5 Simple Ways to Catch a Cheater With Cell Phone

The internet has brought toons of good and bad things, especially for couples. Today, social media presents the biggest challenge for couples who have a cheating partner. Fortunately, there are ways to catch a cheating spouse. 

5 Simple Ways to Catch a Cheater With Cell Phone 1

Thanks to the development of the smartphone and smartphone apps, developers have come up with surveillance apps. These provide the simplest way of tracking and catching a cheating spouse. 

In this post, you will learn about 5 simple apps you can use to catch a cheating partner. These are among the best in the phone surveillance industry largely because of their reputation and features. 

#1 Spyier – The best app to bust a cheating partner

As one of the latest phone surveillance apps, Spyier has a lot of features. For instance, Spyier comes with over 30 features all of which can be reviewed on its website. Besides, it works on iOS and Android devices. 

5 Simple Ways to Catch a Cheater With Cell Phone 2

Spyier has over a million trusting users across the world. What’s more, it has been featured in major media outlets like Forbes, CNET, and the New York Times. Besides, it has a very high customer approval rating of 96%. 

Spyier is a comprehensive app you can use to catch a cheater. It gives users access to virtually every aspect of your target device. With Spyier, you can spy on social media apps, location, and many more aspects. 

What features should you expect from Spyier?

Here are some of the cool and popular features Spyier users enjoy. 

1. Location tracking 

With Spyier, you will be able to track all their movements. The app lets you track their real-time whereabouts and location history giving you details like GPS coordinates. Also, you get to spy on the street addresses too. 

5 Simple Ways to Catch a Cheater With Cell Phone 3

What’s more, Spyier gives its users a geofence feature that allows them to define a device’s virtual boundary. This way, you can get notifications if your spouse leaves home or office and deviates from the usual route. 

So, this feature lets you know where your spouse is at all times. 

2. Social media surveillance 

Spyier allows you to monitor all the social media activities on your spouse’s device. The app can monitor all the popular social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp among others.  

5 Simple Ways to Catch a Cheater With Cell Phone 4

With Spyier, you can access all the posts and chats on these platforms. The app even archives all the chats on its server to ensure you never miss any conversation. This way, you will know who your spouse is chatting with. 

3. Keylogger feature 

With Spyier, you get a keylogger feature that gives you access to all the keystrokes on the target device. This way, you will know what your spouse is searching for online and the websites he/she visits. 

5 Simple Ways to Catch a Cheater With Cell Phone 5

Also, you will know if he has an account on dating sites. Best of all, you get to know all the usernames and passwords he uses for online accounts. 

#2 Spyine

Another popular surveillance app is Spyine. The app is equipped with more than 30 features that allow you to spy on all activities on your partner’s device. What’s more, the app supports iOS and Android devices.

5 Simple Ways to Catch a Cheater With Cell Phone 6

Besides, you won’t have to root or jailbreak your partner’s device to use the app. Instead, Spyine uses cutting edge technology to avoid such measures. For instance, on iOS devices, the app uses the iCloud backup to avoid installation. 

What’s more all its surveillance activities occur in the background. This way, the app doesn’t interfere with the performance of your partner’s device. As such, they are unable to detect your surveillance activities. 

#3 Minspy 

Minspy is an impressive surveillance app trusted across the world. The app supports Android and iOS devices. Best of all, all its surveillance activities take place online and discreetly to avoid detection. 

5 Simple Ways to Catch a Cheater With Cell Phone 7

The app can track almost anything on your partner’s cell phone with its 30 features. What’s more, is a web-based surveillance app that makes it possible to spy on your partner using any browser. 

Minspy is a comprehensive surveillance app that makes spying on your target easy. Also, as one of the leading surveillance apps, Minspy has a high customer approval rating of 96%. 

#4 Spyzie 

This is another reputable surveillance app with dozens of features. Spyzie can spy on all iOS and Android devices remotely. It is trusted by parents, business owners, and partners who wish to monitor their targets. 

5 Simple Ways to Catch a Cheater With Cell Phone 8

With Spyzie, all the tracking is done discreetly over the internet to avoid interfering with your target’s device. This way, it doesn’t raise suspicions from your partner. Best of all, the app uses very little system resources. 

What’s more, it can spy on almost anything on the target device. Spyzie allows its users to spy on social media apps, target whereabouts, and all installed apps. This way, nothing escapes you including call history. 

#5 Neatspy 

Neatspy is a remarkable phone surveillance app with more than 30 features. With its features, the app can catch a cheater by monitoring their social media, calls, and text messages. It supports Android and iOS devices. 

5 Simple Ways to Catch a Cheater With Cell Phone 9

Besides, your surveillance activities take place in the background to ensure the cheater doesn’t notice. To accomplish this, Neatspy uses very little system resources to avoid interfering with device performance. 

With Neatspy, you can monitor the activities of the cheater discreetly over the internet. You only need to use your preferred browser to log in to your Neatspy dashboard to start tracking the cheater. 


Thanks to development in phone technology, there are different apps that make it easy to catch a cheater. The latest development in smartphone surveillance apps makes the process a lot easier. Check out Spyier although you won’t go wrong with any of these apps 

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