Find the Right VPN to Unblock Your Favorite Apps

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a set of software designed for people to go online without showing their identification. It will help you search for the things online without showing your mobile or laptop device information or change your location information to another location.

Many people tend to use the services of VPNs to bring security in their online usage. Also, people use it for other purposes.

The majority of the people have to use VPN when a website is blocked for their countries or any show that isn’t allowed to be telecast. It also implies over your favorite apps that are not allowed by your country or the service itself to be used by anyone from your country or you. There’s no doubt that people are increasingly using VPN’s services in a tremendous amount in 2020.

If we talk about the popular game PUBG, it was banned by the government of Pakistan after hearing about people who get into stress and give up their lives in suicides. However, many people were still enjoying the game with the help of a VPN. It helped them to change their location so the game could efficiently run on their phone.

However, many people tend to use Paid VPN services. Still, free VPNs can become a perfect option for you to visit any restricted app or website. But also free VPN’s offers you limited services and access, which isn’t a big deal when you are not asking a lot from a VPN service. Today, we will tell you about top VPNs that can help you to unblock your favorite apps.

Top VPN Services to Unblock your Favorite Apps:

Find the Right VPN to Unblock Your Favorite Apps


This VPN service has a free version to help you unblock the apps that are blocked in your areas. It will hide your location and show you the content of another country through its network.

DebesteVPN also offers paid services like limited traffic per day, maximum bandwidth speed, etc. And also, they ensure 30 days money-back warranty for their customers.


It is yet another VPN service that offers you not only free services but also paid ones. You can use its free version to access your favorite app or go for the premium version at an affordable price. It will help you to change your location instantly and help you download things online without any trouble.

The user experience of Diadiktiokaiasfalia is incredible. It has impressive customer support and its network speed will make you love this VPN.


There are a lot of you who may know about Avast, a well-known anti-virus service provider. HideMYAss is also the invention of this company to bring a secure surfing experience for all. The VPN has around 290 server locations in around 190 countries around the world. The best part about this VPN is that it’s very much compatible with any device. Also, you will get a fully-fledged tutorial to connect it with the device. So, no one will have to face hurdles while connecting this VPN. The VPN comes with a paid subscription, which is very affordable.


Our Second Pick for the right VPN is Windscribe. It’s also considered a reliable VPN service that anyone can use for their purposes. The VPN provides you the server locations of around 110 cities from 60 different countries. Although you might find this app providing very few cities options, it does provide better services in these limitations. The Service package starts with less than $5 a month so that you could achieve a lot in such rates on this platform. The major drawback of this VPN is 24/7 support, which is not available. However, you will get the response after one or two days for sure, which is still bearable at such rates.

Express VPN:

If you want good quality unblocking, privacy, and speed, Express VPN should be your priority. The platform is well-designed and works for any Operating system such as Linux, IOS, Android, MAC, and windows. You can easily unblock your favorite apps on this VPN. Express VPN offers you the server locations of around 160 cities from the list of 94 countries worldwide. You can smoothly run five devices at the same time by using this VPN. Last but not least, they do charge the lowest $6.67 for an entire year subscription. You can also consider their one-month package for more than $10.

Nord VPN:

There might be very few of your reading this article who don’t know about Nord VPN. It’s one of the best VPN available on the internet with a tremendous amount of Users. The reason behind this is the ability of this VPN to work for any Operating system such as Linux, IOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. It also offers you the unblocking on famous streaming sites like Hulu, Amazon, Youtube, Netflix, and many more. You can consider this VPN to unblock your favorite apps on the internet.

The VPN comes with more than 5000 servers of 80+ locations in the list of around 60 countries. So, you have a considerable option to select from it. The best part that makes it more useful as compared to express VPN is its ability to run on up to 6 devices at the same time. The one-month service charges Are more than $10; however, you can get a yearly subscription of around $6 to $7. For more discount, you can subscribe to its services for three years of advanced payment and get it for less than $4 a month.


Shark in the service name is the top indication for its speedy results for any user who subscribes to its services. It’s like the Shark of a VPN sea, where you can hunt any blocked application and crush them down just like the real-life shark does inside the sea with other species. There is no limitation of devices when you use Surfshark on your computer or laptop. It means unlimited devices can use this VPN without any hurdle. Apart from that, the VPN supports every top operating system. You will also get more than 1700 servers of 100+ locations in the list of 63 countries in it. The one-month subscription of this VPN costs you around $12. However, you can get it for $5 on a one-year advanced subscription and less than $2 for an advanced two-year subscription.

Free VS Paid VPN, Which is The Best?

Paid VPNs should be your top priority when the list of your needs is enormous, but also free VPN’s are useful for limited needs. In general, when your task is not huge, and you don’ want to spend money, you can consider free VPNs. However, the Paid VPNs come with many features so that you can use it for complicated things as well.

The Free VPN’s comes with very few server locations and also requires connection after every one hour. However, the paid VPNs offer you a considerable amount of countries to choose from. It also helps when you are thinking of going with a specific country for your desired results.

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