20 Best Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows [July 2024]

Brett Gelman has graced our screens with his undeniable talent, truly making his mark in movies and TV shows. His unique charm has brought to life many characters that we can’t help but adore. Through intricate and captivating performances, Brett Gelman’s movies and TV shows have become a must-see for any avid TV binger or film buff.

Today, I’m excited to share my personal ranking of the top 20 Brett Gelman movies and TV shows. This list is as diverse as his acting talents, covering a range of genres that allow him to exhibit his full potential as an actor. Let’s dive in and reminisce about some of the best performances by Brett Gelman.

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Brett Gelman’s Career: A Versatile and Dynamic Journey

Brett Gelman's Career: A Versatile and Dynamic Journey

Brett Gelman’s career in the entertainment industry has been quite a fascinating and dynamic journey. From his early beginnings in the comedy world, he has continuously branched out, showcasing his incredible acting range by exploring multiple genres. Over time, his ability to captivate audiences on-screen and on stage has earned him a substantial following.

In the mid-2000s, Gelman delved into the world of television appearances. From guest spots on popular sitcoms to recurring roles in cult classics, it wasn’t long before top producers in the industry noticed this talented actor.

It’s worth noting that he achieved noteworthy praise for his performances in both comedies and dramas. Whether he was playing an obnoxious coworker or a mysterious outsider, Gelman effortlessly and convincingly executed each character.

Brett Gelman’s extensive film repertoire further solidifies him as an acting force to be reckoned with. He seamlessly jumps from one genre to another without ever missing a beat. From comedy gems like “The Other Guys” (2010) to more intense thrillers like “Mr. Pickles” (2014), he consistently delivers memorable performances that leave viewers wanting more.

Moreover, some of his finest work can be seen in highly regarded TV shows. In particular, his roles in “Stranger Things” (2016-2022) and “Fleabag” (2016-2019) have received widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike, proving that Brett Gelman’s diverse talents are impossible to ignore.

Gelman is no stranger to voice acting either lending his voice talents to animated hits such as “Family Guy” (1999 ) and “Adventure Time” (2010–2018). These projects further demonstrate his innate knack for breathing life into various characters.

Few actors possess the ability to move effortlessly between genres while delivering knockout performances every time. Brett Gelman’s dynamic career embodies such brilliance, continuously mesmerizing and captivating fans worldwide with each new role he undertakes.

As his career shows no signs of slowing down, it’s safe to say we can look forward to many more unforgettable acting endeavors from this incredibly gifted artist.

Top 20 Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

Top 20 Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

1. The Office: A Comedy Staple that Stands the Test of Time

The Office - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

The Office (2005-2013) is a mockumentary-style television sitcom that takes a witty, satirical look at employees’ everyday lives in an American office setting. Originally based on the British show of the same name, created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, this US adaptation quickly gained its own dedicated fan base and has since become one of the most beloved TV series of all time.

Set in the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s Scranton, Pennsylvania branch, The Office gives us a glimpse into the lives of eccentric boss Michael Scott (Steve Carell), likable salesman Jim Halpert (John Krasinski), receptionist-turned-sales rep Pam Beesley (Jenna Fischer), ambitious beet farmer and assistant regional manager Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson), and a host of other unforgettable characters.

Throughout its nine-season run, The Office consistently brought laughs while providing viewers with an entertaining escape from reality. Each episode chronicled various themes ranging from personal romance to workplace politics, causing audiences to laugh out loud or cringe at awkward situations that felt all too relatable. In addition to its appreciation for humor, the series often unmasked intricate character dynamics that made it an emotional rollercoaster with heartfelt moments.

Enter Brett Gelman as “The Magician,” the employees of Dunder Mifflin frequently reference this incident and make jokes about “The Magician” throughout the episode. His appearance is brief but remarkably effective.

As Michael desperately seeks help for his financial woes with credit card debt piling up, he turns to The Magician. While “The Magician” is not a physical character in the show and does not have any on-screen presence or lines, his absence becomes a running gag and a source of humor within the office.

Though Gelman’s role in The Office was minor compared to some of his other standout performances, his appearance adds a unique twist to the show’s many humorous moments.

With perfect comic timing and an effortless understanding of the sometimes-ridiculous world created within The Office, Gelman made “The Magician” an entertaining addition to the series’ ensemble of unique characters.

In essence, The Office is a testament to the timeless nature of great comedy and strong character development. And even in his small yet memorable role on the show, Brett Gelman remains an integral part of the rich tapestry that makes up this iconic television series that still holds a special place in our hearts today.

2. Stranger Things: A Nostalgic Blend of Sci-Fi and Thriller

Stranger Things - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

Stranger Things (2016-2022) is a phenomenal sci-fi horror series that has maintained a strong audience following since its debut on Netflix. Created by the Duffer Brothers, the show transports viewers back to the 1980s.

A time filled with mixtapes, walkie-talkies, and bike rides around suburban neighborhoods as they watch a group of young friends embark on an adventure to uncover hidden secrets and face terrifying monsters.

Set in the small, seemingly ordinary town of Hawkins, Indiana, Stranger Things starts with the sudden disappearance of a young boy named Will Byers (Noah Schnapp). As his friends earnestly search for him, they slowly uncover that their quiet community harbors dark secrets involving an eerie government facility.

Along the way, they befriend a mysterious girl named Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), who possesses telekinetic powers and has ties to these bizarre occurrences. Throughout its various seasons, Stranger Things masterfully combines genres, incorporating thriller, horror, science fiction, and supernatural drama elements.

The show also pays homage to numerous 1980s pop culture references, including classic movies like E.T., Alien, and Ghostbusters, which have made it especially popular among both younger audiences and those who grew up during that iconic decade.

Brett Gelman is introduced in this riveting series as “Murray Bauman,” a recurring character from season two onwards. Murray is an eccentric conspiracy theorist turned investigator often intertwined with mysteries surrounding Hawkins’ surreal happenings.

His unconventional methods initially seem bemusing and abrasive; however, Murray’s intelligence and wit ultimately prove invaluable to characters such as Jim Hopper (David Harbour) and Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) in their quest for answers.

Murray Bauman is a prime example of the talent that Brett Gelman brings to each project he undertakes. His portrayal of Murray as both over-zealous and amusingly likable adds richness to Stranger Things’ wonderful ensemble cast.

His superb character work quickly turns Murray from an eccentric outsider into an integral member of the show’s mystery-solving team. Stranger Things expertly balances thrills, suspense, genuine emotion, and nostalgia to create a unique viewing experience that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

Brett Gelman’s portrayal of Murray Bauman reinforces the importance of character-driven storytelling and highlights his undeniable versatility as a talented actor.

3. Family Guy: An Animated Phenomenon with Unending Laughs

Family Guy - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

Family Guy (1999- ) is an animated sitcom that has become a mainstay in popular culture, garnering both a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim for its sharp wit and hilarious antics. Created by the multi-talented Seth MacFarlane, the show revolves around the chaotic and absurd lives of the Griffin family living in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island.

The key characters include patriarch Peter Griffin, a dim-witted yet loveable man with a penchant for getting into trouble; his wife Lois, who tries to hold the family together through Peter’s constant shenanigans; their children, socially awkward Meg, slacker Chris, and precocious baby Stewie; as well as their talking dog and resident intellectual, Brian.

Family Guy’s comedic style uses satire, cutaway gags, and pop-culture references to provide nonstop entertainment while addressing various themes such as societal norms, politics, and contemporary issues.

Brett Gelman lent his distinct voice talents to Family Guy in an episode titled “Fresh Heir” (Season 12, Episode 14). In this storyline, Peter realizes he lacks an heir to his estate after handing the last family business to Lois’ father.

Determined to secure his financial legacy and create a closer bond with Chris (his only son), Peter’s plans spiral out of control as their newfound proximity eventually brings them into conflict with each other.

Gelman portrays Escape Room Guy (voice) in the episode titled “Baby Stewie.” Gelman contributes another layer of depth to the show’s vast array of personalities. His performance showcases his immense versatility as an actor while also paying homage to his background in comedy.

Although Brett Gelman’s contribution to Family Guy is limited to one episode, his involvement remains a testament to his ability to consistently deliver diverse and memorable performances.

Family Guy itself continues to resonate with audiences, as fans eagerly anticipate each new episode’s sharp wit and outrageous humor, now spanning more than two decades.

As one of the most famous animated sitcoms, Family Guy has not only stood the test of time but remains an influential and entertaining platform for many talented actors like Gelman to broaden their horizons while engaging with viewers.

4. Mad Men: Immersion into the World of 1960s Advertising

Mad Men - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

Mad Men (2007-2015) is an American period drama that offers a captivating glimpse into the world of the advertising industry during the turbulent 1960s. Created by Matthew Weiner, the show quickly gained a dedicated fan base thanks to its masterful storytelling, intriguing characters, and aesthetic design that transported us back in time to the golden era.

Set primarily in New York City, Mad Men follows the life of Don Draper (Jon Hamm), a creative director at a prestigious ad agency who has built his career on lies about his past. As we delve deeper into Don’s story, it becomes clear that his increasingly unethical actions have caused irreparable damage to his professional and personal life.

The series is widely praised for its intense portrayal of character development and attention to historical accuracy. While each episode tackles issues related to love, ambition, power struggle, and gender politics in America at the time, we can’t help but be drawn into this fascinating world of Madison Avenue filled with hard-selling ads accompanied by martinis and tailored suits.

Brett Gelman appears during season one as Daniel, a minor character who appears in a few episodes during the show’s sixth season titled “Person to Person.” Within just a few minutes of screen time, Gelman showcases the character’s quirky personality in subtle yet effective ways using clever body language and quirky delivery of lines.

While Daniel remains a minor character within Mad Men’s overarching narrative, Brett Gelman’s standout performance impressed viewers. His brief appearance highlights not only Gelman’s range as an actor but also his uncanny ability to leave lasting marks even in such minimal roles.

Mad Men is undoubtedly one of television’s most revered dramas, praised for its impeccable storytelling and unforgettable characters played by skilled actors. Among them stands Brett Gelman, whose brief yet memorable appearance resonates with viewers captivated by the unparalleled experience this show provides.

As we celebrate Brett Gelman’s versatile acting prowess, it is important to remember that even his modest presence in acclaimed shows like Mad Men showcases this phenomenal actor’s incredible talent and immense potential.

5. Curb Your Enthusiasm: An Unapologetically Hilarious Take on Awkward Situations

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

Long before The Office popularized the mockumentary style, Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000— ) had been turning heads with its unique blend of cringe-worthy, real-life situations and insightful trajectory into human nature.

Created by and starring Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld, this groundbreaking television show often delves into improvised dialogue and convoluted misunderstandings, resulting in an uproarious comedy that has stood the test of time.

Curb Your Enthusiasm follows Larry David’s sitcom alter ego, a semi-fictional version of himself, as he navigates life in Los Angeles. Through this version of David, we witness ordinary situations unfold into hilarious predicaments that often involve famous guest stars and a myriad of unexpected twists.

With an eclectic cast including Cheryl Hines as Larry’s wife Cheryl, Jeff Garlin as Larry’s manager Jeff Greene, and Susie Essman as Jeff’s foul-mouthed wife Susie, the show creates a unique world rife with mischief.

In season 6, the episode titled “Vow of Silence,” Brett Gelman takes on the role of “Pig Parker.” A naughty twist unfolds when Larry chauffeurs an Orthodox Jewish rabbi to synagogue while considering donating money for a new wing in memory of his deceased mother.

As Larry unintentionally offends Rabbi Weissberg’s sensibilities regarding his religion and inadvertently breaks various Jewish traditions during their journey together, audiences can’t help but laugh at the perfectly timed chaos.

Brett Gelman flexes his comedic muscles in this episode with utmost precision. His reactions to Larry David’s increasingly insulting faux pas are cringeworthy and uproarious; he conveys outrage and disbelief in equal measure.

Gelman’s ability to play off of David’s erratic character magnifies the hilarity of their exchanges. Curb Your Enthusiasm has carved its place in television history as a comedic institution with its improvisational comedic approach and outlandish stunts.

Brett Gelman’s unforgettable appearance only adds to the show’s overall brilliance, proving that he is a remarkable talent capable of quickly traversing the silver screen and small screen. As Curb Your Enthusiasm continues, it remains a testament to the enduring power of laughter, ensuring we’ll keep delighting in Larry David’s bumbling antics for years.

6. Fleabag: A Darkly Humorous and Poignantly Raw Journey of Self-Discovery

Fleabag - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

Fleabag (2016–2019) is a critically acclaimed British comedy-drama television series created by and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Known for its groundbreaking storytelling and unique narrative style, Fleabag quickly became a massive hit that took both viewers and critics by storm.

Adapted from Waller-Bridge’s award-winning one-woman play, the show follows the titular character through her life’s chaotic ups and downs, offering a candid look into her thoughts and experiences.

The series features Fleabag’s (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) highly relatable life experiences as she faces difficult family dynamics, grief, and sexual relationships and tries to navigate her imperfect existence.

With a break-the-fourth-wall narrative style, the show portrays Fleabag’s internal dialogue by having her frequently speak directly to the camera. This bold approach provides refreshing insight into the character’s inner thoughts and struggles, creating a strong connection between Fleabag and viewers.

Brett Gelman joins the cast in Season 2 as “Martin,” the abrasive husband of Fleabag’s sister Claire (Sian Clifford). Martin is an American man with an arrogant attitude, self-destructive tendencies, and an aptitude for agitating others, especially his wife, Claire. His presence adds a new layer of tension to their world as he becomes a persistent antagonist throughout the season.

Gelman’s portrayal of Martin is spectacular, as he brings incredible depth to an otherwise detestable character. In each episode, Gelman consistently delivers riveting performances that capture Martin’s complexities with authenticity.

As he confronts his demons and dark inclinations while navigating the challenges both in his personal life and within his marriage, the audience can’t help but be caught in the storm of emotions that his character elicits.

Fleabag is a series that will resonate with just about anyone who’s experienced the messiness of life or struggled to find their place in the world. It offers powerful moments of vulnerability, hilarity, and brutal honesty.

Alongside Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s remarkable performance and razor-sharp writing, Brett Gelman is a testament to the show’s prowess in showcasing relatable yet deeply flawed characters who invite audiences to laugh and cry alongside them during their journey through life.

7. American Dad!: A Hilariously Unique Animated Journey

American Dad - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

American Dad! (2005–) is an animated television sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker, and Matt Weitzman, known for their previous involvement with another fan-favorite animated series, Family Guy.

While sharing similarities with its predecessor in terms of humor and animation style, American Dad! sets itself apart by focusing on a distinctly different set of characters and storylines that delve into political satire and the dynamics of an unorthodox suburban family.

The series revolves around the bizarre life of CIA operative Stan Smith (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) as he navigates a turbulent world filled with terrorists, espionage missions, and hostile neighbors. As a profoundly patriotic yet sometimes naive man, Stan struggles with maintaining the notion of the ideal American family while dealing with various absurd challenges.

Alongside Stan are his loving yet quirky wife Francine (Wendy Schaal), outspoken liberal daughter Hayley (Rachael MacFarlane), socially awkward son Steve (Scott Grimes), enigmatic alien roommate Roger (Seth MacFarlane) who disguises himself using various alter-egos to blend in with society and Klaus Heissler (Dee Bradley Baker), a German-speaking goldfish.

Throughout American Dad!’s impressive run thus far (over sixteen seasons), it has consistently delivered gut-busting laughs exploring brilliant satirical themes that hold a mirror to our own lives and beliefs.

Brett Gelman once again showcases his chameleonic talents through voice acting in American Dad! As he brings life to multiple characters throughout the show’s history. Among them is Josh Bycel, an antagonist introduced in Season 14 who clashes with Roger due to their shared status as attention seekers and morally ambiguous personas.

Here too, similar to his other roles, Gelman demonstrates his unparalleled wit and comedic prowess, leaving an indelible mark on the show with his signature charm.

By elevating American Dad! with its distinct personality and unique characters, the show creators have managed to cement this animated sitcom as a household name in television history.

Including Brett Gelman within its talented roster only adds to its magnetic appeal, seamlessly blending his unique acting skills with American Dad!’s humorous storytelling approach. In short, this brilliant animated series has more than earned its place on our list of must-watch Brett Gelman movies and TV shows!

8. Adventure Time: Delighting Audiences with Its Whimsical Charm

Adventure Time - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

Adventure Time (2010-2018) is a critically acclaimed animated television series that has captivated audiences of various age groups with its blend of whimsy, surrealism, and humor.

Created by Pendleton Ward, the show initially aired on Cartoon Network and followed the fantastical adventures of Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada), a brave and kind-hearted human boy, and his magical shape-shifting dog Jake (voiced by John DiMaggio).

The series is set in a post-apocalyptic world known as the Land of Ooo, populated by various peculiar characters like Princess Bubblegum (voiced by Hynden Walch), Ice King (voiced by Tom Kenny), and Marceline the Vampire Queen (voiced by Olivia Olson).

Adventure Time chronicles Finn and Jake’s escapades as they embark on daring quests to defeat evil forces, uncover hidden mysteries, and help their friends in need.

One of the most enthralling elements of Adventure Time is its striking visual style inspired by both storybook illustrations and minimalist animation design. Each frame in this innovative show seems to be bursting with childlike creativity, filled with vibrant colors that engage viewers right from the start.

Besides its alluring artwork, the show’s unique storytelling, often tackling deep themes interlaced with lighthearted moments, sets it apart from other animated series in recent memory.

In Season 6, Brett Gelman graced Adventure Time with his voice-acting skills by lending life to a character named “Ring Master.” The Ringmaster plays a role in the unfolding mystery and adds to the episode’s atmosphere and storytelling.

Brett Gelman’s contribution to Adventure Time highlights his versatility as an actor, taking on the challenge of voice acting and seamlessly fitting into the animated show’s peculiar and imaginative world. His portrayal of Ringmaster adds another entertaining layer to this great universe, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Adventure Time is a show that defies traditional boundaries with its unique blend of outlandish humor, endearing characters, and thoughtful storytelling. Brett Gelman’s role as Ringmaster showcases his adaptability as an actor and is a fine example of why he is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most talented performers.

Adventure Time remains a genuine treasure in animation history, still, mesmerizing audiences who find joy in its whimsical charm and unfathomable creativity.

9. Californication: An Irreverent and Provocative Journey through the Life of a Troubled Writer

Californication - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

Californication (2007-2014) is a darkly comedic and deeply captivating television drama series that takes a satirical deep dive into the life of troubled writer Hank Moody, portrayed with wit and charm by David Duchovny.

The plot revolves around Hank’s attempts to navigate life, juggling personal relationships, work, and the chaos caused by his vices. Set against the backdrop of sunny Los Angeles, the series offers an unsettling yet mesmerizing exploration of life as an artist surrounded by irresistibly alluring pitfalls.

Throughout its seven-season run, Californication has delved into topics that most shows would shy away from sex, drugs, addiction, and intimacy, often with a surprising degree of vulnerability and introspection on the part of its characters.

This daring exploration has made it simultaneously controversial and beloved among its avid fan base. The show’s strength lies in its cast’s ability to portray its characters with depth and nuance; every lead character, along with supporting ones, faces complexities as they endure their share of heartache and moral dilemmas.

Brett Gelman is introduced in season six as Annoying Hipster. The Annoying Hipster is a recurring character who crosses paths with the main character, Hank Moody, played by David Duchovny.

Gelman brings his signature quirky charisma to the role, perfectly encompassing the type normally found in entertainment industry circles. This adds an air of authenticity to Gabe Weiner’s character and provides comic relief when needed.

While Gelman’s role in Californication may not have been as prominent compared to some other projects he has appeared in over the years, his portrayal of an annoying Hipster offered an insightful perspective into how creators collaborate behind the scenes and explore the creative process in a chaotic, yet exhilarating world of television production.

Gelman’s distinctive performance style enhances an already eccentric character, emphasizing Hollywood’s unpredictability and ever-changing nature.

Californication serves as a reflective mirror into the lives of those who struggle with inner demons while attempting to maintain a semblance of normalcy in their relationships and careers.

Brett Gelman, in his portrayal of an annoying hipster, plays a small yet memorable part in Hank Moody’s chaotic journey creating an unforgettable character that fits seamlessly into the show’s edgy narrative. With its dark humor and unflinching gaze toward its flawed characters’ lives, the series has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on television history.

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10. Twin Peaks: A Mysterious and Unforgettable Return to a Cult Classic

Twin Peaks - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

In 2017, television audiences were treated to a long-awaited revival of an iconic series with the return of Twin Peaks. Directed by David Lynch, Twin Peaks first aired in 1990 and became known for its unique blend of mystery, horror, and peculiar idiosyncrasies that created a surreal viewing experience like none other.

Twin Peaks (2017) marked the show’s much-anticipated comeback as its third season, which answered lingering questions from the original series and introduced new enigmatic elements that further captivated old fans and new ones alike.

Picking up 25 years after audiences last ventured into the bizarre world of Twin Peaks, Washington, this revival was more than just a trip down memory lane. The new season was extended well beyond the familiar small-town setting, exploring both new locations and characters throughout its 18-episode run.

As FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) continued his search for answers in the murder case that originally set off the series’ events, viewers were granted yet another puzzling and mind-bending dark odyssey.

Brett Gelman joined the already distinctive ensemble cast with his intriguing portrayal of Supervisor Burns, an elusive but pivotal character in the complex, an interwoven narrative of the third season.

Although not a major character with substantial screen time in Twin Peaks (2017), Supervisor Burns represented yet another piece of Lynch’s intricate puzzle that kept fans glued to their screens in hopes of deciphering deeper meaning.

It’s undeniable that Brett Gelman’s addition to this cult classic only served to augment its already strong cast while honoring both Lynch’s vision and legacy as one of pop culture’s most innovative directors.

Fresh talents like Gelman breathed new life into Lynch’s eccentric universe while preserving its foundation rooted in mystery, the supernatural, and peculiar character relationships.

Twin Peaks (2017) stands out as an ambitious and immersive continuation of this beloved TV series, bringing together a mix of original cast members and engaging new performers like Brett Gelman.

With its bewildering plot twists, mesmerizing visuals, and superb ensemble performances, the third season of Twin Peaks has provided viewers with an enigmatic experience that maintained the integrity of its past while leaving viewers eagerly anticipating what Lynch might have up his sleeve for the future.

11. Strays: An Anticipated Release Bursting with Potential

Strays - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

Strays (2023) is an upcoming film that has generated significant buzz in the entertainment industry. Though details about the plot are sparse, the anticipation for this release is building as fans eagerly look forward to witnessing more of Brett Gelman’s captivating on-screen performances. Strays (2023) is under the direction of Josh Greenbaum.

With an impressive ensemble cast of established and rising talent, Strays is set to provide viewers with a story filled with originality and depth. While we can’t offer many details about the twists and turns of the plot itself or Brett Gelman’s exact role in this upcoming project, one can assume that his character will be yet another testament to his exceptional acting prowess.

Given his sprawling filmography and skill at portraying a diverse range of characters across various genres, it’s not hard to imagine that Gelman will bring a unique and memorable touch to his role in Strays.

His ability to transition seamlessly between comedy, drama, action, or suspense showcases the depth of his acting talent – an attribute that keeps fans returning for more.

As with any new film announcement involving Brett Gelman, eager anticipation surrounds this upcoming project. The directorial vision of Josh Greenbaum, combined with a top-notch ensemble cast, underscores that Strays will undoubtedly hold our attention from beginning to end.

In light of Gelman’s previous work spanning multiple genres, from dark comedies like “Fleabag” (2016-2019) to gripping thrillers like “Mr. Mercedes” (2017-2019), we can expect another memorable performance from him in this forthcoming movie.

Until its release in 2023, it’s challenging to gauge the full extent of how much Strays will impact the film industry and Gelman’s career. What’s for certain, though, is that fans and movie buffs alike are awaiting this release with great fervor.

As Brett Gelman continues to impress us through each new project he undertakes, it’s safe to say that Strays will undoubtedly be a motion picture event well worth watching.

12. Fresh Off the Boat: A Lighthearted and Nostalgic Trip Through the ’90s

Fresh Off the Boat - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

Fresh Off the Boat (2015-2020) is a refreshing and heartwarming sitcom that tells the story of a Taiwanese-American family settling into life in Orlando, Florida, during the ’90s.

Based on the memoir of influential food personality and author Eddie Huang, this TV series presents an often humorous but thoughtful portrayal of an immigrant family’s journey to adapt to a new culture while maintaining their roots and identity.

With a backdrop of iconic ’90s pop culture, fashion, and music, Fresh Off the Boat follows the experiences of young Eddie (Hudson Yang) as he navigates childhood in America, all while trying to fit in at school and within his traditional family.

His parents, Louis (Randall Park) and Jessica (Constance Wu), bring color and charm to the show through their unique perspectives on what it means to pursue long-held dreams.

Despite primarily focusing on the Huang family, Fresh Off the Boat also boasts entertaining secondary characters who add depth to its storylines. One such character is Dusty Nugget, portrayed by Brett Gelman.

Dusty Nugget is often depicted as a mischievous and troublemaking character who frequently gets involved in schemes or antics with Eddie and the other kids. As Gelman’s role grows throughout Fresh Off the Boat, his character Mitch displays moments of insightfulness that challenge initial assumptions about him.

Gelman effortlessly adapts his acting style for a lighter TV show peppered with laughs while retaining emotional depth beneath its surface elements. His ability to toggle between subtle humor and gentle sadness showcases his broad range as an actor.

Moreover, Fresh Off the Boat has been lauded for its meaningful representation of an Asian-American family, striking a balance between depicting the realities of immigrant life and offering comedic elements to make it accessible to a broad audience.

Gelman’s performance as Mitch Connor exudes warmth and comedic wit, blending effortlessly with the show’s inviting atmosphere. In conclusion, Fresh Off the Boat is an engaging sitcom brimming with both laughs and insights into the immigrant experience.

Brett Gelman’s captivating portrayal of Mitch Connor adds another layer of humor and depth to this memorable series – making it well worth watching for anyone looking for a nostalgic trip through the ’90s infused with heart.

13. The Other Guys: An Action-Comedy with a Touch of the Unexpected

The Other Guys - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

The Other Guys (2010) is a hilarious and fast-paced action-comedy that brings together two seemingly mismatched New York City detectives thrust into the spotlight after a series of bizarre events.

With an all-star ensemble led by Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, The Other Guys does not disappoint when delivering big laughs, thrilling action sequences, and clever storytelling.

In this film, detectives Allen Gamble (Ferrell) and Terry Hoitz (Wahlberg) are constantly overshadowed by the city’s top cop duo, Highsmith (Samuel L. Jackson) and Danson (Dwayne Johnson), who bask in glory and fame for their heroic law enforcement antics.

When an unforeseen turn of events removes their superstar peers from the limelight, Gamble and Hoitz jump at the chance to prove themselves as the city’s new crime-fighting heroes.

As they embark on their assignment, Gamble and Hoitz uncover a tangled web of corruption involving mega-businessman David Ershon (Steve Coogan). Together, they navigate a world of white-collar crime, hostile co-workers, and erratic personal relationships to outsmart those who would see them fail.

Brett Gelman portrays “Hal,” one-half of Ershon’s somewhat hapless yet hilarious private security team. As an actor best known for his ability to blend into various roles seamlessly, Gelman flawlessly pulls off this comical character who does his best, though ultimately fails to protect his employer from being exposed for his wrongdoings.

With Hal’s overly confident demeanor clashing with the reality that he’s not very good at his job, Brett Gelman adds another level of hilarity to this whirlwind film. His engaging chemistry with fellow comedic actors brings a unique element to the movie, showcasing his exceptional talent for taking on diverse roles.

The Other Guy is an example of an action-comedy done right, filled with memorable one-liners, thrilling action sequences, and enough twists to keep audiences on their toes and laughing throughout.

Brett Gelman’s role as Hal may not be front-and-center in this film, but his subtle comedic delivery and amusing character quirks add to the overall charm that makes The Other Guys a must-watch for fans of the genre.

14. Mr. Mercedes: A Gripping Adaptation of Stephen King’s Chilling Tale

Mr. Mercedes - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

Mr. Mercedes (2017-2019) is a crime drama television series based on the bestselling Stephen King novel of the same name. The show combines horror and psychological thriller elements to deliver a suspenseful and chilling experience for viewers.

Spanning over three seasons, Mr. Mercedes weaves an intricate narrative that engulfs audiences with its engaging plot, stellar cast, and intriguing character development.

Set in Ohio, the story revolves around retired detective Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) and his relentless pursuit of a cold case involving a gruesome mass murder by an unknown assailant driving a stolen car dubbed as “Mr. Mercedes.”

As he is drawn back into the investigation, Bill Hodges is entangled in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game with the brilliant psychopath Brady Hartsfield (Harry Treadaway), who is planning an even more devastating crime.

Brett Gelman plays Roland Finklestein, an attorney tasked with defending Brady’s eccentric coworker and friend Lou Linklatter (Breeda Wool), after she shoots Brady in self-defense.

Gelman’s portrayal of Roland embodies everything one might expect from a scrappy defense attorney quick-wittedness, sharp-tongued humor, and determination in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. His ability to captivate viewers even in scenes filled with courtroom tension proves his incredible talent for holding an audience’s attention effortlessly.

Finklestein’s role as Lou Linklatter’s attorney showcases his determination to ensure justice is served while questioning the criminal justice system’s imperfections. Moreover, Brett Gelman adds layers of complexity to this complex character through his nuanced acting, making him another standout in this talented ensemble cast.

The show’s success lies not only in the strong adaptation of Stephen King’s novel but also in the brilliant performances from its cast, including Brett Gelman’s memorable turn as Roland Finklestein. With its fast-paced storytelling, fascinating characters, and horrifying twists and turns, Mr. Mercedes is a series that leaves its viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

Mr. Mercedes’ gripping narrative, coupled with standout performances such as Brett Gelman’s, highlights the actor’s unmatched range and versatility. If you’re a fan of crime dramas or just looking for an intense, suspenseful show with an exceptional cast, Mr. Mercedes should undoubtedly make its way to the top of your must-watch list.

15. Love: An Authentic Exploration of Romance and Relationships

Love - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

“Love” (2016-2018) is a romantic comedy-drama series created by Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin, and Paul Rust. The series aired for three seasons on Netflix and took an honest, raw look at the complexities that arise within modern relationships.

The show dives deep into the lives of its two central characters, Gus (Paul Rust) and Mickey (Gillian Jacobs), as they navigate the unpredictable world of dating, love, and personal growth. When we first meet Gus and Mickey, they find themselves at a low point in their lives, both having recently gone through messy breakups.

Taking a fresh approach to the romantic comedy genre, “Love” unfolds as an intimate exploration of these characters’ flaws, insecurities, dreams, and disappointments that ultimately drive their decisions in life’s pivotal moments.

Throughout its three-season run, “Love” tackled topics such as loneliness, mental health, self-discovery, codependency, and overcoming obstacles that hinder personal growth within individuals entering a new relationship.

Show creators Apatow, Arfin, and Rust deftly blended dark humor with deep emotional truths to create an authentic look at modern-day romance, making it relatable to audiences worldwide.

Brett Gelman portrays the character “Dr. Greg Colter,” a psychology professor who works with Mickey’s radio producer Bertie (Claudia O’Doherty). Dr. Colter is a pretentious know-it-all who often tries to establish his intellectual superiority over others. However, beneath his pompous exterior lies a deeply flawed individual struggling with raging narcissism.

In “Love,” Brett Gelman brings forth a quality performance that adds depth to Dr. Colter’s character showcasing how even those who seem confident may still struggle with their own set of issues. Gelman skillfully portrays Dr. Colter’s transition from a seemingly strong character to someone the audience can recognize as lonely and desperate for validation.

At its core, “Love” examines the tangled dynamics that comprise the multitude of dimensions within relationships spanning romantic, platonic, and professional interactions. Brett Gelman’s portrayal of Dr. Greg Colter is a powerful reminder that our initial judgments about people can often be misleading, a lesson that remains relevant in any given circumstance.

“Love” offers an insightful perspective on the complexity of interpersonal relationships while delivering heartfelt laughs and poignant moments along the way. It gives viewers an unfiltered glimpse into its captivating central characters and memorable supporting players like Dr. Greg Colter, made memorable thanks to Brett Gelman’s compelling performance.

16. Inside Job: A Hilarious Dive into the World of Conspiracies

Inside Job - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

Inside Job (2021-2022) is an animated adult comedy series that transports viewers into conspiracy theories and secret organizations. With its wacky plotlines, vibrant animation, and satirical humor, the show promises non-stop entertainment while poking fun at some all-too-familiar real-world conspiracy narratives.

The central plot revolves around Cognito Inc., a secretive firm whose employees maintain the world’s myriad conspiracies to ensure that the truth remains hidden from the general public. The story primarily focuses on Reagan Ridley (Lizzy Caplan), a brilliant yet highly cynical young woman who aspires to prove herself worthy of taking charge of her father’s company.

Brett Gelman’s character is Myc Celium, a psychic mushroom-like organism from a hive mind deep inside Hollow Earth with a dry, sarcastic demeanor and the ability to read peoples’ minds.

e show’s opening sequence implies that his species inadvertently brought about the evolution of humanity when their spores were consumed by ancient apes, which was confirmed to be true in the episode “Reagan & Mychelle’s Hive School Reunion.” Myc also provides pure bio sorbitrate, a chemical the company uses for their memory eraser guns, which they have to milk him for literally.

Brett Gelman brings this character to life with effortless charm and hilarious wit, making Myc Celium one of the most memorable characters in the series, despite his questionable actions and moral compass.

In Inside Job, we experience an array of entertaining conspiracies that delve into everything from mind control and underground lizard people to high-level government plots shrouded in secrecy. The show brilliantly delivers these outrageous concepts through a delightfully comedic lens.

With its top-notch voice cast, including Christian Slater, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Clark Duke, and Andrew Daly, along with Brett Gelman’s fantastic performance as Myc Celium, Inside Job offers a satirical take on the world of conspiracies accompanied by a healthy dose of laughter.

Its blend of witty humor, zany plotlines, and engaging character dynamics make Inside Job a must-watch for anyone looking for an imaginative escape rooted in contemporary social commentary.

The inclusion of Brett Gelman’s Myc Celium is just another testament to his versatile acting abilities and comedic prowess, weaving together the many facets of his talents to create an unforgettable character who shines amidst an already stellar lineup in this entertaining TV series.

17. The League: A Unique Blend of Friendship and Competitive Fervor

The League - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

Following the hilarious and chaotic lives of a group of friends participating in a fantasy football league, The League (2009-2015) is a sports-centered comedy that appeals to both gridiron fans as well as those who appreciate offbeat humor.

Created by Jeff Schaffer and Jackie Marcus Schaffer, this television series has earned it’s dedicated following for its clever writing, memorable characters, and ability to balance heartfelt moments with laugh-out-loud hilarity.

Set in Chicago, the show centers around six friends who take their fantasy football league extremely seriously, competing with one another to claim the coveted Shiva Trophy every year.

Their contrasting personalities bring a unique dynamic to their ever-evolving friendships. Starring Mark Duplass, Nick Kroll, Jon Lajoie, Stephen Rannazzisi, Katie Aselton, and Paul Scheer, these characters’ outrageous antics keep viewers engaged from season to season.

Brett Gelman appears in the show’s third season as “Gavin,” is a recurring character who appears in multiple episodes throughout the show’s run. He is a friend and rival of the main characters in their fantasy football league.

His role is significant during his brief time on-screen as he brings an unpredictability that keeps audiences on edge. Despite appearing in only one episode, Gelman’s colorful portrayal of Gavin left an indelible impact on viewers.

Gelman embodied this side character with such gusto that he stands out as one of the more memorable guest stars on The League. His distinct energy only added to how well he harmonized with the rest of the established cast, beckoning laughter throughout his time on screen.

The League thrives not only because of its creative premise but also due to its genuinely interesting characters, many of whom create lasting memories through their over-the-top personalities and actions.

Between the main cast’s hilarious chemistry and an array of engaging guest stars, including Gelman’s Fedorov, The League is a goldmine for comedy lovers seeking a unique take on camaraderie and friendly yet fierce competition.

The League is an entertaining television series showcasing the power of friendship and the competitive nature we can’t help but embrace. Brett Gelman contributes his talent and screen presence to the series during his brief appearance, leaving viewers with another memorable character to look back on fondly even years after the show has ended.

18. Happy Endings: A Refreshing Take on Friendship and Love

Happy Endings - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

Happy Endings (2011-2020) is an ensemble comedy series that takes a hilarious, offbeat approach to the dynamics of friendship and romance among six close friends living in Chicago. The show centers around Dave (Zachary Knighton), a budding restaurateur who is left at the altar by his fiancée, Alex (Elisha Cuthbert).

As they attempt to move on from their failed relationship, Alex and Dave’s mutual friends Jane (Eliza Coupe), her husband Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.), sarcastic singleton Max (Adam Pally), and quirky Penny (Casey Wilson) help them navigate the ups and downs of life while grappling with their own dating struggles.

This TV series strikes the perfect balance between humor and heartwarming moments, providing viewers with an addictive blend of witty writing and flawless comedic timing from its talented cast.

Each character brings a unique perspective to the table, offering relatable situations that resonate with viewers who have ever faced the challenges of adult friendships and romantic relationships.

One particular standout performance within this stellar ensemble comes courtesy of Brett Gelman as “Carl,” a recurring character who manages to leave a lasting impression in every scene he graces.

Carl is a laid-back and good-natured individual who often provides comic relief with his quirky personality and witty remarks. He is known for his love of food and is frequently seen indulging in various culinary delights.

Gelman makes this role his own by fully embracing Carl’s signature quirks, constantly changing outfits during conversations, or dispensing oddly specific dietary advice without any prompting. He still conveys a sense of authenticity behind this seemingly bizarre individual.

His presence on the show though limited, perfectly highlights Gelman’s talent for creating larger-than-life, amusing personas that bring a unique charm to any project.

Happy Endings offers a refreshing and enjoyable spin on the classic “Friends in the City” sitcom formula. Its memorable characters, witty writing, and engaging plots keep audiences invested from start to finish.

Brett Gelman’s entertaining performance as Carl is yet another example of his unique ability to steal scenes with captivating charisma and undeniable comedic ability. The series, including Gelman’s contributions, have left viewers “happy” indeed, easily earning its place within our top 20 Brett Gelman movies and TV shows.

19. Metal Lords: Unleashing the Power of Heavy Metal and Friendship

Metal Lords - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

Metal Lords (2022) is a Netflix original film that explores the captivating world of heavy metal music and the bond of friendship. This coming-of-age drama-comedy showcases the journey of two high school misfits looking to make a name for themselves in their school’s Battle of the Bands competition.

Directed by Peter Sollett and with a screenplay by “Game of Thrones” creator D.B. Weiss, this movie expertly combines teen trials, tribulations, and humor with an unquenchable love for metal music.

The storyline revolves around two friends, nerdy and introverted Hunter (Adrian Greensmith) and passionate metalhead Kevin (Jaeden Martell), who form a metal band despite their seeming lack of musical talent.

Their quest is to find the right bass player as they face ridicule from fellow students but find solace in their shared passion for heavy metal. As they navigate obstacles that many teenagers encounter from fitting into discovering one’s identity, it becomes evident that Metal Lords provides a backdrop against which these characters come together for something bigger than themselves.

Brett Gelman plays Dr. Sylvester, the school’s quirky librarian, who becomes an unlikely mentor supporting Kevin and Hunter’s musical ambitions while imparting his wisdom on life through witty banter laced with sarcasm.

His performance adds yet another layer to this already rich tapestry of uniquely developed characters. With industry experience behind him, Mr. Schwartz soon becomes instrumental (pun intended!) in guiding these teens on their path to greatness.

What sets Metal Lords apart from other teen-centered narratives is its ability both to pay homage to classic heavy metal bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, or Judas Priest while highlighting contemporary issues teenagers face today, such as bullying, acceptance, and self-discovery.

It’s an amalgamation of nostalgia and modernity that strikes a perfect balance to relay a timeless message about believing in oneself despite the odds.

Metal Lords is an enthralling exploration of the perseverance one needs to achieve their dreams. With an impressive cast led by Jaeden Martell and Adrian Greensmith and featuring Brett Gelman in aces-high fashion, this film is not only for heavy metal enthusiasts but also for those who enjoy a genuinely heartwarming coming-of-age story.

This movie reminds us all that even if we face overwhelming obstacles on our journey, passion, and friendship can ultimately triumph over adversity – all while rocking out unapologetically along the way!

20. Zola: A Wildly Entertaining Tale of Friendship and Betrayal

Zola - Brett Gelman Movies and TV Shows Ranked As of 2024

Zola (2020) is a whirlwind ride of a film, a fascinating true-life tale about an unexpected long weekend getaway that spirals out of control. Based on the viral Twitter thread from 2015 by Aziah Wells (aka “Zola”), the movie presents the outrageous story through her eyes as she befriends stripper Stefani and becomes entangled in an unforeseen series of dramatic events.

Directed by Janicza Bravo and co-written by playwright Jeremy O. Harris, Zola delves into themes such as friendship, betrayal, and exploitation while sardonically examining the effect of social media’s impact on our lives. The movie sets itself apart with its unique visual style, raw performances, and a blend of dark humor that runs throughout its captivating narrative.

Taylour Paige masterfully portrays the titular character Zola, a woman swept against her will into a world of exotic dancing, dangerous encounters, and criminal activity by Stefani (played with seductive mischief by Riley Keough), who spins an escalating web of lies.

As the story unfolds, things go from bad to worse in this descent into chaos fueled further by Stefani’s volatile boyfriend Jarrett (London’s own Succession star Nicholas Braun) and unpredictable crime boss “X” (a terrifying yet tragically comic performance by Colman Domingo_), whose actions put everyone at risk.

In this riotous but nerve-wracking journey to Florida filled with greed, violence, and manipulation, Brett Gelman shines as David Shapiro—the sinister yet foppish Hollywood Reporter journalist who hires himself out for interviews with our protagonists just when it seems their luck has run out. With his bizarre and engrossing turn, Gelman expertly encapsulates Shapiro’s smug self-righteousness and exploitative nature. As with most of this talented actor’s memorable roles, Gelman once again demonstrates his knack for bringing out the perfect balance between charm and menace.

Zola is not your typical cautionary tale or buddy film – it’s an adrenaline-charged escapade that pushes the boundaries of storytelling in both style and substance. Its depiction of reality amidst a fantastical narrative serves to remind us that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

Brett Gelman’s brief yet powerful performance only adds to Zola’s wild energy, further cementing his versatility as an actor who can excel in any genre or character he’s cast in. This incredible movie invites audiences to witness for themselves how a modern-day urban legend unfolds in all its shockingly dark and twisted glory.

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1. What is Brett Gelman best known for?

Brett Gelman is best known for his roles in popular TV shows like “Stranger Things,” “Fleabag,” and “The Office.” He has also appeared in films such as “The Other Guys” and “Zola.”

2. What are some interesting facts about Brett Gelman’s acting career?

Brett Gelman has worked across various genres, exploring comedy, drama, and thriller roles. He has done voice acting work for animated TV shows like “Family Guy” and “Adventure Time.”

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While Brett Gelman hasn’t won any significant awards yet, he has received critical acclaim from critics and audiences alike for his standout performances in TV shows like “Stranger Things.”

5. Is there a specific genre that showcases Brett Gelman’s talent the most?

No specific genre can fully encompass the breadth of Brett Gelman’s talent. His dynamic career spans various genres, including comedy, drama, thriller, and animation (voice acting).

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Brett Gelman’s remarkable career has been nothing short of inspiring, proving him to be one of the most diverse and talented actors in the industry. Throughout film and television, his plethora of roles includes both small and pivotal characters that leave a lasting impression on audiences. His unmistakable charisma and undeniable talent make him a standout performer capable of elevating any project he is a part of.

This versatility makes him an extraordinary actor who can brilliantly adapt to any role. With an ever-growing list of accomplishments under his belt, Brett Gelman continues to enchant viewers with each new role he takes on. As we celebrate our favorite movies and shows starring this exceptional actor, we cannot wait to see what comes next in his illustrious acting journey.

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