The Top 5 Editing Software Apps for Editing From Your Phone

Technology is continually advancing, giving us more and more capability. What we once spent hours doing on desktop computers, we can now do quickly and efficiently from phones and tablets. If you have the right software and tools, you can edit content and videos from your phone. It’s so convenient to just be able to pull up your app and get to work no matter where you are. 

Gone are the days when we were tied to our desks to get things done. If you’re looking for some added convenience for editing, take a look at these top 5 editing software apps that you can use from your phone. There are some great options! 

The Top 5 Editing Software Apps for Editing From Your Phone

1. Final Cut Pro

One of the top professional editing apps you will find is Final Cut Pro. It is proficient and comprehensive, with an intuitive suite of tools that will make your editing job a breeze. Because this is a professional app, it is best for people who have some editing experience. The mobile experience is a great one. It is much easier to use on something like an iPad rather than your phone, but it will work well in a pinch. 

You will find some great features and tools here, and beginners can learn the software if they are patient and keep trying with it. This is a paid app to use for the majority of features. 

2. Unfold

If you’re just looking for a simple app to help you edit videos for things like stories, reels, Snapchat, and other similar social media needs, this is a great choice. It comes ready to use with several different templates, and it is easy to format all of your content to perfectly fit the social media channel you are creating for. This app allows you to do all of your content creation from your phone without ever having to worry about getting the details just right. 

You can use Unfold for free. They also have a paid app that is affordable and opens up a much larger library of images and templates. Either way, you’re getting a quality app that is easy to use and has been a top choice for quite some time. 

3. LumaFusion

If you want a phone app that is almost the same as traditional video editing software that you use on your computer, LumaFusion is a great choice. This is compatible with different systems, but it works best with iOS. The app provides a good base of both professional and beginner tools so that anyone can proficiently enjoy the app and get their editing done right. Just like any other editing software, there is a bit of a learning curve as you figure out the ins and outs of the software, but their templates and tools are pretty amazing. 

This app is just as good as some of the regular computer apps that many people prefer, making it a top contender. 

4. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe’s Premiere Pro is one of the top professional editing apps for computers, but the Premiere Rush phone app is another great choice. It’s a simplified version of the infamous Premiere Pro, making it a little bit more user-friendly if you aren’t in the professional realm of creating and editing. It’s simple to use and easy to learn. 

This is a basic app that is designed to keep it simple but still provide the editing tools that you need. It does have a monthly cost, which is one of the higher costs for an editing app, but it’s said to be well worth the expense. 

5. iMovie

If you have an iPhone, you’re already equipped with a great app, and it’s free to use. The iMovie app is one of the best free video editing apps you will find on your phone. It has a lot of great tools, and it is easy to use. While it won’t do some of the professional quality editing things, it is sufficient for a lot of uses. You can color-correct, stabilize images, and add plenty of cool effects to your videos. 

They are always updating and adding new features. This is a great tool if you are an Apple user, so give it a try before spending on the big apps. 

Final Thoughts

Finding quality editing apps that you can use on your phone can be challenging. There are a lot of great choices out there that are both paid and free options. It is important to understand your editing skill level and what you want to be able to use the app for. Try out one of these top 5 options and see if they meet your needs. 

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