How to Download Torrents Quickly & Anonymously in 2020?


Pirate bay was established in the year 2003 by a Swedish software developer called Piratbyran. It is a distributed computing torrent site. The Pirate Bay (TPB) works on the principle of unhindered and open scattering of data. The Pirate Bay allows the user to find a wide range of torrent files and also share their files on the site.

Downloading the file in 2020 – How simple it is?

Downloading the desired file in 2020 from TFB is very simple. This network can download the selected documents with the assistance of the BitTorrent site. At first, users of the pirate bay are permitted to download torrents that came in the form of BitTorrents files (smaller file with metadata, which is necessary for downloading). This P2P site specializes in sharing the magnetic link. These links are responsible for providing reference resources that are available for download across the network.

How to Download Torrents Quickly & Anonymously in 2020?

ThePirateBay (TPB) provides a browsing feature that helps the users to find their desired file. This feature allows the user to find torrent files because they are classified into various categories, including Audio, Application, Games, Videos, and others. To download torrents from TPB, you must have a BitTorrent client and VPN (Virtual Private Network) already installed on your computer. You can use lesmeilleursvpn or Mejoresvpn if you are looking for the best VPN to download torrents. Follow these main steps to download a torrent file from TFB.

1. Get a Bittorrent Client

Various BitTorrent clients that can be used to download torrents from the TPB. For example, you can utilize Folx. Once you have downloaded the software from the organization’s site and installed it in your PC, ensure it is running appropriately. Click the Options Menu in the settings and select your favored download alternatives. Now the user can download the file.

2. Open Pirate Bay Site

Pirate Bay continuously changes its URL because of various assents from various organizations. As a result, users access the official site, take time, and try to search the name Pirate Bay on Google or the other web search tools. This process will help the user to identify the latest updated URL. If the user finds repetitive search is difficult, we suggest some of the alternative proxy sites available. Some of them are listed below:

3. Quest for the File Using the Search Bar

Type the name of your favored file in the search bar and press enter. It will show you a rundown of the torrent files. From this rundown, users have to pick the records that have the most seeders since they download quicker.

4. Press “Get this Torrent”

Click the magnetic link “Get This Torrent” after opening the favored file. This will add the file to the BitTorrent client. The file should begin downloading right away. Choose the file location where the downloaded file should be stored in your device. BitTorrent will let the user know when the file is completely downloaded. Once the process is completed, the file will show “Dispersed” or “100%.” Users can open by double click on it or move it to another location. Hurray! you have successfully downloaded the file.

How to select the right torrent file quickly from the search results?

When users look for a torrent file on the TPB, users will be given a rundown of documents that have that name. This rundown is divided into two sections named SE and LE. The SE segment is for seeders and the LE one is for leechers. Generally, seeders have the favored torrent file that the user wishes to download while leechers are individuals attempting to download the document.

For easier and quicker downloads users should select the files that have more seeders and fewer leechers. SE corresponds to the number of users on the network who have that file. And LE corresponds to the number of users on the network trying to download the file. For example, if any torrent file has 70 SE, it implies that 70 people on the user’s network have that file. And if the file has 70 LE means 70 people on the user’s network are attempting to download the file.

More number of seeders is equal to less time taken to download the torrent file. If the user’s device is provided with a good internet connection, it will only take a few hours to completely download the bulk file with more SEs. Similarly, if the torrent file takes days to download if it has few seeders.

Read the user comment before downloading any torrents file on TFB. This helps the user to identify, whether the torrent file is a malware or not. The same torrent files have various sizes, for the most part, because of their quality. Likewise, a few records, particularly applications, accompany extra apparatuses, which increment their sizes. Along these lines, pick a littler record to abstain from introducing the pointless extra instruments.

How safe is The Pirate Bay?

By and large, Pirate Bay isn’t unlawful since it doesn’t offer any substance or adverts of its own. It is a P2P sharing platform. Accordingly, on the off chance that you are in a nation where the site hasn’t been blocked, you can utilize it without fear. What’s more, regardless of whether it has been restricted in your nation, you can still access it through the different proxy sites available. These sites mirror similar information that is accessible on the original site but have different domain names and IP addresses. In any case, it is impossible to legitimately declare that each mirror site is safe. While many of them are adware or various kinds of malware.

It is likewise imperative to take note that although the original site is secure the torrent files may possibly be insecure. This is because the torrent files are facilitated by clients on their PCs, they can be completely unregulated. Thus, you should be cautious when you are opening a magnet link on this site since some may have destructive malware. In the end, we can say for the smart ones this is a good option to enjoy the entertainment!

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