What You Need to Know About Credit Cards Singapore

You may notice that most Singaporean households spend a significant amount of money on food, transportation, utility bills, and dining out daily. It’s possible that you’re looking for the credit card Singapore that offers the most beneficial rates across all of these expenses.

 The credit card industry is poised for growth as Singaporeans rediscover their monetary sustainability and accept a new normal following the COVID-19 pandemic. This expansion has been made possible by the nation’s robust payments system, rising customer choice for card transactions, and merchant acceptance. Furthermore, the pandemic has hastened the change in customer choices away from cash payments, which has also increased credit and charge usage and balances.

 With these cards, there is no annual fee for the first year and the choice to pay for purchases over a period of six months or longer in low- or no-cost instalments.

What You Need to Know About Credit Cards Singapore 1

The Everyday Credit Card offers a number of features and advantages.

 An Everyday Credit Card is an ideal solution for Singaporean families who spend money on travel, mobile communications, utility costs, grocery items, and shopping. Cardholders may be eligible for cash rebates of up to 10% on certain types of routine purchases. You can rely on the following features upon application:

  • No minimum spend: There is no requirement to spend a minimum amount to receive cash rebates in the following categories: groceries, utilities, transportation and fuel, shopping, speedycare, and pet lovers centre. 
  • Cash rebates: If you use an Everyday Credit Card, you may be eligible for up to 10% cash rebates when dining at certain e-market establishments. There is no requirement for registration. You receive a 5 basis-point rebate when you shop online at a few unique e-retailers. The cash discount is 3 percent when dining somewhere else.
  • Savings on fuel: At Singapore Petroleum Company, you can save up to 20.1 percent on fuel (SPC). Additionally, you can receive a 2% cash rebate for fuel with the SpeedyCare variant.
  • Save on recurring payments: The rising cost of telecommunications and electricity is no longer a concern. All you must do in order to get a 3% cash discount is set up future billing. 
  • Get enticing cash discounts on groceries: At different retail locations, you can earn between 3% and 4% on groceries. 
  • Daily redemptions: You have the choice to pay back your purchases with points or by dividing your payouts into instalment payments using the PSOB Instalment in the Series Payment Plan. The purchase price can be repaid in interest-free instalments over a period of 12 or 24 months. When you pay your health coverage, schooling, and revenue bills in six, twelve, or twenty-four monthly instalments, you will accrue PSOB points. 

An Everyday Credit Card in Singapore is the best card to use if you spend a lot on daily necessities and want to get cash back. Shopping, utilities, groceries, and dining are typical household expenses that are eligible for cash rebates. An Everyday Credit Card is available to those who are at least 21 years old and make at least 30,000 SGD annually. 

With this card, you can manage your necessary expenses and earn points at a lucrative cashback percentage on these categories. The Everyday Credit Card also offers a number of special benefits and special offers that can improve your overall buying experience. 

Additionally, you must upload supporting documentation such as the National Registration Identification Card (NRIC), a recent three-month pay stub, a bank statement from the previous three months that includes salary credits, or a statement from the previous year detailing your CPF contributions.

The ideal choice for Singapore families that purchase a lot of essentials is an Everyday Credit Card Singapore because the users can continually get enough cash discounts.

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