How to trade forex on a mobile

Mobile technology has transformed the world of forex trading. No longer is trading limited to an office. Instead, users can trade from anywhere with an internet connection using a smart device such as a phone or tablet. The advantage of this is that traders need never miss opportunities due to being away from the office, as they can check the markets, buy, and sell from anywhere. However, there are differences when trading from a mobile device that all investors should be aware of to be able to trade safely and successfully.

How to trade forex on a mobile 1

Choosing an app

When deciding to forex trade on a mobile device, one of the first decisions users will need to make is what app or apps to use for trading and analysis. There is a wide range available, so it is worth comparing features to find one that is both legitimate and that meets a trader’s needs. Some come with a welcome bonus to get users started. However, for those looking to trade long-term, the most important thing is to check the features and how easy the app is to use.

Many apps will have a demo version, a free version, or a free trial which can allow traders to get a feel for the app before any financial outlay. Traders can look at customizable forex charts that can be used for anything from quick price checks to in-depth analysis. There are demo versions and free versions with limited features that provide an opportunity for traders to try before they buy.

Setting up an account

Account setups are usually fairly straightforward. Once a trader has provided the required information, their account can be active within minutes. If they are using the app version of a platform they are already signed up to, then getting started will be even quicker. Forex markets can move quickly, so traders can use the demo version to gain confidence in using the features rather than learning to use the platform while risking real capital. 

Developing a trading strategy

Trading on a small screen is different for users accustomed to the large screen of a PC or laptop and choosing the right trading strategy is crucial for success. Traders may choose to use the mobile app more for analysis than actual trades, allowing them to keep up to date with the latest developments so they are ready to take advantage when they do get to the office. For those trading on the go, using higher time frames is a good idea and will prevent the need to continually check the phone. Forex trading is complicated and carrying out trades when rushing around trying to do something else can be risky. Traders can use risk management tools to potentially reduce the risk of costly mistakes.


Away from the office, traders cannot always be certain of the security of their internet connections, particularly if using public WiFi. Using a VPN ensures information is encrypted so cybercriminals and hackers will not be able to access it.

Forex trading on a mobile device has its challenges, but it also allows greater flexibility and instant access from anywhere. It is a useful tool that can prevent traders from missing out on potential opportunities.

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