want including photos.

  1. On your Android phone, select what data you want — be sure not to forget those cherished photos!
  2. Wait for the transfer process to complete.
  3. After it’s finished, you can continue with configuring your new iPhone.

Note: The time it’ll take for this photo-transfer largely depends on how much data you’re moving over.

Accessing Your Transferred Photos

The big moment is here! Following these steps helps ensure easy access:

  1. Once your new iPhone is fully set up, navigate to your Photos app.
  2. Select Albums and then All Photos; here reside all of your transferred pictures!

The ‘Move data from Android’ method only works during an iPhone’s initial setup process but take note that it’s an especially efficient method for those who are looking for a quick and hassle-free means to transfer photos.

In short, Apple’s own “Move to iOS” app experience ensures your switch from Android is smooth, seamless, and straightforward. It also takes into account the importance of every photo memory you bring with you. So revel in the simplicity of this process and start enjoying your new iPhone 15 right away!

Apeaksoft MobieTrans: Your Ultimate Tool For Seamless Photo Transfer

When it comes to transferring a large number of high-quality photos without any compromise on their resolution, Apeaksoft MobieTrans stands out as an unmatched choice. MobieTrans promises a level of ease and efficiency unmatched by any other methods, providing you quick and hassle-free photo transfers between your Android and the new iPhone 15.

How to Use Apeaksoft MobieTrans

First off, you need to visit the official site and download MobieTrans onto your computer. Install it following the easy prompts that will guide you through the process.

Step 1: Launch the App

Once installed, open MobieTrans on your computer. You’ll see a user-friendly interface with intuitive icons representing different functions.

Step 2: Connect Your Android Device and iPhone 15

Connect both your Android device and the new iPhone 15 to your computer via USB cables. The software quickly recognizes connected devices displaying them on its home screen.

Remember to set your Android device as the source device and the iPhone 15 as the target device.

Step 3: Select Photos for Transfer

On MobieTrans’s home screen, you’ll see different categories like “Photos”, “Contacts”, “Messages”, etc., Click on Photos, select the ones you wish to transfer by checking corresponding boxes next to each photo thumbnail.

Step 4: Photo Transfer Process

Find and click “Export to device” button from toolbar at the top; select “iPhone” as target device. All selected photos will be transferred in no time!

Note: Both phones must be in sync with software during transfer process for successful transmission.

MethodsPhoto QualityTime EfficiencyUsability
EmailModerateModerateBest for small batches of photos.
Google DriveHighSlightly SlowGood for large batches of photos, but limited by storage space.
Google PhotosHighSlowCan sync all photos automatically across devices, but limited by storage space.
Move to iOSHighFastAn official Apple solution, but can only be used during the initial setup of the iPhone.
Apeaksoft MobieTransHighFastestAllows transfer of limitless photos between Android and iPhone keeping original resolution intact.

Transferring Contacts from Android to iPhone

Given that our contacts list forms an essential part of our smartphone usage, ensuring a seamless transfer of contacts from your old Android device to your new iPhone 15 is crucial. Luckily, MobieTrans also paves an easy path to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone.

You can achieve it by following the similar steps as transferring photos from Android to iPhone using MobieTrans mentioned above.

In essence, Apeaksoft’s MobieTrans makes moving both photos and contacts between devices natural and efficient for everyone.


Phew! Isn’t it a relief to know that transferring photos from Android to iPhone 15 isn’t as complex as you initially thought? With these five methods, including emailing, using cloud-based services like Google Drive and Google Photos, Apple’s Move to iOS app, or the powerful tool- Apeaksoft MobieTrans, it’s clear that there are numerous ways to ensure no memory is left behind.

These methods provide various options tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re transferring a small batch of images or an entire gallery, rest assured you can make the switch easily and without sacrificing the quality of your precious photos in any way.

Remember – our photos embody priceless memories and experiences. It’s crucial to handle them with care during such transfers. Whatever method you choose, follow the steps closely to experience a smooth transition from Android to your new iPhone 15 wirelessly. Happy transferring!

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